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Take the High Road
Take the High Road English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: May 14 2013

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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Sometimes it can be so hard to do the right thing. Even if you are a good person, sometimes someone else’s behavior makes you want to act badly. For example, let’s say you get into an argument with a friend. During the fight, your friend brings up a secret that you told her in confidence, and makes you feel bad about it. Do you bring up a secret you know about your friend, too, or do you take the high road and tell her that you’re not going to stoop to her level?

Taking the high road means doing the right thing even when it’s difficult. It means acting kind even when someone is being mean to you. It means remembering your core values even when someone provokes you to forget them. Taking the high road means that you are acting according to your morals and beliefs, no matter what.

Greta is confused about a decision she has to make. Should she take the high road? Find out what happens in this choices English lesson.




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Amanda:  So what did Jeff say?

Mason:  Is he OK?

Greta:  Yeah, he’s OK. I guess the good news is that the fall didn’t crush any bones or any vital organs or anything. He’s just trapped.

Amanda:  Well, we told him skydiving was a bad idea!

Greta:  You know, it wasn’t actually the skydiving. He said he jumped out of the plane just fine and that it was an amazing experience. And he landed at the top of the mountain, and then he was supposed to hike down and get a ride out, and then he fell.

Mason:  Oh, I love hiking on that mountain. Do you know what trail was he on, was it the middle road?

Greta:  No, I think he said it was the high road.

Mason:  Yeah, that one’s dangerous.

Amanda:  OK, so then what does he want with you?

Greta:  Well, he said that once he got his bearings and he realized that he was under this rock and trapped he knew he needed to call somebody to get him out, and he thought of me.

Amanda:  Huh. So, kinda sounds like Jeff’s putting the moves on you?

Mason:  Uh, no. Actually, Jeff has a crush on Lily.

Amanda:  Mason! Ssh.

Greta:  No, no, it’s OK. That’s actually why I was confused. I mean, I know he’s had his eye on the teenager, and then he calls me to come and rescue him. I don’t know what to do.

Amanda:  Well, he’s being rude. Maybe you should just leave him.

Mason:  Amanda!

Amanda:  Yeah, just leave him.

Mason:  No, Amanda! It’s Jeff! We like Jeff!

Amanda:  Yeah, we love Jeff, but it’s still rude. I don’t know. Maybe you should just take the high road and go help him.

Greta:  I know. I know. I just, you know, taking the high road, it’s never really been my strongest point. But it’s the right thing to do.

Amanda:  Yeah, it’ll be alright, it is the right thing to do. I don’t know, should we check out a map and see what roads you should take to get out there?


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At the end of last season, Jeff had a skydiving accident, and he called Greta. Now, Greta has just gotten off the phone with him. He’s OK. He fell when he was hiking down the mountain, and now he’s trapped under a rock. Mason likes hiking on that road, but knows it’s dangerous.

Everyone’s a little surprised that Jeff called Greta when he got his bearings, especially because they think he had a crush on Lily. Greta’s not sure if she should go rescue him. She doesn’t know the motivation behind his call.

Mason and Amanda think that Greta needs to do the right thing. Even though Jeff may be acting strange, Greta should take the high road and go rescue him. They look at a map to figure out how she can find him.

Can you think of a time when you had trouble deciding whether to do the right thing? Did you end up taking the high road?



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OK, I’m trying to wrap my head around this.  So a guy gets trapped under a rock, and he calls a girl for help???!!!  So she can lift the 1000 pounds rock off him?  So next time he wants his furniture moved, he calls his greatgrandma?  If I were in that situation, I would call my strongest friends or 911.  Ok, I get it.  It is a ruse of his to lure her out and “trap her” under him?  Good one, LOL!  

03:35 PM Sep 16 2013 |



Taking the high road seems difficult for most people especially if there are people around us who would push us to act badly. We can’t help but be around different people with different types of behavior. But we really don’t have to stoop their level if it would make us feel as small as they are. In my case, I just shake it off instead of letting it get the best of me. Anger seemed too hard to control for most people but we just have to bear in mind that there’s no good in letting ourselves get carried away by our emotions. 

01:39 AM May 20 2013 |

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It’s all depending on the situation and the degree of damage. If that’s too hard and too deep, I don’t know if anyone or just me can take the high road. For things that’s small case, it’s of course easier to take the high road . But what if there is no way to find the justics ? I don’t konw and I just hope I never get caught in that situation.

08:23 AM May 16 2013 |




i don’t have any problems at taking a high road in real life. But on the Internet, it’s hard. Since people behave in the net in a way that in real life they would never dare. Why? because  they can get away with unknown and multiple avatars. So, in treacherous virtual word when you share an e-mail with someone and then the secret pops up in the form of advice by a different picture… how can you take a high road? I think, i leave this kind of friend, because it will never stop. In real life, it’s different. So, take the real people, talk face to face, enjoy the conversation and definitely, always! take the high road! It’s very rewarding, not because you get something in exchange, because you feel better after.

01:36 AM May 15 2013 |



oh man, why are u talking with a broom in your arms? just so u can use it to beat those ppl when an argument comes up?

10:52 PM May 14 2013 |



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya


07:35 PM May 14 2013 |

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Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

i do like the lesson.

05:57 PM May 14 2013 |




I think that always in life we will have  hard moments where we must take decisions , but taking the high Road is up to you, in this case Greta should  help him but not to going out alone because she doesn’t know  what  Jeff are pretinding. for instance,

let’s put this situations, What would you do if?

You come back to your home and suddenly you notice you door is open , so you get into but quietly, up the stair and you see an strange person is violating your 8 years old dauther. what would you do?

some people may say they will stop that guy and call the polices inmediatly, but when you are in this situations , a lot of bad , angry feeling arise, in  my case I dont want to be in this situations because taking the High Road would be a challenge.


05:46 PM May 14 2013 |

farooq ahmed


its boring day

05:42 PM May 14 2013 |




In our lives, we naturally confront many embarrassing situations, but we should take the high road. 

03:35 PM May 14 2013 |




First of all, what transpires from  the whole situation is that Jeff is acting  weird, he shouldn´t have  called Greta  for help, he  is putting her at risk making his co-worker    taking the high road to get him out  of trouble.     More appropiate ,he should have called in  one of his male friends.  It is obvious that  his purpose in doing so was  to be alone with her  . Smart  guy.

I have had to take the high road when it came to tell the truth ,knowing  that by doing so it could backfired on me.  I don´t regret it , I knew that it was the right thing to do.

02:24 PM May 14 2013 |




I had trouble deciding whether to do the right thing before. A boy asked me whether I could make him have a look at my paper on a Math test in middle school. He was not my friend and we were not familiar with each other so I refused him, and then he asked his girlfriend for help. I think if my good friend asked me for help at that time, would I give him a hand? I think I would refuse him too, because it was not a good way to tell him answers. Everyone should rely on himself when facing an exam.

I think we should take the high road without a doubt, and after that we won’t feel regretful. I believe everyone should stick to the justice in mind, and do the right thing.

PS: Why Mason always wear a cotton hat? Yes, maybe it is fashionable, but doesn’t he feel a little hot?

02:22 PM May 14 2013 |




Taking the high road is always the right option. Because what is right has only one road whereas what is wrong has many roads.

12:21 PM May 14 2013 |

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Ya Nina


I remind some situations in my life when other people made or said something offending and very unpleasant about me. Definitely in such cases very often you want to do something bad for them. But then it is revenge and that desire is a very bad and unworthy feeling. I’m sure that in that cases we have to stay a good people and take the high road. Certainly, to choose that way is a much difficulty than to say or make something bad in answer to offending action, so we have to remember that we, people, have to create a possessions and only then in our world a good can win an evil. 

All we remember the Biblical message which say us if you are slapped on one cheek you have to turn the other cheek. I can’t say that I always perform that commandment, but I deeply believe that we always to take the high road in our life that to stay honest and decent man/woman before yourself. 

11:29 AM May 14 2013 |



Russian Federation

Taking the high road is remembering and encouraging your core values. when you consider yourself to be a good person you try to do good things

09:46 AM May 14 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

most of the time it s so hard,but i love doing that.thinking about best thing:)

08:47 AM May 14 2013 |

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its always happen things like this and we sometimes have along conversation either with our selves or with others but finely we have to do the right thing and taking the high road.

06:12 AM May 14 2013 |

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United States

Taking the high road it’s a very good thing to think about, when it’s come to help someone in this life. Do good as long as you can, is one of the most important thing to leave Happy.

04:59 AM May 14 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like the lessons that have a video or free audio…

i think with this video and the video like this , we can improve listening and speaking english…

thanks for this lesson , i like it

04:08 AM May 14 2013 |

1 person likes this




It looks like a film, anyway two considerations:

1 – Our life is full of times we have to deciding in trouble choise, in our daily life. Even it looks like a normal thing it could change our future. Not always we are sure on taking decisions and often our decision takes the way for our future, like chosing the right school for our future work, deciding if to live in the birthing city or moving out to try to improve, understanding if our partner is the right person to share all the life and so on…

2. Reguarding the skydiving and what it followed in the story I know it is dangerous but I’m sure that when we have a passion we must to develope it, it helps we and our mind on growing and making us better. Challenging the life, if it could be a risk (not to big obviousely), it makes us stronger and satisfied, but this is just my thought.

02:25 AM May 14 2013 |

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