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Learn English with this hobbies English lesson

Date: Jul 03 2013

Themes: Fashion, Hobbies

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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Where do your clothes come from? Even if you buy them at the store, someone, somewhere sewed them for you. Some people sew by hand, while others use state-of-the-art sewing machines. Sewing is a skill that used to be essential to any homemaker, but today, it’s a skill that fewer people possess.

But that may be changing. Like many other crafts and do-it-yourself activities, sewing is seeing a rise in popularity. Pretty soon, the cool thing might be not to have the newest outfit from the mall, but to be able to make that outfit yourself. Find out whether Greta and Amanda can sew in this hobbies English lesson.




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Greta:  Amanda, I really like your coat. Did you make that?

Amanda:  Well, of course I did. You know what I’ve been noticing is instead of book clubs lately, there are sewing clubs.

Greta:  Really?

Amanda:  Yeah. You bring your own sewing machine, and you teach each other how to cross-stitch and serge.

Greta:  Wow, it feels like that whole do-it-yourself culture is really coming back into style.

Amanda:  Absolutely. And with today’s economy, you really can’t afford to buy new apparel.

Greta:  That’s true. The recession has really affected the way that we think about the things that we need versus the things that we want.

Amanda:  How much do you know about sewing?

Greta:  I know a little bit about sewing. I spent most of my sewing career, so to speak, with just a needle and thread, but I recently graduated to a sewing machine.

Amanda:  And what have you made recently? Perhaps a dress? A briefcase?

Greta:  This afternoon I finished a cape.

Amanda:  Really? Is that for Halloween?

Greta:  No, it’s for a costume for a show.

Amanda:  I’ve got it.


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Amanda does a lot of sewing. She made the coat she’s wearing, and, recently, she’s heard about people forming sewing clubs. At these clubs, people get together and work on sewing projects. Amanda thinks it makes sense that more people are making their own clothes in the bad economy.

Greta agrees. She has started sewing more recently, too. She just started using a sewing machine. The first thing she made is not something she’ll wear every day, though. It’s a cape for a costume for a show.

Do you know how to sew? Do you wear homemade or store-bought clothes? Do you think it’s important to know how to do things like sew in today’s economy?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I know sewing a bit, and i`m improving this skill in order to be able to make every nice but unobtainable designs that come to my mind… 

It is a hard work to explore all the malls but you haven`t found what you need and admire .. but I think sewing in spite of it`s hardness to learn perfectly, is very easier than exploring the malls!!!

01:50 PM Aug 06 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

@ A2020:Do you really think that sewing is cheep in Iran??!!! But I don`t think so..

01:36 PM Aug 06 2013 |




When I am a child,my mother often sewed my clothes what ware poorly.But,now,we do not use it because our clothes arenot needed sewing.

I think, as a women,they should posses the skill, then they can make many Chinese national clothes which are very beauiful and characteristic.

07:15 AM Jul 04 2013 |




I like sewing and I know how to sew, but a little bit! $:

03:00 AM Jul 04 2013 |

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Syrian Arab Republic

i dont think so ,cuz more important things to do,in general i depend on sotre-bought clothes,but once i start to sew i wont show up before people =D

12:15 AM Jul 04 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like sewing bud I don”t know how to sew.I like native clothes 

06:18 PM Jul 03 2013 |




yes I know how to sew and I like it .Sometimes I have unusuall fantasy and wanna make it real in life.And I sew dresses fo me and a daughter when I have time.I have pleasure of sewing.


12:57 PM Jul 03 2013 |

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I don’t know how to sew.

I wear store-bought clothes.

I think it’s important to know how to do things like sew in today’s economy because everything is getting more expensive and for those things which you could get it cheap, are of very poor quality and undurable.  

12:42 PM Jul 03 2013 |




My mother is a tailor, and also a sewing teacher at community education center. I have always appreciated her job. I am also amazed that she can keep all those techniques in mind, cut the fabrics appropriately and sew every piece in complete order. Whenever I see her busy with sewing something new, I cannot keep asking her how she can keep everything in her mind, and create amazing pieces from fabrics in accordance with the wishes of people. Her response is wise : “How can you keep so many English words and structures in your mind even though English is not your native language? Because it is your field, your job and a part of your life. Sewing is just like that for me.” But still what she is doing seems totally admirable to me. :)

I am not quite good at sewing. I sewed a skirt for myself a few months ago and it looked really cute. I wear store-bought clothes most of the time, but I love wearing clothes made by my mother and her magical hands. I want her to sew something for me when I look for something at stores but cannot find what I look for. Then I get the fabric, design it or draw it on a piece of paper, and my mother sews like hokeypokey. She has just sewn me a nice pink skirt. I love it so much! But I try to ask her to sew for me as little as possible for she is usually busy with her job :)

11:58 AM Jul 03 2013 |




Definitily, not for me. But my father is like “Jaque Leckler”, rsrsrsrsrs.

11:09 AM Jul 03 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i dont know

i only love the scarfs made by hand

09:45 AM Jul 03 2013 |

Ya Nina


Definitely, I know how to sew – we learning it at school, at the special lessons. Besides, I went to sewing clubs in the special children center in my childhood and I even could sew the skirt myself, but unfortunately I never wear it. I have to admit that sewing isn’t my strong side. Although I always very wish to study sewing because I’m sure that it is very right and well when woman can sew. It is very feminine occupation and I would like do it. My teacher that tried teach me how to sew didn’t like me, because I couldn’t understand all features this activity. In spite of that I admire sincerely of that people who can sew and do it perfectly.

Speaking about homemade or store-bought clothes, I think that both kind can be very fancy, qualitative and successful. Mainly – to choose the better things for you, because no matter who sew the apparel – man or machine, the mainly thing is how you look at it.

08:47 AM Jul 03 2013 |




well, I’m guy and i think this skill isn’t good for me, and daughters at last had know this skill well but to day we see daughters don’t like sewing and stuff.

My mother is good tailor but only for costume and some traditional clothes , so i always buy my clothes shopping mall… also I independent to my family and if my clothes wreck, i sewing it!!

08:26 AM Jul 03 2013 |



oh i really hate this thing, but its privileged to have a read about it, before in the home economics class i’d always ask my best friend girl to finish the sewing i had in the class and it has made into a good mark in the end lol…my gratitude to eslbabies for always have a best daily lessons….salutes!!!

08:17 AM Jul 03 2013 |


Hong Kong

I know a little about sewing. I can repair some broken apparel myself. I only worn neckerchief made by my girlfirends when I was a student. I think knowing how to sew is important to girls who want to impress their boyfriends or husband. This skill not only reflect your ability, but the fascination transpires from your inside.  

05:48 AM Jul 03 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It’s really good to know sewing or have somebody who knows.

My mother is a tailor but always I buy my cloths off the rack.

If she wanna sew me a shirt she will finish it after a few month and sometimes it takes a year. cause she have lots of customers so she doesn’t have enaugh time.

03:59 AM Jul 03 2013 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

yes i do like to learn how to sew sothat i can make my clothes stop buying from mall. 

03:20 AM Jul 03 2013 |

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Yes, it’s  dying art and I won’t let it go so easily. I think it’s my calling and wish i had learned it more seriously long time ago. What i like is to make a design first on the paper, it’s like trigonometry, and then to transfer it on fabric and see the final result. I really love it and i’m just the beginner. And with the advantages of the Internet, you can find any design, any advice, beautiful styles that suits you and incorporate it into life. Isn’t it something to have this dino business working in our high-tech multitasking society. And I tell you the secret, I don’t even have the sewing machine! It’s broke, now it’s a new challenge slowly but surely stitch by stitch to the goal!:)

02:51 AM Jul 03 2013 |




Yes, there us a sewing machine at home whenever we needed them we use to floss clothes.

02:31 AM Jul 03 2013 |

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