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Have a Screw Loose
Have a Screw Loose English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this crazy English lesson

Date: Sep 10 2013

Themes: Health, Soap Opera

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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The body isn’t a machine, but it’s not that different from one. When the body is functioning well, all its parts work together. The circulatory system keeps the heart going, and the digestive system makes sure that you digest your food properly. And the most complex machine of all, the brain, keeps control over your nervous system.

But what happens if a part of that machine breaks? Even a small part, like a screw that holds other parts together? Something is bound to become a little bit off. To have a screw loose is to be a little bit off in your brain. It means you’re acting kind of crazy. All you can hope is that you find some way to tighten that screw and get back to normal!

Find out why Devan thinks someone has a screw loose in this English lesson.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Devan:  Hey, Amanda. Could I talk to you for a second?

Amanda:  About what? I’m pretty busy over here.

Lily:  Yeah, she’s really busy right now.

Devan:  Actually, maybe we could talk out in the hallway?

Amanda:  I guess. If it’s really super-duper important.

Devan:  No, Lily. You get to stay here.

Amanda:  Lily, I’ll be back in a minute. OK? So, what’s up?

Devan:  I don’t want to sound rude or anything, but what’s up with that Lily chick?

Amanda:  Lily? Lily’s great.

Devan:  You haven’t noticed anything strange about her behavior?

Amanda:  Like what?

Devan:  Well, she’s constantly kissing up to you, which I totally get because employees want to impress their boss. But she’s also starting to act just like you.

Amanda:  I don’t know what you’re talking about. Are you jealous because I bought the company from you? I really thought we’d worked through all of this.

Devan:  No, believe me. I don’t want the company. But I really think that Lily might have a screw loose. I mean, look at what she’s wearing today.

Amanda:  OK, I will.

Lily:  If it’s really super-duper important. If it’s really…

Amanda:  Yikes, that’s weird.

Devan:  Right?

Amanda:  She does have a screw loose. And she has been acting crazy. What could have happened?

Devan:  Do you think she’s having some sort of breakdown?

Amanda:  I don’t know. But quite frankly, I don’t have time for this. I have so much to do. Can you do me a favor? Can you keep an eye on her and let me know if you see anything else strange?

Devan:  Sure thing.

Amanda:  I’ve got to go. I’ve got to ask Mason to look at this doorknob. There must be a screw loose or something!


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Devan has started noticing some strange behavior around the office. She needs to speak to Amanda about it privately. She tells Amanda that she’s noticed Lily doing some very odd things. At first, Amanda doesn’t believe her. Then Devan points out that Lily has been dressing identically to Amanda, and imitating her, too. They both agree that Lily seems to have a screw loose.

Amanda doesn’t know what to do about it, though. She’s so busy that she just doesn’t think she has the time. She asks Devan to help her out by watching to notice if Lily keeps acting weird.

Have you ever known anyone who acted as if he or she had a screw loose? What did you do about it?



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Apart from the vocabulary I gained alot

05:18 PM Sep 30 2013 |




yea i agree with the comment that everyone has a screw loose. It’s just  the matter of self control level. Laughing to yourself when you remember something funny, is part of screw loose. Some ppl are just good in controlling it, few aren’t and maybe need help. But being too normal all the time like tighten screw can be really bored also.

07:49 AM Sep 15 2013 |

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I love screw-loose ones.  It’s always fun dealing with them. I will tell you the secret, when every one leaves, and I’m alone at home, I  start making strange sounds, doing somersaults, jumping up and down and totally love it! And if someone will try to tighten my loose screw , beware I can siezed up and stay in that beautiful pose forever. :))

Julia Louis-Dreyfus completely seizes up after getting a little rain on her at the Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto on Friday. (Mark Blinch/Reuters)

01:47 AM Sep 11 2013 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

i do like this lesson, what a great subject about having a screw loose. that is true some people behave crazy but would you please be patient with them because other sometime change be come alright.

05:47 PM Sep 10 2013 |

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Russian Federation

I think, some behavior of different people may be weird in daily situation, it seems how to appreciate it. Simply ask yourself, what result do you want from sombody? Probably one doesn’t have a screw loose, but tries to do the function more effectively.

05:22 PM Sep 10 2013 |

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I think i had a screw loose when my last sem results were declared and i got a second division!!  It was really a bad exlerience because i am used to of being in the toopers!!

05:05 PM Sep 10 2013 |




I only pray to God that  save me from having a screw loose. We all in our lifes  have came across  with somebody  who had  one or several  screws  that  got loose and started acting weird or talking nonsense. What can we do if this is the case,?it depends, sometimes a friendly talk might help ( Lily`s strange behaviour) or perhaps  it requires  the visit to a  professional  to look into it .Of course, if that person accepts that needs help, which I doubt if is a severe case of  lunacy. 

04:13 PM Sep 10 2013 |




Of course yes. Everybody has a screw loose. At least the people that I know, kkkkk….They are just not normal at all…

03:58 PM Sep 10 2013 |



I think have a screw loose in the job wouldnt be look normal, hahah but when to loose a screw outside the work would be a way to freed yourself from any perfection in the world and it’s awesome

02:29 PM Sep 10 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

It sometimes happens to me  to have a screw loose, mostly when I’m hungry, if someone ask me questions, I act badly !

01:04 PM Sep 10 2013 |

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first question , Why does a screw loose ??

its answer is easy coz it can be different from original screw ,propably smaller..or screw can be tighten less or more,in this case ,screww will loose by time ..

second question, why do people behave like a have screw loose ?

its answer is hard..coz human being is very different,very complicated machine..

but somethings are very clear..one reason is To lose important,valuable,beloved people and things..this sadness make us affect  bad and very deep…other reason it is failure in relations,marriage,at work,at school..these reasons bring some pyhsical problems and strange behaviors ..

everything has a reason :))


10:59 AM Sep 10 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it is commen that when people have breakdown after that they have screw loose. one of my friend had this aunt who lost 2 of her children in a night then she had a screw loose then a psycologist told her husband to keep an eye on her for while.

09:48 AM Sep 10 2013 |




Well we had such an office gal that every said that she had a screw loose. Like she went to your house without invitation, and picked on the decoration and furnishings in your house, this was not right, and that was right, bluh, bluh. She huged you when she met you like you were so close to her, but actually you were not. She did this to lots of coworkers and last everyone was avoiding her. I heard that she was divorced later and I did not feel suprised at all. I guess no guys can stand her.

09:48 AM Sep 10 2013 |



Russian Federation

Well, to be honest, sometimes I may seem to have a few screws missing too, just because I work with children. At times my behaviour seems childish and adults think I’m infantile. For axample, I can speak like a kid. But I’m quite well. 

09:15 AM Sep 10 2013 |




I  have nerver met with someone who had a screw loose.I just heard of someone,when in college,one student,boy,sit on bed awake all night while others are sleeping,when you asked why he didnot go to sleep,he just answered he wanted to sit for a while.But the while he sit lasted for whole night.creepy?huh?

I find someone around me is just active,so he or she acts like crazy.but I know she is good and I don’t have to keep an eye on her.Nowadays,I think boys are more active and girls are more wild in order to catch up with the speed the world is functioning.I do think I am conservative.

07:29 AM Sep 10 2013 |



i had a classmate in middle school who always suspect somebody poison in his drinks. finally our teacher have to send him to the mental hospital. after check turns out he actually had a problem. he ever was a excellent student but now he should stay at hospital to have a treat.

07:03 AM Sep 10 2013 |

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