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Making Toasts
Making Toasts

Learn English with this making toasts English lesson

Date: Jan 03 2018

Themes: Family, Party

Grammar: Imperative Form


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You’re at a wedding, and it’s your turn to make a toast. You stand up, heart pounding and hands shaking. Why are you so nervous? These are close friends and family. No need to worry. They will love you no matter what you say. But when you open your mouth, nothing comes out!

It can be scary to deliver a speech in front of a group of people. What if you mess up? What if your phone rings? There’s a lot to think about. You have to pay attention to what you’re wearing, what you’re saying, and if you have food stuck in your teeth. Being under pressure and in the limelight is not for everyone.

Find out if Mason is ready for the challenge in this English lesson about speaking in public.


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Mason:  Amanda, my best friend is getting married soon, and I’m going to have to make a pretty epic toast.

Amanda:  I am so envious right now. That is the best job to have at a wedding!

Mason:  Really?

Amanda:  It really is.

Mason:  I’m a little nervous about it. I’ve got to worry about the timing. Is it a long toast or a short toast? Do I deliver it funny or serious? Do I get sappy?

Amanda:  It’s really the only opportunity for someone other than the bride or groom to steal the limelight. Go for it!

Mason:  Now I can see why you like it.

Amanda:  Do you know your audience?

Mason:  I know my friend, so I can assume the kind of people he’d like to have there.

Amanda:  Just make sure it’s appropriate. Read the crowd. Little bit of humor. Don’t bring up exes.

Mason:  OK, that’s a good one.

Amanda:  Huge faux pas. Do you feel under pressure, or are you kind of chill about it?

Mason:  I’m definitely under pressure, but this is helping. What’s the one thing, if I don’t remember anything else, this is the tip?

Amanda:  Don’t write it. Go off the cuff.

Mason:  Bold move, madam.


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Mason has been asked to make a toast at his friend’s wedding. He knows it’s important, so he feels a little nervous. He hasn’t decided if he wants to have fun with it or take it more seriously. Mason asks Amanda for advice and she has quite a lot to say on the subject!

Amanda definitely has experience with making toasts. In fact, she thinks it’s the best responsibility to have at a wedding. Amanda tells Mason to pay attention to his audience. She suggests being funny and not talking about past relationships. Above everything else, Amanda says that Mason should be off the cuff and talk without reading a speech. To her, that’s what makes a toast great.

Have you ever given a toast in front of a big audience? How did it make you feel? Do you have advice for someone who needs to give a toast?



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I always to deliver with my friends. I like making toasts when I am drinking beers. I always say: Banzai banzai and Kanpai. It’s A tradition japanese , lol

10:35 PM Jan 03 2018 |



United Kingdom

To deliver in public for the first time is one of the most dreadful thing one could imagine. It is because of fear of rejection. The only way to overcome this fear is to be fearless about rejections. Horace nailed it, ‘ Don’t think, just do.’
Amanda’s suggestions to Mason are brilliant.
I did deliver in front of people few times. First time I was really nervous before speech day but finally when I came forward to the podium, all my fears vanished and I delivered off the cuff.

05:24 AM Jan 03 2018 |




it was a funny experience when I made the toast at a party. It was my first time to do it. I felt nervous, and I forgot the word…lol

03:49 AM Oct 26 2013 |



Russian Federation

 I’ve given a toast in front of a big audience. I felt terribble. I was shy and nervous very much.

09:14 PM Oct 23 2013 |




I see  that Amanda wouldn´t miss an opportunity  to be in the limelight .  Some people are  more  at easy that others when it comes to deliver a speech or a toast as in this case.In my case it totally freaks me out  to be the focus of attention, specially if i feel that i don´t have anything  interesting to say. It could be embarrassing  to begin stuttering  in front of an audience that are looking at you  with mischievous eyes and you don´t know  if they are impressed with your outstanding eloquence  or  thinking  why  don´t you shut up and go home.  lol…....

04:29 PM Oct 23 2013 |




when I make faux pas  ,I really feel guilty and bad for long time 

03:56 PM Oct 23 2013 |

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I’ve never made a toast, but as a Sales Engineer I’ve made a lot of speeches and sure the first ones were so tough.

03:07 PM Oct 23 2013 |




I have never given a toast in front of a big audience. But I have presented some times projects for co-works and I already presented homeworks to classmates in college.

03:03 PM Oct 23 2013 |

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01:19 PM Oct 23 2013 |




01:18 PM Oct 23 2013 |



its not easy to make toast among people,in crowd for everyone..alot of people can feel this nervous..me too.. I can forget what ı will talk ,my hands can be sweated more,my throat can be dry caused of exciting..ı feel all eyes look at me ..


11:52 AM Oct 23 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I’m kind of a brave one, if it’s my turn to make toast, I don’t really care about the audience or something else, I just focus on what I’m doing with some jokes, and things like comedies at that very time.

If someone’s scared about making toast, maybe it can be their first time to make it, but making toast is one of the opportunities at the wedding party or meeting  (As mentioned above), apart from the bride or groom or Boss, manager, you can just steal the limelight.

The most important to do, is not to prepare a toast ! Just say what comes in your mind !

It sometimes happen to be scared, heart pounding, but it doesn’t really matter, just relax and take  breath !

Jason LONGO.

09:38 AM Oct 23 2013 |

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yes,every time in the company party ,i feel nervers and scared when it is my turn to gave a toast. To speak more with the partners and breath deeply to ralax the body may be a good way to avoid it.

07:49 AM Oct 23 2013 |

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Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

I do like this subject.now I got know what I must prepare to make a toast.

07:44 AM Oct 23 2013 |

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