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The Moon
The Moon

Learn English with this moon English lesson

Date: Sep 11 2019

Themes: Travel

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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What do you think about when you look at the moon? For some people, it’s a religious symbol. Others learned lunar poems when they were kids. Still other people use the moon to tell seasons or predict the weather.

Amazingly, the moon is something that brings the world together. People around the globe all see the same moon. It’s also something that makes countries compete against each other, like when the US and Russia had the “space race” to see who would make it to the moon first.

To tell the truth, the moon is pretty far away. It’s about 238,900 miles (384,400 km) from Earth. But astronauts have made the trip successfully in space shuttles since 1969. The moon is definitely interesting, but it’s quite expensive to travel there. Living there would require even more excessive costs. Everything would have to be imported from Earth. That’s a long trip!

Discover who’s dreaming about living on the moon in this English lesson.


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Jeff:  Last night I was looking at the sky, and I was thinking, “How cool would it be to live on the moon?” People have been talking about it for the last century. I can’t wait to go. I hope it happens.

Mason:  Really? It kind of feels a little bit excessive. The whole idea of a lunar colony. I mean, space shuttles are not cheap.

Jeff:  Well, it’s true. That’s why they’re not paying for them anymore, but I wish they would start again. You know I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut, but not just an astronaut.

Mason:  You want to be a space pioneer?

Jeff:  Yeah.

Mason:  Low gravity, I get it. That seems kind of cool. But how is it in any way practical to think that we could justify all the expense and complexity? You’d have to build domes that hold in the air. Just think of how many trips you’d need to make back and forth to get the raw materials!

Jeff:  Humans have always wanted to explore new territories. I think it’s part of our nature. Plus, it could be a fresh start.


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Jeff is interested in the moon. In fact, he’d like to move there.

Mason thinks some things on the moon would be cool, like low gravity, but overall he’s too practical to dream about living in a lunar colony. Transporting building materials would cost too much and take too many trips between Earth and the moon.

For Jeff, it’s worth dreaming about. He thinks humans always want to explore new places. He hopes he’ll get the chance to have a fresh start on the moon.

Would you like to live on the moon? Where would you choose to make a fresh start?



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I like to look at the moon when it is reflected on the surface of the sea by the moon path. It is very beautiful and romantic …

I would like to visit the moon. And see what our planet looks like from there. I think it will be an amazing sight.

08:15 PM Sep 10 2019 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I’M not actually into lunar stuff or explorations, there you lost thge time and it’s like losing your good times with your beloved ones .but to have a fresh start i choose unexplored places on the Earth, maybe unexplored treasures. who know!!? 

07:39 AM Jan 31 2018 |




Looking to the moon makes me feel  peaceful and calm .. it’s so beatiful from far 

but i think it may loses alot of it’s pretty if i see it up close or when i be able to stand on it

Things much better when they are away

12:23 AM Jan 25 2018 |


Saudi Arabia

well its so amazing when you look at the moon while ur standing on the earth how about

when u be on moon its inecredible thing. you can imagine the distance betweent earth & moon . its wounderful moment.

i would like to visit it if the international space gives me cahnce Lol i cant feel that moment when u be far away from earth 

just hold ur breath and enjoy from here you can begin ur fresh start

09:01 PM Jan 24 2018 |

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United Kingdom

I don’t like to live on the moon rather I admire it more from the earth. When the moon look like white suspended ball that softly and poetically illuminate dark nights. I would like to take a fresh start on my earth again with more humane humans, healthy environment and world without conflicts.

03:38 AM Jan 24 2018 |



Moon is a great blessing from the nature with the help of this great moon we can enjoy great nights. We should learn new and important  university assignment help australia things because these things will help is in our future.

11:10 AM Jan 20 2016 |




Living on the moon is definitely one of my project since my high jump carrer hasn’t really gone anywhere.

12:10 AM Jan 14 2014 |




Three days ago I saw halo around the moon. It was a big circle as though somebody draw it on the sky with a huge protractor. It was so precise, beautiful and unusual. It was only for 15 minutes, then it was gone. My camera wouldn’t have captured it. I didn’t see Ison, the comet, I wanted to spot so much but i was lucked out to see halo phenomenon. I’m grateful.

That’s exactly how it did look like!


10:15 PM Jan 13 2014 |



Russian Federation

I’ve seen a  programm, telling about benefits of moons colonization, such as getting different kinds of metals from there ,using it as a ground for sending space shuttles to explore  other planets, and so on.

I agree with Jeff that it is naturally for humans to explore new territories . I would like to see the moons surface with my own eyes, if it were possible. And  if I had a chance to have a fresh start there, and to live there for some time,I would use it.                                                   

08:59 PM Jan 13 2014 |

1 person likes this



Sure I’d like to live on the moon :)

02:10 AM Dec 17 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

experiencing new things r always good n traveling to moon is everyone’s dream bt m nt sure bout living there .i still love my earth to live.

01:09 PM Dec 09 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hmm….I am not sure.It must be so awesome to experience living on Moon, for sure.But I think there are too many mysterious places which I have not visited on Earth.I need to visit them first then, ok, I would like to find other new things on Moon.

Talking of moon, I should confess I don’t need to be walking on it to enjoy.Even watching it from miles away at night, surrounding by stars, makes me feel all the good feelings inside.It gives me the PEACE!!!

08:10 PM Dec 07 2013 |




Live on the moon?Why not?Let’s see!!Oh darling,but the earth will feel jealousy…LOL.

I do love watching the moon with naked eyes,as many do.

I do care about romance which includes full moon nights.

I do feel high when I’ve been called”MooN”,who doesn’t?

Our mom’Earth’ hugs us,but I do miss a kiss from the’Moon’.

Guys, you think,Keck Telescope or Hubble Space may help do?

P.S. Moon looks like a woman-has its dark and light parts”Quarters”you need to explore it by telescope 150X,be recommended,but when it comes to the “Full moon”,don’t do it,just live the romance:)

01:38 PM Dec 07 2013 |





of course i can’t live on the moon  and moon is not  suitable place  for humans to live on it 


04:20 PM Dec 05 2013 |




if there is one day most people can settle down on the moon.I would like to go there just for experience.It must be excited to flow in a dark ,dreaming long time areas. Don’t have plan to live on the moon.You must take long time to adjust the new environment,It’s perfect just watching the beatiful sky on earth.

11:49 PM Dec 04 2013 |




No not really.True,they say dream big and the universe is your limit but for me,and in this stage of my life I’d rather start with exploring this big beautiful globe first.There are too many great things you can do if you have the financial means(which is another story).

Maybe after living this “earthly” adventure I can consider spending my late years there.It’ll be a rejuvenating experience.Therefore,you die young in spirit and you can literally say goodbye to earth.

Plus,it’s better to be thrown in the wide bewitching galaxy than being smothered in the land’s womb.Because you become a new type of stars,a lively start :)

07:25 PM Dec 04 2013 |




So mystical, mysterious and so inspiring, but i don’t think it’s a place to live but just to be apreciate, of course i’d like to visit there, but just for sightseeing! to me the Earth is a perfect place made perfectly to us, there’s no reason to change from here, even to make a fresh start!!

06:54 PM Dec 04 2013 |




moon like many things in this life, it is beautiful only from afar, and we like it because it is mysterious but when we discover it we will find how cool and dark it is.

06:34 PM Dec 04 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

Jeff’s got to be Neil Armstrong, his arms have got to be strong, lol

05:56 PM Dec 04 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

Jeff’s thinking to live there in the moon one day, it’s amazing but he should be

Neil Armstrong 

05:55 PM Dec 04 2013 |

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