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New Kid on the Block
New Kid on the Block English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Dec 31 2013

Themes: Friend, Holidays, Party, Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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If you’ve ever moved to a new neighborhood, you might know how it feels. All of the neighbors are wondering about the new family down the street. They might stop at your house to welcome you. All of the kids living nearby are curious if the family includes children they can play with, like you. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. You’re the new kid on the block.

Being the new kid on the block simply means that you have just moved to a new home. It’s usually used when talking about the place where someone lives. However, it can also be used to describe a person in their new job or school. It’s understood that if you’re the new kid on the block at work or school, you’re still learning how everything is done. It’s OK to make mistakes when you’re still new, so being the new kid isn’t so bad. It might even be great!

Meet Lily’s new roommate, Rafael, in this English lesson about New Year’s Eve.

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Lily:  I’m so glad you guys could all come.

Amanda:  I know, Lily. Thanks so much for having us over! With Mason on a work trip, I didn’t know how I was going to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Jeff:  Yeah, me neither. It seems a little too soon to bring one of the many women I’ve been dating over for New Year’s.

Rafael:  Hey, Lily!

Lily:  Hey! What’s up? Hey, guys, I want you to meet my new roommate, Rafael.

Amanda:  OK, hi!

Lily:  He just moved in a week ago.

Marni:  Hi, Rafael. I’m Marni. It’s so nice to meet you. So, what’s your story? Are you single?

Rafael:  My story? Well, I’ve been in town two weeks now. I just got here and I needed a place to stay. I saw Lily’s ad on the internet, and I thought it sounded perfect. My stuff isn’t even here yet. It’s still being shipped.

Marni:  Wow!

Amanda:  Two weeks! Wow. So, how does it feel being the new kid on the block?

Rafael:  So far, so good. Naturally it’s going to take a while for me to get used to things, but luckily, Lily here has been really great about showing me around.

Marni:  Oh, she has, has she?

Jeff:  Yeah, I’m sure she’s the perfect tour guide.

Rafael:  She is.

Lily:  Well, you know, I remember what it was like when I first moved here. It took me a long time to figure out where I was and to get the layout of the city. I didn’t even know where to buy my groceries.

Rafael:  Well, she is a really good tour guide. Any time I have a question, I’ll text her and she’ll get back to me right away.

Amanda:  Hey, Rafael. Have a drink. Bottoms up!

Lily:  Here. Have a hat, too.

Marni:  So, Rafael, where did you move here from?

Rafael:  New York.

Jeff:  Oh, wow. That’s quite a change. How does it feel to move somewhere like this after such a cosmopolitan place?

Rafael:  I really like it here. New York had a lot of opportunities. Bless you…

Amanda:  Thank you.

Rafael:  ... but I’ve wanted to move to a more laid back city for a while. So, I’m glad I’m here.

Amanda:  Well, then Lily’s the perfect roommate because she just came back from this retreat. I think she learned all about yoga and how to breathe.

Lily:  Oh, yeah! That’s true. It was very centering and a very relaxing experience.

Rafael:  I had no idea.

Lily:  Yeah!

Rafael:  You really just might be the perfect roommate.

Marni:  To perfect roommates!

Jeff:  Happy New Year!

Lily:  Happy New Year!

Amanda:  Marni, are you thinking what I’m thinking?


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Big news: Lily has a new roommate! His name is Rafael, and he moved to town from New York only two weeks ago. He left New York for a more laid back city, and he seems very happy to be Lily’s new roommate. She’s showing him around, answering his questions, and helping Rafael feel at home.

Marni and Amanda have their own ideas about Rafael and how he might fit into Lily’s life. They ask him if he’s single, and tease Lily about being a good tour guide for Rafael. Amanda points out that Lily just learned about relaxing and yoga, so she knows all about being laid back. At the end of the episode, Amanda makes a comment to Marni that shows how she thinks Lily and Rafael might have a romantic interest in each other.

What do you think of Rafael? Are he and Lily a good match as roommates? Could they be a good romantic match, too?



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United Kingdom

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08:26 PM Apr 19 2014 |

Eudora T Mushi

Tanzania, United Republic Of

 I think both are good  people. but please take time to know each other more before going too far.


05:45 AM Jan 06 2014 |




It can be seen that during 2 weeks everything were all right between Rafael and Lily. I think rafael is a good guy as same as Lily. As a matter of fact they are suit for each other as roommates. As long as they spend so much time together, it could be that they be a perfect romantic match, I hope so.

03:12 PM Jan 03 2014 |




Happy new year to you allllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish Lily and Rafael have a happy ending! :)))

02:13 AM Jan 01 2014 |

2 people like this



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

Happy new year 2014 to you my friends and acquaintances in englishbaby !!!!

I love you  !!!

03:29 PM Dec 31 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

According to me they’re gonna make a good couple down the road

03:27 PM Dec 31 2013 |

1 person likes this



Happy new year. real relatinship ? i dont think so.

03:04 PM Dec 31 2013 |

1 person likes this




Happy new year 2014. :)

01:07 PM Dec 31 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


i think they may have a good relationship but Marni shaould pay attention more  about him bec they are from different culture.

01:01 PM Dec 31 2013 |

1 person likes this




Happy new year guys .!!  I am -as Marni and Amanda – thinking that on 2014 Lily is going to change her status from single to in a relationship . Good for her. 

11:37 AM Dec 31 2013 |

3 people like this




Lily be careful he is still a unknown person .Dont trust him so early Lol…......

09:41 AM Dec 31 2013 |



Happy New Year! 2014 from China.

09:20 AM Dec 31 2013 |



Russian Federation

Happy New Year! 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!

07:56 AM Dec 31 2013 |




Hope Lily and Rafael can be together.

07:35 AM Dec 31 2013 |




Excellent conversation!

07:05 AM Dec 31 2013 |

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