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put a spin on

put a spin on

Date: Jan 02 2014

Themes: Celebrity, Music, Pop Culture


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“There’s a spin on every single celebrity out there… I know that one of my spins is: ‘Oh, Taylor’s heartbroken. Oh, Taylor fell in love and the guy broke her heart. She’s sad all the time, and lonely.”

Singer/songwriter Taylor Swift, talking about what people think about her (New York Magazine)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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add something new or different

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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In the game of pool, you have one goal: use your cue stick to make your balls go into the holes on the side of the table. That’s not always easy, though. If one of your balls is not lined up directly in front of the hole, you might need to hit it from the side instead of straight on.

When you hit a pool ball from the side, you put a spin on it. The way you angle your cue stick makes a difference in where the ball goes. In order to win the game, you have to be really good at spinning the balls exactly the right way.

Likewise, when you put a spin on a story or a situation, you’re telling it from a certain angle. You know what reaction you want people to have, so you use the details and facts you need to convince people that something is true. It might not be the whole truth, either. Maybe you only tell one part of the story. You might also add new or different details to make people think about something the way you want them to think.

Singer/songwriter Taylor Swift knows that a lot of people put a spin on her life. They always talk about her romantic troubles and how she is sad all the time. But that’s only one side of the story! She’s also a successful music artist who has made millions of dollars and won lots of awards.

When have you put a spin on a story? What do you think about only telling part of the truth?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“LA Confidential puts a new spin on the “film noir” style of movie.”

“Journalists always put a spin on the articles they write.”

“The high schoolers put a spin on Cinderella for their upcoming play.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

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Once in while I prefer to put my spin on some stories by the purpose of attracting other’s attention as well as to avoid of losing my beneficiary in special cases. Besides, when i want to put more people on my side, show off, get sb’s hopes up and also to pretend that I am in the right track i carry out it and try to say just one side of coin. Actually, sometime it make sense to me and sth not.

To be honest, after that I virtually have taken a soul search and more often I’ve blamed myself for what i did and told. I suppose this is just some kind of confliction in my mind. Of course in most cases after a while I’ve forgot it and at least i’ve attempted to handle it. 

08:06 AM Jan 10 2014 |




I’ d like to be a man who can think various things putting a spin on.Many people only think one side. There are so many way to think about something.

11:32 PM Jan 04 2014 |




“There’s a spin on every single celebrity out there”... She’s right, but I’d say that there’s a spin on every single person out there – really! I don’t know anyone who’s never had it on their lives.

09:17 PM Jan 02 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Well…it sometimes happens.At least it’s better than lying.

It also happened to me, there were situations in which I had to put a spineon them…cause I thought telling the whole story might turn a spark into a flame…

09:16 PM Jan 02 2014 |

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when I want to go somewhere far home ,I should ask my father for it , and I have to put a spin on my words so I can convince him to let me go .

for example: I wanna go with my friends on a trip with my bicycle for 3 days , If I just tell it to my father like this ,he wont let me go ,so I have to tell him the details of what we ganna do in that trip , where we ganna go , and why I need to go ?

I have to answer all these questions carefully , and tell him what he want me to do , not what I wanna do _

04:26 PM Jan 02 2014 |

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Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I’ve been learning english for a year, I got the ability of speaking, writing, reading and I really know more about being able to express oneself in English.

But this year I think I’ve gotta put a spin on my fluency

03:24 PM Jan 02 2014 |

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Marcel We

Marcel We


I think “(to) put a spin on sb./sth.” is a very nice and usefull phrase to describe for example a story or person. The thing is that the teller of the story tells no lies, but he also doesn’t tell the complete truth. There are different reasons why people do this, but I think the most important is that they want to create an idea in people’s minds which is not completely true to convince them from something.

12:24 PM Jan 02 2014 |




Taylor is a perfect super star. I like her songs very much!!.

“You belong with me” “love story” “last Christmas” “back to December”.........


04:13 AM Jan 02 2014 |




I like Taylor Swift. She’s very talented, beautiful and successful. Unfortunately, it’s not enough. Every one likes Miley Cirus and she broke up with her boyfriend too. But she’s very confident and happy. And what do we know about her. Not much. Or take Kardashian family. So much atttention to them as negetive as well positive and for nothing! But they’re successful, because they don’t care what other think about them. They’re not sensitive (which is not a compliment in today’s world) and that’s their win and make a successful spin on their story.

 But as for me, I like Taylor Swift as she is. Don’t change please. Don’t turn into Miley. Her fame is temporary, yours is forever!

02:06 AM Jan 02 2014 |

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