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Water Bottles
Water Bottles

Learn English with this water bottles English lesson

Date: Jan 28 2020

Themes: Food, Health

Grammar: Future in the Past


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In some countries, you cannot find clean drinking water easily. But in the US, it’s everywhere! It’s easy to buy a water bottle wherever you are: at the store, at the gas station, or even at school. There’s no reason to be thirsty!

However, buying water bottles isn’t always the best choice. If you buy one water bottle every day, that’s seven bottles in a week, thirty in a month, and over 500 in a year! And all of that plastic gets thrown into landfills. What a waste!

Instead, many people choose to get a reusable water bottle. It’s easy to fill up, and you won’t be throwing away so much plastic. It’s a little thing, but it makes a big difference for the environment.

Learn who doesn’t like buying water bottles (and who does) in this English lesson about drinking water.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Lily:  Rafa, can you hold on for a second? I need to fill up my water bottle really quickly.

Rafael:  I was actually going to get my own water. I’m going to buy it at that vending machine.

Lily:  What? You actually buy plastic water bottles? That’s really bad for the environment.

Rafael:  Well, why? I mean, isn’t yours plastic?

Lily:  Yeah, but mine is reusable. Because you’re not constantly buying new plastic bottles, they don’t get thrown into landfills and then end up choking whales to death. So it’s more environmentally friendly.

Rafael:  I guess so, but it’s also a huge pain in the neck.

Lily:  Why? It’s not that bad.

Rafael:  I don’t know. You just have to haul it with you all over the place. You have to tote it around. I’d rather just buy it when I’m thirsty and not worry about it when I’m not.

Lily:  You’re everything that’s wrong with the world today.


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Lily asks Rafael to wait for her while she fills up her water bottle. Rafael says he’s thirsty, too, but he wants to buy a water bottle from the vending machine.

Lily is surprised that Rafael actually buys plastic water bottles. She thinks that it’s bad for the environment and says that it’s better to have a reusable water bottle. Lily points out that old plastic water bottles get thrown into landfills. And all that trash can even hurt animals.

Rafael agrees with Lily, but for him, it’s just too much work to carry a reusable water bottle with him everywhere. He doesn’t want to tote around a bottle. If he’s thirsty, he’ll buy a water bottle. Otherwise, he doesn’t want to worry about it.

Do you have a reusable water bottle? Is it a pain in the neck to carry a water bottle with you?



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The Best thing to do is to have a bottle made in other material,ñ different that plastic, like aluminium or something. Plastic is a huge problem for the humankind and also for the nature. 

05:51 PM May 27 2018 |



Dominican Republic

To recicle is good for the planet

12:32 AM May 27 2018 |


Russian Federation

I seldom buy plastic water bottle. Usually I tote a reusable bottle around in my little backpack:) Often it is Starbuks hot mug ahahahah

05:48 PM May 26 2018 |




During a long time i use my own plastic bottles. It’s very cool feel you are helping the envioremente, perhaps this what you are doing is a little thing. 

03:46 PM May 25 2018 |

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sweetsummerSuper Member!


This is an old lesson. 

02:57 PM May 25 2018 |

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Yes. I have a reusable water bottle which is made with glasses in the office and a tea china water cup at home. I seldom buy plastic water bottles.

  Now I buy my daughter a stainless steel insulation bottle which she takes to kindergarten every day.

  All that can be reusable.

 I like the reusable bottles because of the healthy.

 But in today’s dialog, I can’t understand this sentence Rafael says:…but it’s also a huge pain in the neck.  What’s it meaning?

02:45 AM May 25 2018 |

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Nice lesson. Lily concept is right according to me.

03:59 PM Aug 20 2015 |




Lily is definitely right. There is a low in environmental subjects which entitle 3r. It includes in reuse, recycle and reduce. 

No, I have not a reusable bottle. Plus I don’t feel it would be a pain in my neck to carry a water bottle. This is our duty to look after the place where we inhabit.

The main thing in this century is the pollution such as air, land, sea and so on. Everyone must attend to conservation of environment and saving energy besides contamination effects of throwing away water bottles. 

05:11 AM Feb 20 2014 |

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I don’t have a reusable water bottle.  However I should think about it :D

05:10 PM Feb 14 2014 |


DizelmanSuper Member!


Here’s a part from the introduction to this lesson: “However, buying water bottles isn’t always the best choice. If you buy one water bottle every day, that’s seven bottles in a week, thirty in a month, and over 500 in a year! And all of that plastic gets thrown into landfills. What a waste!”

So, does it mean that in the US they have over 500 days in a year instead of 365?

05:55 PM Feb 11 2014 |



I have a reuseble bottle in my home and office,yes,the reuseble bottle is good for the environment,but i think is not very conveneint,if you have a journey and have long distance to traval,you cant take just one bottle of water,how to get water on the way is a problem,then the plastic water is the best way,of course ,if when i at home or work in the office i like use the reuseble bottle to drink,i can drink fresh water,it’s really economic

11:28 PM Feb 09 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

No i dont have a reusable water bottle,i`m not getting thirsty alot of times when i`m out so i dont think that i need one,but in summer i prefer to buy plastic water bottles bcz its hard to tote it around ,i’m agree with Rafael,IT’s really hard!

06:29 PM Feb 09 2014 |




Yes, clean water is essential to human life. If clean water is not available at home. Should boil water for drinking.

05:22 PM Feb 09 2014 |




I guess I am a reusable water bottle user.I choose to but water bottle depending on the situation.I like to buy new ones when I find no fresh water to filll up my bottle.you know,it is no easy to find clean water in Chengdu china.

02:00 PM Feb 09 2014 |



Serbia and Montenegro

I agree with Rafael that carrying a bottle of water all day is pain in  the neck…But on the other side, reusable water bottles are very good for our destroyed environment…

12:33 PM Feb 09 2014 |




I`ve got a cheap reusable water bottle, but I dont use it too much often. When I`m out and really need it, I`d go by the river and sink my head into it and enjoy. 

09:22 AM Feb 09 2014 |



I agree that reusable water bottles are environmentally friendly. I have one in my room and I think this is  a good way to help the environment :) 

06:08 AM Feb 09 2014 |



Yes, I have a reusable water bottle. I don’t feel that it is a pain in the neck to tote a water bottle with me. Instead, I feel that it is a must to haul a water bottle all over the place, as it not only helps me to save money on drinking water, but also keeps me hydrate all day. Most importantly, it helps to save the environment that we are living in, and protect the animals. 

05:30 AM Feb 09 2014 |



I have my reusable water bottle. I toted it around when I was a univ student. It’s not only environmentally friendly but also economical. I dont have to pay for water bottles when I take my own bottle. It’s saved me a lot of money actually.

Taking reusable water bottle is a really ‘eco’ way, I think.

03:18 PM Feb 08 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

actully, I have a reusable water bottle with my self every where.I think it has two advantages of carrying reusable water bottle.First,maby you go to a place where doesnt have any vending machine,so you cant buy any water bottle.On the other  hand,its good for our environment.

Its better for you to have a reusable water bottle.

12:03 PM Feb 08 2014 |

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