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Date: Oct 30 2019

Themes: Fashion

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Everyone has their own sense of fashion. Some people want to wear the latest “thing,” and they read magazines to find out what’s trending. Other people aren’t interested in what’s popular. They might even try to stay away from new styles. Most of us are probably somewhere in the middle. We’re curious about the newest fad, but we don’t save up money to buy everything we hear about.

Bandanas have been around for a long time. They’re not exactly trending, but people appreciate that bandanas are multipurpose. You can wear one on your head or around your neck. If it’s hot, you can use it to dry your sweat. If you sneeze, you can use your bandana instead of a tissue. They’re made in hundreds of colors and patterns. Are they fashionable? Maybe not, but they’re definitely useful!

Jeff loves to wear bandanas, but Rafael worries about what people will think. Why is that? Read more in today’s English lesson.


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Jeff:  I just can’t be ready for the day until one thing happens.

Rafael:  What’s that?

Jeff:  Strap my bandana on.

Rafael:  So you’re kind of a bandana guy, huh? What kind of bandana do you like to wear?

Jeff:  On a typical day, paisley. You know, your traditional bandana. But if I’m feeling rowdy, maybe some flames.

Rafael:  Do you ever feel like you get weird looks on the street? Maybe people think you’re a robber, or a gang member, or something weird like that?

Jeff:  No, I get looks of respect.

Rafael:  It can be intimidating. You know what I’m saying?

Jeff:  I guess, but that’s kind of my edge. You know?

Rafael:  I feel like there’s an affiliation with bandanas and crime, OK? And I don’t want you getting into trouble.

Jeff:  All I’m saying is I think I look stylish with my bandana.

Rafael:  There are plenty of other kinds of headgear that you could use.

Jeff:  It’s multipurpose. If I have to blow my nose or tie a tourniquet on someone, there you go.

Rafael:  But there are so many more things that are much more stylish. You know what I’m saying? Like sunglasses or a backwards baseball cap.

Jeff:  I use those, too, but the bandana is my thing.


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Jeff loves to wear bandanas, and he has different ones for different needs. He knows they’re not trending, but he likes the way they look on him. It sounds like he wears one every day. Jeff feels like people respect him when he wears a bandana.

Rafael asks Jeff if he worries that people will think he’s in a gang when he’s wearing a bandana. Rafael says that there’s often a connection between crime and bandanas, too, because it’s not uncommon for a robber to wear one. Rafael doesn’t want someone to think that his friend’s doing something wrong simply because he’s wearing one. But Jeff isn’t worried. And he’s not going to stop wearing them, either.

Do you wear bandanas? Do people wearing bandanas look dangerous, or is that just on TV and in movies?



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07:10 AM Aug 16 2015 |

takezou1Super Member!


I like bandana

11:34 AM Apr 14 2014 |




I’m not wear bandanas,but i had put scarf on my head when i went to the beach not for fashion reason.I just like watch it fly around my head.Recently i plan to buy a bandana to prtect myself from the vehicle exhaust.Well ,I remind of NINJA.

03:18 PM Mar 31 2014 |




I’ve never wear a bandana so far and also I’m not going to put it on in future. I don’t feel scary or something when i look at somebody with bandanna. On the other side, Honestly, I’m not a stylish guy with trendy outfit clothes, but as far as i can i try to be looked like good with neat and not old fation style. 

Once i read a sentence which says that “when we enter in somewhere for first time, people judge on us based on our clothes while we left there they will believe us due to our words”. 

05:19 PM Mar 25 2014 |

1 person likes this



I don’t like bandanas at all.   People don’t wear them either.  I rarely see someone using a bandana.

People wearing bandanas look old fashion to me.  Who knows if this trend become popular in the future.

08:57 PM Mar 23 2014 |




Are the E-Baby staff running out of topics on which to develop daily dialogues? Well, it is a free service, so I don’t want to complain but still, the bandana… 

If the point of today’s talk was about fads and their social meanings, there are more timely ones, such as sagging, hoodies…Oh, I have a good one – false eyelashes. Until recently they were only the mockery of the 1960s fashion, but now they’ve come back with vengeance.  How can such obviously fake body parts, long abandoned, regain popularity?  I think it’s an interesting topic.  

On the other hand, the bandana can be used to discuss what it represents, is it tradition or redneck culture? That would inform us. But the way it is presented here, although a dry humor it may be, is uninspiring or even misleading to those of us who rely on the media to know about today’s American culture.  

09:54 PM Mar 19 2014 |

1 person likes this



I don’t wear bandanas – I wash my hair when it’s needed ))

But bandanas can be useful when the sun is rather hot.

08:40 PM Mar 19 2014 |

1 person likes this



bandana reminds me pirates,gangs,motorcycle drivers,protesters ..and robbers in cowboy movies :)

on the other hand,ı have bandana too,its very useful wearing in the summer works,

its not fashion for me ,just practical material :)

04:40 PM Mar 19 2014 |




i think if you are confident in yourselves then nobody can make you demoralized,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this is my own perception!!!!!!!!!!!

03:45 PM Mar 19 2014 |




I’m not a “fashionholic” guy, but I like to look stylish. People say that we should care more about what’s inside, but they themselves will be the first ones to judge you by your appearance. Don’t let them look down on you. Get yourself ready!

03:21 PM Mar 19 2014 |




it’s very strange to see somebody is wearing bandanas. 

Really i don’t like this garment, I just would use it to do exercise as it could be util for dry the sweat.

02:48 PM Mar 19 2014 |




Rarely i see in my country people wearing bandanas, and if anyone  is wearing it, it could be because  the guy might think that it is cool or  maybe it is concealing the fact that  he is losing his hair  and   is not happy about it. lol….. I agree with SANDARA , Harley riders in America is like a cult and  bandanas are  part of the outfit. I am not judging them but  i wouldn´t like messing up (by their looks) with them , it appears to me that they are very rowdy  guys. 

02:11 PM Mar 19 2014 |



I was thinking about the harley riders when I saw bandanas lol

by the way , I don’t think the pepole that wears bandanas are exactly looks like a robber , They look like a country single.

03:17 AM Mar 19 2014 |




In my city, really very few ppl wear that kind of bandanas…..It looks so weird when sb.are on it…And of cos there is no connetion between bandanas with crime…nonsense….

03:17 AM Mar 19 2014 |




Actually a piece of clothes tells something about personality. Who wears bandanas – bikers who hang out together and you can often see them biking on the road. So called cool guys. They’re not necessarily to be dangerous unless they belong to some kind of suspicious organizations. Bandana is a piece of clothes, but I’m, somehow, won’t put it on:)  Actually I used to wear one. My Mom bought it for me :) and I’m telling, people were looking at me in disbelieve. It was amusing. I still have it, it’s a history and still is not eaten by moth as it’s made of leather. Ok, where’s my bike:))

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