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Learn English with this escalators English lesson

Date: Apr 20 2018

Themes: Tech

Grammar: Tag Questions


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Have you ever thought about how technology can be fun? For example, think about escalators. Sure, they help us out when we need to tote an armful of shopping bags up three stories at the mall, or when we have to transport heavy suitcases at the airport. But it’s also pretty entertaining to step on the lowest stair and automatically be carried to another level of a building. All you have to do is stand there and watch the floor get farther and farther away.

Sometimes people get carried away with the fun they have on escalators. Teenagers dare each other to run up the down side of the escalator, for example. These kind of antics not only seem like accidents waiting to happen, but they are also not convenient for other people who actually want to use the escalator to go down a level.

Lily loves riding escalators, but Rafael definitely doesn’t. Find out why in this English lesson about technology.


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Lily:  Rafa, I just had so much fun!

Rafael:  Lily, what are you talking about?

Lily:  I just rode this amazing escalator. It was like three stories tall. It was so cool. Escalators are basically the coolest invention ever.

Rafael:  Well, do you want to know something? I’m terrified of escalators, aren’t you?

Lily:  No. I don’t understand. They’re so convenient. They’re really nice. It means you don’t have to walk up a couple flights of stairs. I’m all for it.

Rafael:  Don’t you ever feel like they’re just accidents waiting to happen?

Lily:  I mean, if you’re on one, and your shoes are untied, and then your shoelaces get sucked into them, I can understand. But as long as your shoes are tied, it shouldn’t be that much of an issue, right?

Rafael:  I’ve seen people fall down an escalator, and that was really what scared me.

Lily:  Oh.


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Lily just rode an escalator, and she had a blast. She thinks escalators are more than convenient... they’re the coolest invention ever!

Rafael, on the other hand, doesn’t agree with Lily at all. He’s really scared of escalators. One time, he saw somebody fall down an escalator, so he doesn’t want to ride them anymore.

Lily talks about other ways someone could get hurt on an escalator. For instance, an untied shoelace might get sucked into the escalator and cause a problem. As long as everything is normal, though, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Where can you ride escalators in your country? Do you think they’re convenient or scary?



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Escalators are convenient to access accentuated sloping floors, as these take up less space. Of course if you are a person with mobility limitations, escalators are not the best for you.

We find a lot escalators in: Metro stations, airports and shopping centers.

08:43 AM Apr 20 2018 |

English Boy


I don’t think it as a matter of important fact which is must be considered as an terrified issue.Machine has been inventioned to be used.It also has the unespected things to happen.It’s nothing serious to blame one thing that you do not know well at all.

If you have much more information about the escalator,you would know what should you do when you are on it .Any dangerous actions are forbidden.As long as normal people can use it well and no accident,that will be all right.

07:08 AM Apr 20 2018 |




Man, when i was younger, getting on and trying to get off was the most terrifying thing ever! When trying to get off, i had visions in my mind that the thing would suck my leg in. Back then, getting off an escalator mean’t life and death. I think in the future, i’ll become an advocate for a childrens only escalator, where the speed is cut down to 50%.

10:32 AM Jul 14 2014 |




I just get astonished. There is no fun and nothing to be terrified of escalators. They are convenient and useful. That’s all. 

In my opinion it’s the best thing since the sliced bread (the coolest invention ever) specifically for old and sick people beside whooever needs to sb give him a hand. Due to their situation they can find it and enjoy of a bit rest. Mostly i use them when I’m crossing of highways along with when i am in subways. 

05:40 PM Apr 01 2014 |




 The most scary (and funny) moment with escalators is when you try to walk up a stopped escalator.  I always stumble a bit at the begging, around where the slope just begins.  Maybe it is because of the optical illusion the lines of slits on the steps produce.  Does it happen to you too? 

08:35 PM Mar 29 2014 |

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South Korea

We can see a lot of escalators in department stores, airport, subway station, and so on.

I agree with lily and I also think they are the coolest invention ever. I use them everyday, and they give me a time to take a rest. Sometimes, an acident can happen but it is very rare and it is not that serious problem caparing with other kind of accident. If people just follow the safety rules, it won’t be happened 

01:40 PM Mar 27 2014 |




There are many escalators in the big plaza of our city.It is very convenient. But it’s very dangerous for the little child… Plz hold the handrail…

02:38 AM Mar 27 2014 |


Virgin Islands, British

It is convenient to me because it help ease the load from you


07:06 PM Mar 26 2014 |

1 person likes this

Munawar Ahmad


every invention of the  time is useful for mankind and escalator is one of them.it is especially useful for sick and old peoples.

05:32 PM Mar 26 2014 |

2 people like this



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

Unfortunatly my country is very poor and we don’t have even one escalator, it’s a pity.

03:30 PM Mar 26 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

God forbid if I go somewhere with my niece and there be an escalator. she makes me to go up and down like ten times. she’s just in love with them and my responsibility is to look after her till I give up shopping.But my mom scares of them although they make it so convenient when she wants to move amoung stories in spite of her podalgia. They are totaly usefull.

02:11 PM Mar 26 2014 |

munisa alimatova


in fact, escalators totally conveniet for us, especially, when we are at the Mall or in Subway its so useful. i don’t terrified of escalators. it is not scared thing. i think.

05:57 AM Mar 26 2014 |

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