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crawl under a rock

crawl under a rock

Date: Mar 07 2019

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“Whenever I get down, when I want to crawl under a rock, I just look around at [my family and friends] and I see how rich my life is.”

Actress Troian Bellisario, talking about what makes her happy


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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feel sad and hurt; want to spend time alone

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Have you ever felt like you needed to go hide somewhere all by yourself? Maybe a bad breakup has made you want to run away from all the pain. Or somebody you trusted hurt you badly, and you don’t want to talk to anybody. Maybe somebody you loved died, and you don’t think you can keep on going. During these times, you might feel so small and sad that you want to crawl under a rock. You can’t really fit under a rock, but the thought might make you feel safe. A rock is hard and could protect you from whatever else might hurt.

For actress Troian Bellisario, talking to her friends and family is a way of making herself happy whenever she wants to crawl under a rock. There are times when she feels sad and wants to get away from everything. However, she reminds herself that she has a good life and people who care about her, so she doesn’t really need to crawl under a rock to escape.

When have you wanted to crawl under a rock? What made you happy again?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“When my sister got really sick, I wanted to crawl under a rock.”

“Lexi said her divorce made her want to crawl under a rock.”

“Teenagers who are not popular often want to crawl under a rock at school.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Mackolino escape from reality
by MackolinoSuper Member!
Manu4 To be alone when feeling sad.
by Manu4
a2020 Escape from the life.
by a2020
a.toraby A person who withdraws from society.
by a.toraby
marilycas when she feels lonely and disappointment ,she only look around at her family and friend and i see it that who fortunate is
by marilycas
hidden yourself you think everything is going wrong
by spoupeau
sad, disappointed, be alone
by La Princesse de la vie
I think that to crawl under a rock is not to face a difficult situation, to "hide" yourself in a figurative way because you do not want to deal with something that is going on in your life and that you dislike or depresses you.
by gazania

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Interesting topic ,every one had this period that in it u really ,badly  wish to crawl under a rock to be alone or disappear . when I feel just like this I do crawl under any thing that make me invisible and not exposed to hurt until I heal alone and I come back .

06:38 AM Mar 07 2019 |

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Many times, human is weak. When we feel sad or shame or a heavy blow or losing myself… that make us want to crawl under a rock. Because mabye we haven’t power or courage to face the truth and don’t know how to face our life. But I think escape just a short rest. It can’t help us feel happy, and it make us feel bad forever. We have to be strong and  accept the reality and take it easy.

03:13 AM Apr 11 2015 |

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Sometimes everyone face new challenges and strive to make everything fine. Fortunately I’m not alone and I’ve a woman who loves me so when I feel sad or dissapointed she helps me to find the way out. Thus I haven’t moments when I wonna crawl under a rock.

08:27 AM Apr 10 2015 |



Russian Federation

That’s exactly how I feel right now…

05:23 AM Aug 01 2014 |

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I prefer to crawl under a rock when i can’t figure out who i am ,What i should do,After being set trap by familiar people . Everytime i can’t get rid of nameless sorrow ,I will pray,hope God help me .

02:09 AM Aug 01 2014 |



In fact, there are moments in life that is inevitable the sadness, embarresment, shock, to be down in the dumps. This is the point when all of us feel teeny-weeny and eager to crawl under a rock.

God is my rock. A time alone with Him gives me rest and confort. That’s the time I get encouraged to face life again no matter what!

09:57 PM Jul 31 2014 |



when i feel disappointed  i’d like to crawl under a rock and ask God for help ,after that  God does’t basically neglect whoever asks him. knowing this as a fact, will surely change and guide your life into the right way and then path of least risistance

09:29 PM Jul 31 2014 |


Syrian Arab Republic

we as a human being  fell better when we want to crawl under a rock, but this may give immediate rest but later we will feel worse, we have to face our problems and this behaviour will offer us more permenint wellbeing.

03:30 PM Jul 31 2014 |



When I feel sad and I want to crawl under a rock I choose God as my rock.  Then I feel loved and accepted.

jeanietanslieSuper Member!


when somebody hurts me, i want to crawl under a rock

09:32 AM Jul 31 2014 |



As for me, when some plans do not succeed I complete, I want to crawl under a rock.

08:35 AM Jul 31 2014 |

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