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open book

open book

Date: May 23 2019

Themes: Celebrity, Music, Pop Culture, Work


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“Being on ‘American Idol,’ you have no choice but to be an open book.”

Singer Jordin Sparks, talking about how your life changes after being on TV


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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easy to understand; not hiding secrets

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Before the internet, people searched for answers in books. Books were the place where one could find information on anything and everything. Students who wanted to do well in their classes were likely to be found in libraries, their tables full of open books. But it’s one thing to learn about faraway places, for example, or about how things work. It’s another thing to learn about each other.

A lot of people like to keep their lives private. They don’t want to share the details of their experiences and feelings. Others are the opposite. They are happy to share everything, sometimes even what they had for breakfast! These people are like an open book, ready to be read and studied. If your friend Lara is an open book, you know that you can ask her almost anything, personal or not.

People like Lara are usually comfortable talking about themselves. But just because someone is an open book does not mean that he or she will or has to tell you everything. Most everyone wants to keep a few things to themselves.

Singer Jordin Sparks knows what it’s like to be an open book. Being on the American TV show American Idol, she got used to people paying a lot of attention to her. Jordin may have already been an open book before she was on American Idol, but after being on the show, it was no longer a choice.

Are you an open book? Are there things you’re not willing to share?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“James is an open book. Ask him anything and he’ll give you an honest answer.”

“What do you want to know? My life is an open book.”

“They’re an interesting couple. Mike is so private, but Laura is an open book.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

GWTA Everything from you is well known in public
by GWTASuper Member!
life open to public
by maein
foz12 Easy to know, no secret.
by foz12
aijaciba It's easy to know what you are thinking and feeling, you dont't have a secrets.
by aijaciba
Snowie It means you are transparent, you have no secrets to hide. One can easily know you.
by Snowie
 julito Accept that you would be scrutinazed
by julito
a2020 Revealed.
by a2020
jejo You have Nothing to hide. In other word, you're exposed
by jejo
ortiz2037 Tell details about your life...
by ortiz2037
to be an open book means to be trasparent and honest
by Valentina Monaco

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United States

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11:16 AM Aug 02 2016 |




Thank you very much for such a nice information…. It is my earnest desire to write a book… But my search and knowledge are too week . now i am found kite-projects.co.uk site for search … It is really helpful.


07:42 AM Aug 02 2016 |


United States

You are extremely correct! Before internet we had to find out anything in the book that fully helped us at previous time. And I have seen those students who now search all the time top custom essay writing services online and which is good they get their assignment completed. So when they had no opportunity of internet they used to did their work them self. At last I desire to say that your topic is dazzling for reading.

12:34 PM Oct 02 2015 |

faisal abdo


Ishare close friend

12:32 PM Oct 22 2014 |




No. I’m not. Sometimes I share my secrets with my close friends but not all of them. Why should I do?!!. Experience showed me before, that it’s not a good decision to spread your mysterious on the show stage and let people to be aware of them. It could be wrong with me however I still hold my opinion.

06:47 PM Oct 20 2014 |




There is a saying that goes as this ” don´t give ammunition to your enemies” , is for this that  i prefer  not to trust everybody, except  those that i know  will back me up  come shine come rain. 

09:14 PM Oct 16 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I am an open book person not with everybody i share somethings with my close friend but every thing has its limit.never expose it.

04:44 PM Oct 16 2014 |


Sri Lanka

Read ur mind,listen ur heart, ask ur soul,if they say “YES” . It’s the nice time to be an open book…...but i’m still not an open book.

02:24 PM Oct 16 2014 |

1 person likes this



Saudi Arabia

somefriends I be for them open book in trip

I dislike open book all time especially in work

02:23 PM Oct 16 2014 |

manjunath D


For those who are close, I’m an open book for sure. But who are not, I’m a closed book !

01:47 PM Oct 16 2014 |




For a stranger person I am sure that I am not an open book. But if I know somebody well I am an open book for him/her.

Of course, there are some secret pages in my book. These are visible only for me.

I think I do not write more because I do not know you enough :) But you can open my book if you want to know me much more.

11:00 AM Oct 16 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Being open book can be used as a shelter to save some private thing. Expressing before anybody  become curious and ask a lot.

10:02 AM Oct 16 2014 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

In my opinion, I’m an open book. On occasion, I share my scerets with my close friends. Specially when something bad happend to me, that is killing me or getting on my nerves. I do’nt like to bottle terrible things that happend to me. I like to get off my chest about my problems.

09:51 AM Oct 16 2014 |




I guess I am not an open book because I am less willing to share anything and everything about my personal life. I prefer talking business rather than privacy.

07:40 AM Oct 16 2014 |

Ya Nina


I am a funny, positive girl, who can talk with other people about everything with pleasure and interest. My friends and acquaintance share with me different questions, secrets, tell me about situations which worry them. I like hear and listen to my friends, as usually, I can give them useful advice or can calm them down of kind word or other words of support. But I tell them about my life or my different questions very rarely, practically, never. I don’t like to tell about myself. I feel myself more unproctected in that cases, so I prefer to be for them rather “close boo” than “open book”. A simple person in my life that I can tell everything is my mother. God grant my mother’s health!

07:34 AM Oct 16 2014 |




Both of my daughters are like open books to me. No matter what they’re trying to hide, I always know what’s going on beneath the surface. Yup! Mamma knows…:-)

06:01 AM Oct 16 2014 |




yes i am like an open book i don’t like hiding things and keeping things to myself. i like my life sharing everything with my friends and all. 

05:37 AM Oct 16 2014 |

williamnewseasonSuper Member!

United States


03:55 AM Oct 16 2014 |




“Open book” seems is an international idiom. We use it widely in my country. 

Mostly people are closed books or semi-open books within their not close society. But they may be open books with their relatives or friends. 

I think here is a bond between being an extrovert and open book. 

My personality has been changing since my youth.  Initially I was an open book for all people around me but in time, I can’t even recall the reason why, I became a “closed book” not only for everybody around but even for myself :D 

I still can be quite open with people but it definitely does not characterize me as an open book still. 

03:03 AM Oct 16 2014 |




I think we often are like ” an open book” for other people without to realize of that.When we use our FB account ,p.e.,we often type things that only our friends connected there should know,but that is not true. One week ago, I send a photo to a friend of mine,amateur radio operator ,chatting on FB, about my home made radio equipment.The next day,I found that picture on GOOGLE ,on the screen of my computer,like an icon. I will never know who has been to do that.

If an actor,actress,famous singer likes to be “open book” ,it often is their choice to earn more money with the VIP newspaper.

07:57 PM Oct 15 2014 |

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