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Shake in One's Boots
Shake in One's Boots English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this fear English lesson

Date: Oct 21 2014

Themes: Alternative, Friend, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: The Unreal Past


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Do you have a brother who liked to scare you when you were young? Maybe he hid in your closet to jump out at you, or put a toy spider in your bed. He probably enjoyed seeing the look of fear on your face, watching your arms and legs tremble, and hearing you scream. Brothers (and sisters, too) seem to take pleasure in making their siblings shake in their boots.

You don’t actually have to be wearing boots to be shaking in your boots, though. It simply means that you’re totally scared and frightened. It means that you are afraid enough to be shaking all the way from your head to your toes. All kinds of things can leave you shaking in your boots… a terrifying movie, a dangerous situation (like a car accident), or even speaking in front of a lot of people. It simply depends on the person.

Why are Rafael and Gary shaking in their boots? Find out in today’s freaky English lesson about a ghost.

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Gary:  I’m telling you, Rafael, there is something here.

Rafael:  I think you’re letting your imagination run away with you.

Gary:  I’m not. Nope. Didn’t Marni tell you? There is something here.

Rafael:  OK. Tell me what happened again.

Gary:  OK. So, Marni and I were working late, right?

Rafael:  Right.

Gary:  First, the door just slammed shut. But all the windows were closed, so there was no wind.

Rafael:  That really happened?

Gary:  Yes! Then a box of paper just fell on the floor, and BAM! But we were not anywhere near it, so we couldn’t have bumped into it.

Rafael:  Hmm.

Gary:  Then the last thing that happened. A piece of paper just slid off the desk. And we weren’t moving. It was weird.

Rafael:  That does sound really freaky. I would have been shaking in my boots.

Gary:  Yeah, I was.

Rafael:  What was that?

Gary:  I don’t know, but I don’t want to find out. Let’s get out of here.

Rafael:  We forgot the sleeping bags!

Gary:  Forget the sleeping bags! Let’s go!

Rafael:  Oh my gosh. What was that?

Gary:  I don’t know. I don’t know. But I am totally shaking in my boots. Oh man, I wish I had taken a photo!

Rafael:  Seriously? Go back, man. I’ll wait here.

Gary:  Maybe next time. Come on. Let’s go.

Rafael:  Yeah.

Gary:  Let’s go.


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Gary and Rafael are sitting in the office late at night. They’re planning to sleep there so that Gary can prove to Rafael that he saw a ghost. Rafael asks Gary to tell him again about what happened when Marni and Gary were recently working late. Gary repeats his story about the door slamming, the box of paper falling to the floor, and the sheet of paper sliding off the desk. Neither Gary nor Marni made any of these things happen.

Just after Gary finishes his story, both he and Rafael see something strange in the corner of the room. They’re both so scared that they jump up and run out of the office, down the hall toward the elevator. Gary is disappointed that he didn’t take a photo of the ghost, but when Rafael tells him to go take one, Gary decides he doesn’t need one after all.

What do you think that Rafael and Gary saw in the office? Was it something real, or did they imagine it? What’s your opinion of ghosts?



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Lesson six for the theme of the shaking ones boots for the proposed and vital insight. Goals of the lesson are achieved and improved for the bestessays uk with actual and ascertainment of the composed and estimated width of the success of blog and its comments.

08:54 AM Aug 11 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

that was intersting . In my country very men and women believed that there are ghosts in supernatural undead ,But we cant see them .

Of course , sometimes we can see them in our dreams .. hahaha

05:17 AM Oct 29 2014 |




i never experienced any ghost in my life ever and dont want to either..lol…so i cant tell you anything about ghosts. but i believe in one thing if everything exists in this world why cant ghosts.

06:10 AM Oct 25 2014 |





07:34 AM Oct 23 2014 |



hi everyone! i’d like to improve my english and make some friends :)

11:08 PM Oct 21 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Oh, i like that video ..its  interesting.

I think we arent allowed to see ghosts.

Come on, be a man, go back and take a photo, we ll wait here …..:))

06:44 PM Oct 21 2014 |

1 person likes this




What a stupid idea, to sleep in the office at night since proving braveness.

I have no idea. How can I know? why does Englishbaby put me in this situation!!!!!!!!!The only thing i can comprehend is that sth strange is happening. That’s all. Nothing more. It might be a real ghost in the room which wants to exclaim that the place belongs to him/her and wanna kick them out. who knows.!!!

Anyway, I suppose that somebody else expose in the office and is annoying them to poke fun of them. As a matter of fact I believe the existence of ghost and I think it could appear in our real life occasionally.

01:37 PM Oct 21 2014 |



 it will be wonderful if i met a funny ghost hahaha.definitely i will shake in my boots at first.but it will be fascinating after.XD am i insane hahaha 

01:17 PM Oct 21 2014 |



 it will be wonderful if i met a funny ghost hahaha.definitely i will shake in my boots at first.but it will be fascinating after.XD am i insane hahaha 

01:16 PM Oct 21 2014 |




In this case, I think It’s better to check what has been before your office location.

Or it can be just a poltergeist. My imagination runs away with them when I hear the door slams shut, the cups get pushed away from the table and one of the most treacherous thing – the keys, jewellery get missing. The poltergeist is just playing with them and cackles in the corner watching you when you desperately spend half of the day searching for the missing item. And then, having enough fun  and having mercy on you, he just put them on the place, the place that you’ve been checking out many times. But if he likes something, he keeps it forever. Speaking of that, I still haven’t found my jewelry.
Can imagine how poltergeist is wearing it, so if I hear the rattle of trinkets, I know, it’s my buddy close by and put him some cookies to avoid further stealing ;)))

12:49 PM Oct 21 2014 |



South Korea

we can let our imagination run away with us at home ..especially at night.

we can make a ghost or get some memories of ghost out of our mind. whenever we got some of them..we can shake in our boots and get scared , freaky ..and get some bumps on our hands. 

a kind of some unpleasant happening events can give us an omninous feeling .

11:20 AM Oct 21 2014 |

1 person likes this



Haha, it is funny. 

03:39 AM Oct 21 2014 |

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