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Be On the Same Page
Be On the Same Page English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Oct 28 2014

Themes: Food, Friend, How To, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Have you ever felt like you’re the only person in the room who doesn’t understand what’s going on? It could be that you’re talking with people in a second language and your skills aren’t strong enough. Or you could be discussing a subject that you have no experience with, like computer science or farming or poetry. In those situations, you want to be on the same page as everyone else, but it’s just not happening.

There are times when being on the same page as everyone else is extremely important. Do you have an exam tomorrow? If you’re on the same page as your teacher, you’ll know what to study. Are you at the end of a first date with a girl and you don’t want to see her again? Hopefully she’s on the same page as you, and you can shake hands and say good night as friends.

Sultan wants to be on the same page as everyone else. Where is he? Learn more in today’s English lesson about understanding each other.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.






Jessica:  Hey, Jeff.

Jeff:  Hey, Jessica. What’s going on?

Jessica:  Not much. I’m just showing Sultan around. Sultan, this is Jeff.

Guest:  Hey. Nice to meet you.

Jeff:  How’s it going?

Guest:  Going well.

Jeff:  Good. What are you guys up to?

Jessica:  Oh, not much. Sultan is one of my former yoga students, and he’s an exchange student from Saudi Arabia. And he was interested in what we do here, and I invited him to come in and ask some questions.

Jeff:  Cool.

Guest:  We were going to get some coffee. Would you like some?

Jeff:  Oh, yeah. Of course. I’ll take a medium espresso. Or, no, no, no, no. A latte.

Jessica:  Nice.

Jeff:  Thanks, guys.

Jessica:  Yeah, we’ll be right back.

Jeff:  All right, cool. See you.

Guest:  See you.

Jessica:  Bye.

Guest:  I would like to buy coffee, Jessica, but I’ve never been in an American coffee shop before.

Jessica:  Oh, no problem. Let me walk you through it so you’re on the same page as everybody else.

Guest:  Jeff said he wants a latte. What’s a latte?

Jessica:  Well, there are a lot of different coffee drinks. You’ll have to try them. A latte is coffee with hot milk. And then you can also order espresso, Americanos, and cappuccino. There are a lot to learn.

Guest:  OK. He said he wanted a medium. What does that mean?

Jessica:  That is the size of the cup. So, there are three different sizes. Small, medium, and large. And some coffee places even have sizes bigger than a large.

Guest:  Is there anything else I should know?

Jessica:  Well, they’re probably going to ask you if you want your coffee drinks “for here” or “to go.”

Guest:  We want them “to go.”

Jessica:  Yep.

Guest:  Is that all?

Jessica:  Oh, and don’t forget to leave a tip, a little money for the workers.

Guest:  All right. What would you like?

Jessica:  A small cappuccino, please.

Guest:  OK. All right.

Jessica:  Thanks.

Guest:  That’s medium latte for Jeff. Small latte for me. And a small cappuccino for you.

Jessica:  Thanks. How did it go?

Guest:  It went well. It’s helpful to be on the same page as everybody else.

Jessica:  You can say that again. Come on. Let’s go.


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Jessica introduces Sultan to Jeff. Sultan is an exchange student from Saudi Arabia who used to take yoga classes with Jessica. Sultan’s interested in what Jessica does for her job, so he’s spending a few days in her office to learn more about it.

Sultan and Jessica go to a coffee shop to pick up drinks for themselves and for Jeff. Since Sultan has never ordered coffee in an American coffee shop before, he’s unsure about what he needs to know. Jessica explains how the different drinks are made, and also tells Sultan what kinds of questions the coffee shop workers will ask. Sultan’s first visit to a coffee shop is a success and they leave to return to the office.

Have you ever felt like you weren’t on the same page as everyone else? Was there someone like Jessica to help you, or did you work it out by yourself?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

sometimes or better to say often being on the same page as everybody else is good when you wanna share your feelings.thats like there are some people who have something in common with you and can understand you even if they have different language.

07:53 PM Nov 02 2014 |



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

it would be very nice when you found pepole on the same time as you the help you to cary on what you have started

12:20 PM Oct 30 2014 |




I think we all have felt like we weren’t on the same page as everyone else. For example, first day in the company or going to another country. It always feels warm when there is someone to help. At least I felt I was becoming part of them instead of being excluded.

06:30 AM Oct 30 2014 |



why on earth can,t i see the video? is it because i didnt go super?  does anyone have the same problem?

01:41 AM Oct 29 2014 |

2 people like this




I’m getting excited to see someone on the same page with me. It’s like you found your twin and anticipate a great time together.


04:09 PM Oct 28 2014 |




I just got back from Los Angeles . I have had a wonderful time with my friends and cousins. One of the entertainments was to visit the Chumash Casino Resort.  Many Casinos in the US are under the management of Native Americans. I was walking around watching the people playing at the slot machines when i heard an employee voicing !coffee, coffee ! assuming that the beverage is complimentary of the Casino ,i asked for a cup of coffee , only that neither of my friends walked me through that that it is customary to tip the employee afterwards. I felt a little ashamed ,obviously ,i was not on the same page.   A bummer…..

04:01 PM Oct 28 2014 |



I have no experience to buy a coffee in a freign coffee shop. Hope I can have chance to do that in the near future. The first thing when I arrival is going to buy a coffee. 

08:47 AM Oct 28 2014 |




so many times. when everybody speaks in english fluently and i feel like left out. i have been working really hard to be on the same page as everyone else so that i can talk to them fluently and able to express my views clearly as well. 

05:44 AM Oct 28 2014 |




Good lesson….

03:34 AM Oct 28 2014 |



Saudi Arabia

Well done Sultan :)
I liked the lesson and I want a cup of coffee now !!

04:34 PM Oct 27 2014 |

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