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off the wall

off the wall

Date: Jul 25 2019

Themes: Celebrity, Fashion, Sports


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“I would describe my style as off the wall. I like stuff that doesn’t match. I just like to stand out.”

Basketball player Kevin Durant, talking about how he likes to dress (BrainyQuote)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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strange, surprising, unusual

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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You can find one in every class… the person who has to dress differently from everyone else. It’s not that people can’t have their own style. Nobody wants to wear the exact same thing as the person sitting next to her. But this person wears clothing that is so different that it’s a little crazy. These clothes are so unusual that you have no idea where he buys them or if he makes them himself. They’re totally off the wall.

Clothing isn’t the only thing that can be called off the wall. The way a person acts or his personality can be off the wall, too. The color of a house can be off the wall, and so can the weird and unusual bicycle sitting out front. To be off the wall means to be so unusual that it’s surprising, and perhaps a little strange, too.

American basketball player Kevin Durant describes his clothing as off the wall. He likes people to notice the way he dresses, so he’ll wear things to get their attention. For example, he might wear yellow socks with purple shoes. It’s just what he likes!

Do people describe you as off the wall? Do you think they’re right?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“My dad always makes off the wall comments about things. It’s embarrassing!”

“That new TV show about unusual pets is totally off the wall.”

“Did you see Amy’s new haircut? She’s completely off the wall!”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

water14 Not traditional or out of current trend.
by water14
aijaciba Crazy, unusual.
by aijaciba
AURA Odd, weird..
Olivine unique
by Olivine

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I try very hard not do do things off the wall.  Specially here in the US, if you are a minority and do something anusual you are likely to be judjed and criticised by the rest of the people. Sometimes with my clothing I wear unique things but nothing glamurous.

10:39 PM Jul 30 2019 |




More than half a year ago I began to read diffrent books about personality improving, managing people, psychology. Gradually my behavior and attitude to others become changing and some my friends said I’m getting off the wall. It’s a little pitty that they even don’t try to understand me. 

07:58 PM May 20 2015 |




I dont do any usual thing luckily. lol. At the same time it is a free world anybody can wear or do anything whatever he likes and shouldn’t be criticized for that.

09:05 AM Dec 27 2014 |




Well for me being off the wall is creating your own way of living…. I mean it when I say “your own”.So most importantly you should not meddle into people’s life. Be unique by letting them respect you and not damn you!

04:05 PM Dec 18 2014 |



“how interesting, you noticed me “said little girl ” ı thought your eyes dont see me when you are playing others..”

“what you mean ? ” asked chubby boy, ” ı always notice you ,I’m very attentive and you know it ”  ” but your behaviour is off the wall today ...what happened? 

angry little girl continued  ” ı felt, you werent waiting me ..you were talking ,playing,laughing with them happily ” “dont worry !! ı wont interrupt your time..” “see you later”suddenly she went to home with angry steps..

he looked at behind her back,with confused eyes..he didnt understand anything..”maybe I did wrong ..maybe my attitude was off the wall..”


03:48 PM Dec 18 2014 |


United States

Julito I agree with you in regards to Mr. Jason’s steadfastness in his commitment to learn English. Looks to be a rising star!

If Jason continues this way, he’ll be well down the road in English this time next year!

Mr. Jason, you go guy!

02:36 PM Dec 18 2014 |




Mr. Jason , i want to congratule you for your steadfast commitment to learn english. The knowledge  of an international language as english is the key to be opened to new studies and jobs opportunities in this global market.  

01:29 PM Dec 18 2014 |




I am low key , what i would describe a John Doe ,  the guy that is most of the time hiding ” behind the wall ”. Yes , it is true some people go all the way or” off the wall” to attract people`s attention, not that is so bad that  trait  of the mind, but although i am not a psychologist ,it may have as a root cause  an  inferiority complex. 

01:06 PM Dec 18 2014 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

The way I’ve been studying English today was a little off the wall, ‘cause I’m on the internet from 6PM now it’s 2AM, eight hours, man I guess it’s way too strange for a human being to  spend a lot time only studying.

I find that learning any language takes a lot of time and efforts. That’s kinda you wake up today more creative, mindful, u speak fluently and the other one you become tongue-tied before other people. Things that’s off the wall man.

Mind it !!! That’s what i was but today I’m more different from what I was when starting learning. English Baby helped me a lot, kinda the day I’ll be there in the US, I’ll do my uttmost just to meet the crew. And this kind of things are off the wall.

Jason Laurel Longo

01:30 AM Dec 18 2014 |

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