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Climate Change
Climate Change

Learn English with this climate change English lesson

Date: Jan 18 2019

Themes: Health, News, Weather

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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Usually when we talk about the future, we think about what new things will be in the world. But people are thinking more about the environment and what it will look like in the future. We are seeing more extreme types of weather and how they can be examples of climate change.

Climate change affects the entire planet in many different ways. Scientists have said that we must work to stop making it worse. Humans may find it very difficult to live on Earth due to natural disasters that happen because of the change in the environment.

Marni and Lily talk about this serious issue and how we need to work towards changing it. Learn more in today’s English lesson about the environment.


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Marni:  Lily, whenever I look at my young beautiful child, I always wonder what the world is going to be like. What kind of planet are we leaving behind for our young children?

Lily:  Oh, gosh.

Marni:  I was thinking about global warming. I think the more accurate scientific term these days is climate change, since it can present itself as a cooling.

Lily:  Yeah, it’s scary to think about. Because you read all of these things about how there’s a decline in the polar bear population. Greenland’s glaciers are melting. And it’s really hard not to get discouraged.

Marni:  Yes. I recently watched a program that profiled the melting ice in Greenland. And the scientist they interviewed said that they are 60 years past the worst case scenario. There’s this irrefutable scientific evidence, and yet still we, as a nation and as a global community, seem to still do nothing about it. It’s pretty depressing.

Lily:  Some people don’t actually believe in it.

Marni:  Things have hit a critical mass. And we can’t put our heads in the sand anymore.

Lily:  Exactly.

Marni:  We’ve got to acknowledge this and take some action.


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Marni is worried about the world that her child will live in as an adult. The environmental situation is heading to a critical mass. Lily and Marni talk about a difficult TV program they both watched. They learned about melting glaciers and the decline of polar bears.

They both agree that it is time to take action. Lily agrees that there are irrefutable signs of climate change. They want to make sure that the planet will still be around for their children.

Are you worried about climate change? Have you noticed its effects where you live?



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oh.. yes I worry about climate changing( 

05:44 AM Jan 29 2019 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yes we are worried about climate change and politics change and people change in this messy world 😀

We have less rain and snow as we have less peace between countries and also as we see less kindness and sympathy in humans.

Everything is connected to eachother

This interdependent univers will see the worst case scenario in future.

07:53 PM Jan 19 2019 |

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bora_78Super Member!


As One of the most reasons global warming usage fossil fuel, another reason destruction of the ozone layer that greenhouse gasses makes compose.

07:25 PM Jan 19 2019 |


NuriaRuizSuper Member!


Here, actually, when it rains… rains a lot! When is hot… too hot!

Well, it rains very little. Crazy time! :)

12:56 PM Jan 19 2019 |

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Climate chage is very danger fo human society.

10:07 AM Jan 18 2019 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I’m not sure if I my conception of global warming is correct or wrong, but as far as I know , or climate change in my region shows, most areas have been strictly hit by famine, which is one the undisputed consequences of this phenomenon,what’s more, we are experiencing longer hot days and less cool days during their,  which in return puts the lives of all beings in jeopardy.

02:46 AM Jan 18 2019 |




In whatever part of the world the enthusiastic Ebaby’s followers are,I wish them a happy 2015
Chin chin !!




We humans,like it or not, are part of a global family and  are currently being affected  by a change in the weather pattern .  Scientists claim this is as the result of  global warming  due to carbon dioxide  emissions  . They  are also constantly monitoring the antartic icebergs and glaciers as its rapid melting would have  terrible consecuences to coastal cities and our habitat. I am more concern about our children and the legacy they are receiving from us , a disrupt  planet that they are inheriting from  previous and reckless generations

04:44 PM Dec 31 2014 |




Surely  we should be worried about climate changes  because  it has influence at our life.I notice some warmth in climate ,its winter but there is no snow .

03:48 PM Dec 31 2014 |




yes, i’m worried. In my country there are only two seasons, rainy season and summer. in the past, both of them would come once a year (6 months for rainy season and 6 months for summer). But these years, sometimes summer is longer than rainy season and that makes dry monsoon and sometimes rainy season is longer than summer and that makes flood and landslide everywhere. 2 years ago, flood is happened in my city whereas it never happened before, that was the first time. This year especially on December when rain must come along the month but it doesn’t. Rain comes only once or three times a week.

this is very sad,,, our earth needs help!

02:02 PM Dec 31 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yes of course I’m worried about climate change!

I remember when I was a kid most days of our winter were snowy and sometimes no one could go out from home because of heavy snowing!

But what about now?

I havent seen a real snowy day for years!

We don’t have many rainy days in the whole year too!

Many of cities in my country have faced with water shortage!

In past water in Tehran was one of  the best drinking water in the world but now its quality declines every year and we can only drink bottle waters!

It is irrefutable that human new lifestyle & new technologies made all of these and I think we cants avoid of its effects!

It’s like we crash something and ask oh… what happened? Why it crashed! What to do to fix it again!!!!

I’m hopeless about this problem ! :(

This issue not only affects on human beings but also it has changed animals and plants lives too while it wasnt their fault at all!

We are related together all the nature and humans and other creatures!

If one of them is damaged , others will not be safe!

It’s a circle of life!








yeah ,actually i’m really worried about waht would happen in climate changes.last months it was a a drought period and there was no rain at all ,no water.The North pole is in the way of melting ,and some of animals are threatened with extinction and some of them are gone because of climate change ,this is really such a serious problem,gouvernments should do something about this and man too has a part of responsability about this issue.

11:17 AM Dec 31 2014 |



Saudi Arabia

I don’t believe in this issue too much, it maybe, because doesn’t concern me as I live in the Middle East where there’s no snow and very far from the ice lands. It’s also almost a hot weather half of the year here, I really don’t feel there’s a climate changes. Anyway, I don’t know what the exact action should be done or taken in order to solve this issue. nevertheless, and from all that debates I’ve seen whether in TVs or many articles talking about global warming I hope the affected nations do something for that, and not as Marni said in the above conversation shouldn’t  put their heads in the sand.

10:16 AM Dec 31 2014 |




I am a big believer in climate change. I think that all of us need to be more responsible in how we use energy, and we need to encourage our leaders to invest more money in areas such as geo-engineering.
The winds of climate change are real. They’re right outside the window. It was just a few days ago that the city I am living in disappeared under a heavy snow blanket. On top of that it was freezing, brrrr! But it’s just that time of the year, so no one was complaining.
This morning ( again only a day later) a warm southerly wind from the mountain ranges made that cozy looking blanket melt away overnight. So yeah…the effects of global warming are noticeable.
For the love of our planet, it’s about time to change our attitude and save what’s left of our beautiful globe.


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

There was a beautiful river close to where I was born , a river with a lot of nice fishes .

Now adays it becomes a path to stinky waste water ! no more beauty … no more fish …. so regret :(

08:19 AM Dec 31 2014 |



Russian Federation

as a representatve of the earth population surely i am worried about climate change. and i can see definite changes in my region – 15-20 years ago we had more severe winters, -50-55 was normal in December-January. for decades we haven’t experienced it any more. more species of insects and other animals from warmer regions come to inhabit our area changing the environment. it affects in a bad way too. warming same as cooling brings changes starting from very small, bacteria and insects, plants and finishes with bigger, droughts, floods, storms, fewer vegetation etc


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

The climate change has serious issue which could be the governments put their heads in the sand , in order people are facing to the natural disaster each moment .
We must responsible about this serious problem .

03:19 AM Dec 31 2014 |

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