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Night Owls
Night Owls

Learn English with this night owls English lesson

Date: Jan 25 2019

Themes: Friend, Time

Grammar: Imperative Form


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While most people are snoozing away in bed, night owls are just beginning their nights. They’re the people who seem to get more energy as the night goes on. They may be reading, surfing the web, or playing video games, and all while everyone else is sleeping.

Some people’s bodies are like clockwork. Maybe it’s because they’ve trained their bodies to be asleep and awake at specific times. Night owls may have taught themselves to stay up later than most people.

Brian tells Gary about how he’s a night owl and loves being up late. Learn more in today’s English lesson about staying up.


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Gary:  Brian, I’m really looking forward to our new living arrangement.

Brian:  Great. Because I was thinking tonight, we’ll just stay up all night. All-nighter.

Gary:  Oh, man. I’m not a night owl like that. I’m in bed really early. I’m not a nocturnal person. I can’t stay up late.

Brian:  You’re a grown adult, and you have a bedtime?

Gary:  Yeah, I have a sleep schedule. I’m in bed around 10 o’clock. I wake up around five, six, or seven in the morning.

Brian:  See, I can never get to sleep. There are always so many distractions. My mind just keeps racing. Usually around 11 or midnight, I get a second wind. I like to read, I’ll watch a movie, I’ll go out. I love going out at night.

Gary:  What time do you stay up until?

Brian:  It just depends. Whenever I start to get tired, I will then fall asleep.

Gary:  Woah.

Brian:  How about this one time? To celebrate living together, let’s just do one all-nighter.

Gary:  I’ll try.

Brian:  Alright. You can do it.


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Brian really likes to stay up late when he gets a second wind. He says that he has trouble falling asleep. Instead, he spends time reading or watching a movie. Sometimes he’ll go out at night, too.

Gary is excited to be living with Brian. But he doesn’t have the same bedtime. Gary is in bed by the time Brian begins his nighttime activities. Even though they don’t have the same schedule, Gary agrees to try to have one all-nighter with Brian.

When is your bedtime? Do you like to stay up late?



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bora_78Super Member!


I am not a night owl ,my bedtime is 10 o’clock.I have to hit the hay early because I get up early due to my work.I am getting used to get up early.my body is  like clockwork.

02:00 PM Jan 26 2019 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thank God I am not a night owl 😁

I sleep like a baby 😆betwen 11 to 12 pm and wake up at 7 am.

I cant stay up late and it happened just few times in my life when I had to travel at night and it was really tormentor for me😑

10:03 AM Jan 26 2019 |




Oh i am not a night owl i sllep in one time 10 or 10.30 becuase when you sllep late you will get sick.

03:05 PM Jan 25 2019 |

1 person likes this



Dominican Republic

My bedtime is at 7:00 

Y es i like to stay up late for movie 

11:28 PM Jan 24 2019 |

1 person likes this

eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I am not a night owl so my bedtime is at around 10 o’clock.

Sometimes when I am on vacation I like to stay up just for fun, but then, it disturbs all my next day routine! :)

11:51 PM Jul 04 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I usually go to bed at midnight but in weekend or holiday I’m awake and night owl but I think who that goes to bed sooner ,tomorrow has good day ( early birds catch the worm)

11:44 AM Oct 22 2016 |

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It’s an interesting and useful topic in the Internet age :-D

I think that few people stayed up all night, let’s say, about twenty years ago. They didn’t have computers and couldn’t play computer games or browse somewhere in the web. How boring their lives were! (or maybe not, what do you think?)

Now we have a lot of information: news, galleries, friends in social networks who we don’t even know in person. We add photos, download programs, play games, watch videos with funny cats… We are too busy to sleep (((

For example: I seem to have a bedtime, I usually want to sleep about 10 P.M. It’s 23 P.M. now and I want to read this lesson and then add my comment )))

09:49 PM Jan 29 2015 |




Normally, my bedtime is 12am and I get up at 8am. I have no problem staying up at night when not being tired or having to work next day. 

08:49 PM Jan 24 2015 |


yuminagaSuper Member!


Im in bed early and have a sleep schedule ,I cant stay up late I used to stay up late when I was young  almost until 1 or 2 am  worked in the office  or hang out wiht my clients now I am not such a nocturnal person anymore ,my bedtime is in bed around 11pm  wake up around 5 in the morning .sometimes I have to stay up late like clients are cominng ,its really tough for me , all- nighter  its way far way from me 

11:06 PM Jan 21 2015 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I confess that I have broken the record of sleepy heads in the world.

11:32 AM Jan 21 2015 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

som time i m not sleep all night but insted that night i asleep two days and night continiously  so it is so sweet

05:26 AM Jan 21 2015 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yeah, i never sleep at night

i’m awake most of the time during my days and nights!!

especially when i have exams, i can’t sleep at all!

04:23 AM Jan 21 2015 |



i am a night owl, when i ws young i had an early bed time, but now i stay up for hours for no reasone, i thought that my mind keeps racing. 

01:26 PM Jan 20 2015 |

1 person likes this



I’m not a night owl like that also. as soon as i have put my head on the pillow and started to play candy crush , i fall asleep .

12:59 PM Jan 20 2015 |




I’m definitely a night owl. I used to study at night when I was at school. Everything is calmer and it is easier to concentrate.

01:33 AM Jan 20 2015 |



Russian Federation

I’m a night owl nowadays. Before I used to be asleep at very early time. I heard it’s good for the health. The morning after a good sleep for me is better than the morning after being awake until late time. Just being stay up late for two or three times has become a bad habit for me :) I’m trying to restore my old bedtime, I like it better :)

07:38 PM Jan 19 2015 |



Hens and Owls :))) it seems a very nice topic ..but very less members join it as usually )

many people like to sleep ordinary time between 10 and 12 pm..% 80 of people..others sleep late..% 20. and normally everyone needs 7-8 hours sleeping time..

ı believe, everything has a reason in life.. many of people sleep early coz they needs to wake up early for going to workplaces,schools and for doing houseworks.less people stay up late,like me..

ı get used to stay up late for years..ı work usually at night shifts ..as a working night owl..its not a second wind for me ,its necessary at work ..

07:21 PM Jan 19 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

@ Julito I guess everyone is like us!

But  I wished I could sleep when I have a problem or I’m sad! :\

Other reason is a great feeling and I guess many love poems and romantic writings have written in the silence of nights! ;)

06:37 PM Jan 19 2015 |




@Mahtab, same here, problems or deep emotions are  messengers that i would have a lousy and sleepless night.  

06:26 PM Jan 19 2015 |



I’ve just read your responeses and I can say that I have the same. Sometimes I am a really  big night owl. Indeed, I particulary like sleeping all the time. So I sleep to 12 am, and then I stay up late. I know that it isn’t healthy, but during the whole night I can work better and do lots of things. ;)

06:20 PM Jan 19 2015 |

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