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Like and As

Like and As

Date: Jan 08 2015

Topic: Grammar

Author: albasel1975


Like and as are often confused in English. They can both be used to talk about how things are similar.

Like is followed by a noun or pronoun. For example, "I'm like my sister", or "Like my sister, I have brown eyes."

As is followed by a subject and verb. For example, "She's a good student, as her brother was before her."

However, in spoken English, like is often used instead of as. "She's a good student,like her brother was before her."

As is used with a preposition, such as, "As in the 1960's, the population explosion will cause some problems."

We can use as in certain expressions, such as "as you know", "as you requested", "as we agreed".

We also use as…..as to give comparisons. For example, "He's as clever as his sister."


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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

You’re welcome my dear teacher Ahmad! :)

08:33 AM Jan 09 2015 |



Thank Mahtab

You always apply them on your wonderful comments..


06:35 AM Jan 09 2015 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

This lesson was as  useful as the previous ones!

Thank you!

04:48 AM Jan 09 2015 |

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