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Roll Out the Red Carpet
Roll Out the Red Carpet English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of 'roll out the red carpet'

Date: Feb 24 2015

Themes: Celebrity, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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When someone special comes to visit, it’s important to give them the very best. The house should be clean and the refrigerator full. The guest should be given the best and most comfortable room. This is no time to be lazy! Everything needs to be perfect.

If you want their visit to be something they remember for a long time, go ahead and roll out the red carpet. Put a chocolate on their pillow. Make their bed for them every day. Give them a party and invite your friends. When you roll out the red carpet for someone, you give them a special welcome. Unlike for a king or queen, you don’t need a real red carpet for them to walk on. Just do what you can to make them feel like someone famous!

Sultan has returned to Saudi Arabia, and Joun Kim wants to be the new intern at StarScoop.com. Will she get the job? Find out in today’s English lesson about treating each other well.

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1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.



Jessica:  Our intern, Sultan, had to return to Saudi Arabia, so we have an open position at our company. Have you been an intern before?

Joun Kim: No, but I’m interested in this job.

Jessica:  Tell me more about that.

Joun Kim: I have a cousin in Korea who’s a journalist.

Jessica:  What has she told you about her job?

Joun Kim: Wherever she goes, people roll out the red carpet for her.

Jessica:  Well, I can’t promise that, but you may have an opportunity to meet someone famous.

Joun Kim: That would be so cool.

Jessica:  First, tell me about your experience working on a team.

Joun Kim: I worked on a group project for my English class last semester.

Jessica:  And what was that like?

Joun Kim: The team dynamics were strange. Some of us were hard workers, but others were really lazy.

Jessica:  What did you do about that?

Joun Kim: I had to talk to one girl about finishing her part of the project.

Jessica:  How did that make you feel?

Joun Kim: It’s OK, but it’s not fun to tell someone she needs to participate. But we all had a responsibility to each other.

Jessica:  Very true. Is there anything else you’d like to tell me?

Joun Kim: I love to collaborate. I learn so much that way. I hope you will let me show you how hard I can work.

Jessica:  I have to talk to my colleagues, but I will let you know very soon.

Joun Kim: Thank you so much, Jessica.

Jessica:  Sure.

John Kim: I appreciate how you rolled out the red carpet for me.

Jessica:  It’s my pleasure, Joun Kim. Thank you so much for coming in.


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Joun Kim wants to be the new intern at StarScoop.com. Her cousin in Korea is a journalist, and it sounds like a fun job. Joun Kim wants Jessica to know that she’s a hard worker, so she tells Jessica about her experience working on a team.

In college, Joun Kim has worked on projects with other students. Once, she had to tell a girl who wasn’t working to participate, and that was difficult. But Joun Kim understands that to finish a project, everyone needs to help each other. She sounds like a good fit for the work at the website.

Do you think that Joun Kim should work at StarScoop.com? Has anyone ever rolled out the red carpet for you?



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United States

I’m kim ky entitled Gen. kim.

11:04 AM Apr 17 2015 |



Sri Lanka

Agreed, S&W!

Romantic man sounds perfect. 

08:26 AM Feb 25 2015 |




Haha, Thank you dear S&W and Shoba, you made me laugh.

Yeah, I have to get rid of this ‘Boy’ and then be a romantic man ;)

08:11 AM Feb 25 2015 |




@shoba,Firstly,just get rid of “BOY”,becoming a charming man with romantic.In the near future,someone will roll out the carpet for him.what do you think?

07:14 AM Feb 25 2015 |



Sri Lanka

Thank you, dear Julito and S&W, for your nice comments.

You’re absolutely right, ScienceBoy. If you have a child your family and friends will roll out the red carpet for you. For that, first you have to stop being a science boy and become a “romantic boy”!

07:03 AM Feb 25 2015 |


Costa Rica

More less, I think she should be a little bit more active because her experience is not enough!!! And yes, I had to opportunity to apply for a call center and in the recruitment process they rolled out the red carpet for me. They made me feel like a very important candidate for that company!!

11:42 PM Feb 24 2015 |

1 person likes this



Saudi Arabia

No one rolled out the red carpet for me 

06:08 PM Feb 24 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I wish a good luck for Joun Kim!

I guess it would be a great opportunity for Kim!


Recently someone had rolled out the red carpet for me!

Being like a princess is a great feeling! ;)

Anyway it’s usually me that roll out the red carpet for others specially for my nephew! :)

05:33 PM Feb 24 2015 |




Nobody rolled out the red carpet for me so far. Well, I am just an ordinary man ;) 

Maybe one day when I have a child I will have the red carpet rolled out for me, I mean for my child ;) Right, Shoba? 

05:09 PM Feb 24 2015 |




I think that we all should pitch in for Kim ,she`s the perfect candidate to fill in the  position  at StarScoop.com. Jessica is delighted and definitely will root for  this korean candidate.

 many times I have had to walk on the red carpet  ,and that is one thing that i am grateful for, not because i am a big shot ,on the contrary , i know that i don`t deserve  the royal treatment :)))))

@Shoba, hello , 

 We can not only learn english in this site , also having a big smile ,above all reading your commentaries, most of the time they come with a dose of  good humour.   Thanks Shoba !!!

11:26 AM Feb 24 2015 |




From the conversation,Every aspect of Kim looks perfect for this job.Lily went to france and here comes Kim.New employee means new blood for starscoop.

My parents had always rolled out the red carpet for me when i came back from college.

@Shoba i had the same experience with you.as my cousin invisited us then everything belongs to them.

08:09 AM Feb 24 2015 |



Sri Lanka

I really don’t see why Joun shouldn’t get the job. I mean, she is interested in that job and already has some experience in teamwork. She even seems to be bold enough to tell lazy people to pull their weight and do their share of work. That counts for a lot, doesn’t it? 

My family was very excited when I went back to India with my children after a long time last year that they rolled out the red carpet for me. It was great to be pampered and treated like a royalty.

Later on, I found out that all that fussing was for my children, and not for me!

06:56 AM Feb 24 2015 |

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