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Learn English meaning of Instagram

Date: Apr 09 2019

Themes: Pop Culture, Tech

Grammar: Relative Pronouns


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Before there was the internet, people would invite friends and family to their homes to look at pictures from important life events. They also sent photos through the mail to let other people know about a vacation they just went on, or of a new baby in the family. But today, social media has made sharing pictures much easier.

Instagram is an app that is a great way to share pics from your daily life. Your friends and family can follow your account to see what’s going on with you. While some people want to know everything, it might be too much information for others!

Julie and Jessica talk about why they don’t really use or understand Instagram. Find out more in today’s English lesson about sharing pictures.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Jessica:  I do not understand the obsession with Instagram. Are you on Instagram?

Julie:  I post things to my business’s account. But I don’t follow anybody.

Jessica:  I created an account, but I don’t really understand it. Just to peek into someone’s life, it’s very strange.

Julie:  I agree.

Jessica:  I do have a friend who is obsessed with Instagram. She posts all of these photos with visual effects. She puts all of these filters on the pictures. And they look really cool. That would be interesting if I learned how to do that.

Julie:  I agree. I just don’t understand why they have to be posted to Instagram. You can make photos with great visual effects and post them anywhere. Send them to your friends or put them on Facebook. Why does it have to be exclusively on Instagram?

Jessica:  Exactly. There are so many social media sites out there.

Julie:  There are too many.

Jessica:  Maybe I’ll check it out again sometime. See what all the hype is.


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Julie doesn’t really understand why people like to post pictures to Instagram, or even why users follow other people. She wonders why people like using Instagram so much when there are so many other ways to share photos.

Jessica has an account, but doesn’t post pictures. She also doesn’t understand all of the attention people give to Instagram. Still, she thinks that she might give Instagram a try after seeing how her friend has posted interesting photos to it.

Do you use Instagram? Who do you follow, and why?



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Sri Lanka

No problem, dear Julito. I would be very pleased to share my deposits with you which amount to only a few pennies. In return, I hope you will be kind enough to share my huge debts to the banks. 

05:38 AM Apr 11 2015 |




Dear Shoba, Don`t mind if you haven`t as yet downloaded the Instagram app. As with your bank account, I woud glady  partner with you whatever  it is deposit in it.  jejejejeje!!!  

09:37 PM Apr 10 2015 |



sure, I use instagram. I follow some of my friends who accepts to follow me, then I delete the others who wants just followers, poor ones. lol

instagram: ibrahim_seyba

08:59 PM Apr 10 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hey !

I have Instagram, My experience on Instagram has been extremely enjoyable…Instagram is a fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures..




I have  Instagram. Some of my friends are very enthusiastic  about posting  pictures and have invited me to do the the same .Although i have agree to do so I don`t have the time to put my mind into  action  and share with them  some photos.  



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don’t have Instagram account, but I sometimes see Instagram, some user’s pictures are interesting, but I haven’t wanted to follow someone in Instagram, maybe someday I follow some people in Instagram!

People like attention of the other people, and they may have an account in social medias sites and there they can see the other people’s feed backs to their pictures, sentences etc.

Social medias sites like Facebook, Instagram have interactive features, these features are so interesting for people, therefore they use them.
English,baby is a social media website and who wants to learn and practice English can use that.

I want to learn English and Improve my English, for me that I don’t have another opportunity to involve with English, It is good choice! Interactive features of this app encourage me to be here, so learn and practice English. Haha, Now I am obsessed with English,baby!



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


You mean I use (!)  instead of (.) ??!!!!

I think Im used to that! :-V

01:43 PM Apr 10 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


Mahtab, thanks for your explanation :)

You know what? I’ve just noticed that you binge-use the exclamation mark xD

01:15 PM Apr 10 2015 |

2 people like this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

You’re welcome dear Shoba!

Please notice that my friends!

You dont need to share anything on instagram  as I dont do that too!

You choose pages based on your interests and everytime you open instagram you see their new pictures!

Indeed I dont follow anyone who posts photos of his/her daily personal life!

There are many public pages who share great and new things everyday!

Furthermore it is not only for fun!

There are many people who are using instagram for their business! 

Also many popular and famous people have their instagram page and you can follow them to know about new events in their lives!

Anyway it is my opinion about instagram! ;-)

La Princesse de la vie


Well, after Facebook, I’m not willing to be anywhere else. These social media websites really cost me a lot of time, I can spend hours without feeling it, and for what? Just scrolling back and forth for new posts thousands of pages launch, and most of them are just for fun.

I even had an account on Twitter a while ago, but now I don’t remember the password I’ve registered with :D

About instagram, I’ve just checked it, I wanted to give it a try, but I’m not that person that shares every moment of their lives on social media, but Mahtab, you don’t make it easy. I think I’ll have a peek at it after all :))

12:09 PM Apr 10 2015 |



love is the most beautiful pic of life , 

and instagram is its happiness…

have a wonderful pic and share it on instagram :))

note : in real, ı dont know Instagram, ı heard it only as a sharing photos site..



Sri Lanka

No, I don’t use Instagram. I have accounts on some other websites and in banks, but not on Instagram. 

Thank you, Mahtab, for giving us some clues about what can be done on this app. 



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yesssss I do!

I love instagram more than other apps!

I havent posted many photos  of my daily life but I follow many great accounts!

I dont need to post my comments or read other people comments!

Sometimes I tag my friends to see special pictures!

I follow many good accounts about health ,cooking , nature, animals , fitness , fashion , decorations and also many great photographers!

I enjoy of looking good photos and I have learned good things from instagram!

I advise all to use this app! :-)




Here in china we don’t have access to use instagram.If i can use it ,i may follow a gourment and learn how to cook delicious dishes.

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