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Getting Organized

Getting Organized

Date: Jan 09 2004


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

It’s a new year, and you’ve got a great opportunity to make a fresh start and get yourself organized. Whether it’s your house, your job, your school work or your relationships, I’m sure there’s something that could be organized better.
I’m not an expert in organization, but I’ve been trying to make my life more organized lately, so I do know about lots of organizational resources. Read on for some tips and tricks about getting organized in 2004!


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.

The first thing you have to have if you want to get organized is the right attitude. You have to be excited about making positive changes in your life. If you know that you can get organized – you will!
Once you’ve decided that getting your life organized is important, you should focus on these things:
Life is made up of many important things, including: Self, Family/Friends, Health, Work/School, Financial, Spiritual, Social, Recreational. You must make sure that you find balance amongst all these things – never letting one of them rule your life.
Track Your Time
- Write down what you do during a whole day (for three days).
- Examine your time tracking and figure out how much time you’re wasting doing things that don’t need to be done.
- Eliminate the activities that are a waste of time.
To Do Lists
- Break down big projects into many small ones.
- Prioritize all of your projects (choose which are most important).
- Make a goal for when you want to complete your tasks.
- Give yourself rewards when you complete something (for example, you could eat a cookie after you clean up your bedroom).
The Right Tools
There are many different tools you can use to help get yourself organized. For example, to organize your time and data, you could use a PDA:
Palm Pilot – www.palm.com
Danger Hiptop – www.danger.com
Sony Clie – www.sony.com/clie
For your house, you could build a new closet:
Closet Company – www.portlandcloset.com



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Getting organized can be a hard thing to do, but if you’re dedicated, you can really improve your life. Once you know what’s important to you, you’ll be able to focus your energy in all the right places!
Good luck!
Your American Friend,



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United States

tips and tricks in 2004. ahhhhhhhhhhhh

04:28 AM Jul 08 2009 |




it's so useful topic..and I think that I really need it .I'll try to reorganize my life ..

thnx :)

01:00 AM Jul 07 2009 |



I love lesson related to real life..

07:33 AM Jul 02 2009 |



I think the most important things for everyone  to organise

his/her live is the time management . If you able to do that, you will make a balance in your live.

02:48 PM Jun 28 2009 |



this article I have been readed it many times, But ,I really didn`t know how should I do can make my life better than before…

02:19 AM Jun 27 2009 |



I have listened to recording of getting organized. It is amazing , fantastice , informative and very much useful.

I really liked it as it is not only gives you guidelines but also improves your english accent.

03:38 PM Jun 20 2009 |




08:21 PM Jun 19 2009 |





   first of all tanks a million for this tips, it seems very helpful.

  I agree with you John ,getting organized hard thing in their people's lives. But once you know what's your purpose in this life and you are that person who wants see his/ her life in progress , you see them always are orgnized.     

02:20 PM Jun 15 2009 |


Russian Federation

the points are really useful, but whenever i tried to follow them, i failed to continue improving my life constantly. i came to the conclussion that i'm satisfied with my life as it is and when i'm trying to alter it i feel my pleasant state of mind is disturbed. so there's nothing to be changed fortunately))

02:14 PM Jun 12 2009 |




very interesting and useful ;p

06:25 PM Jun 08 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Using organization is not new people who can organize evrything are always successful.some people think that they must use this in their job or if they are manager they must use it but as far as i know it can improve our privite life if we use in evry thing .even we teach it in our children during thier growin they will learn it how to divide their resposible .now adays people who cannot use it they will always busy and busy and never can to find a free time and never can use thier life as they could.

05:03 AM Jun 05 2009 |



to organized all the things you have, isn't that easy. it usualy takes time to do that. but I believe when you use to do it. then it becomes a part of your life. you never forget it.

11:02 PM May 31 2009 |




It's beatufull to be organised, but unfortunately it's really hard for me. I waste my time a lot. I play games, write unimportant letters, and do another silly things. I can't say stop myself. It's really stupid. I'd like be more organised. I'll try again tommerow!

10:14 AM May 31 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

being organized shows personality. But sometimes unexpected events happen that the person can not follow her/his schedule. However, these advices are useful . thanks

07:56 AM May 31 2009 |



Well organized is very important for person in work and in daily life. In my office, I think I am a very good organized person who can handle everything very well. I am good at prioritizing my project and finish my work on due. However in my daily life, I don't think I am. I spend all my time in my kids. I don't have any time for myself. I really want to have a good start in my work, especially to find a new good job. But I don't have time to update my resume and do job hunting. My current work environment is very awlful. I feel a very strong pressure on me which make me very uncomfortabel. But I need to keep it to support my family. Sometime when I think of it, I hate it. I need friendly environment to work, not cold air with a lot of cold faces. I need to talk with someone. I don't need a place in which people just concentrate their time and mind in working. People need communicate and understand each others.

Anyway, I need to put job hunting like high priority and manage my time well and find a good job.

Tips provided here are very useful.


07:38 AM May 15 2009 |




i will work on that

10:37 PM May 11 2009 |

Fath Tualeka


very good point!


12:35 AM May 08 2009 |




I think its very hard to balance thinks that compose our life… For example, when I was a student almost never I had time to have fun! I always have difficult in balance my tasks, in opposite, with things I’m very very organized! But only this no help me, then I will try to follow those tip!

11:56 PM May 05 2009 |



Indeed,in a new year . we can do new thing , we can start everything what  we want  to chang it .including family , friends , work ,or relationships….  I except I will have better feel in this year …

10:54 AM May 01 2009 |




Organaization is one of the best qualities.. you ll have 48 hours per day .you ll be satisfied of your achievments ..but if you have a  messy person close to you ..you ll kill him:}

10:15 AM Apr 15 2009 |

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