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Fit Everything In
Fit Everything In English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of the idiom 'fit everything in'

Date: Jun 16 2015

Themes: Family, School, Soap Opera, Time

Grammar: First Conditional


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Have you ever taken a long trip in your car? You probably brought a lot of things with you… food, water, clothing, music, games, pillows, and more. But while you need a lot (or maybe all) of those things, it can be difficult to fit all of your stuff in a car. Sometimes you even have to choose between two things because there isn’t enough room for both.

When you’re busy, your life might feel like that space in the back of your car. With school, hanging out with friends, going to work, seeing your family, and so much more, it can be hard to fit everything in. Our lives are intense sometimes, and it’s easy to feel anxious about finding time for what’s important to us. The good news is that when you do, it’s even more rewarding.

Marni is nervous that she won’t be able to fit everything in if she returns to school. Is Kellie feeling the same way? Read on in today’s English lesson about time.

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Kellie:  Have you decided what you want to study yet?

Marni:  I’m not sure yet. I’m thinking about becoming a teacher.

Kellie:  Wow. That’s such a difficult job.

Marni:  Yes, but it’s very rewarding.

Kellie:  I’m worried about all the homework we’re going to have.

Marni:  I know. The key to being successful is having a system.

Kellie:  A system?

Marni:  When I was an undergraduate, I would make sure to fit everything in by doing my hardest homework before dinner. And I wouldn’t let myself eat anything until I was done.

Kellie:  Yikes! That’s intense.

Marni:  Yeah. And then my easier homework, I would save that until after dinner. And I’d always make sure to be done before my favorite TV show at 9 o’clock.

Kellie:  You were very disciplined. Could you use your system now?

Marni:  Probably not, now that I think about it. I have Dawn, and my husband, and our dog. Come to think of it, how am I going to be able to fit everything in?

Kellie:  You’ll find a way. We can help each other.

Marni:  Like make a new system?

Kellie:  If it makes you feel less anxious, then yes. We can be study buddies.

Marni:  That’s a good idea. I think the key to being successful in school and with homework is just knowing how much time you need and then set that aside.

Kellie:  It’s all about the planning.

Marni:  The planning.

Kellie:  Now we just need to figure out what to study.

Marni:  Yes. Right…


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Marni and Kellie are talking about going back to school. They’re both still trying to figure out what they want to study, and they’re wondering how their lives will change as students. Marni shares her system for getting her homework done from when she was an undergraduate. It’s obvious that she used to be a hard worker.

But now that Marni is married and a mother, she’s not sure that she can be a student again. Kellie offers that they can be study buddies, which seems to make Marni feel better. The two friends definitely want to help each other be successful in school.

What subjects should Kellie and Marni study? Do you ever feel like you can’t fit everything in?



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Actually,sometimes,i feel like i can’t fit everything in,maybe i haven’t enough time.However,i might be a disciplined person,when i decide to do something,or to finish it in a specific time,i make sure to make all what i can,and the best of me,in order to do it correctly.

08:41 PM Jun 19 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


I always thought time is always enough, but we are not making the best of it.. But through years with new responsibilities showing up, I began to realize the concept of priorities come first, but it’s still hard to start with the hardest duties leaving aside what you like to do.. Lists do well, I always use them in exams. 

05:23 PM Jun 17 2015 |


United States

If we could tranforn our mind , our sould to be ” water ” , we could fit everthing in our life !

03:43 PM Jun 16 2015 |




Fitting everything in is almost impossible, especially if you are interested in many many things like me. 

Like Ola, I make a list too. The problem is, I don’t follow the list :)




It is often difficult yo fit everything in,but when I begin doing something I forget of time limit and so it is easier to finish work.Thinking of time always makes me confused.




What i do – I make a list and it’s a long one :) To fit everything in is almost impossible and I’m not a disciplined person at all:) So, I look at the list, pick one or two the ugliest frogs out there and try to get the tasks done. It’s not easy, it’s the ugliest frog, so I try to jazz it up a little bit and the same time not to get carried away with it. To time your task is important. It’s not necessarily to be perfect but it got to be done.  The reward comes with the complition of the mission impossible. After, get back into spacecraft, get a cup of coffee or tea and zoom into another planet. :))



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Some times in our life we feel like we can’t fit everything in, these situations are like we are in a balloon which is going to fall down!

If we want to continue the way and not to fall down, we must throw something that is not more necessary out!

Maybe the situation is very bad and is needed to throw every thing out even the basket that we are in the balloon then hanging on ropes of the balloon!

In our life if we can’t afford properly organize our work, we must choose and do which is very important and then another!




Time is limited and we can’t fit everthing in so it would be better to know what is a priority.




I think that i came up with a solution for  these future teachers … physical education , what about that teachers ? no home work , plenty of free time for the family and the dog, plus a slim figure … quite a deal.



its very nice ,interesting topic again…

I know, WE CAN’T HAVE EVERYTHING …we have limited capacity as a human being.. ..thus WE MUST DECIDE what things make us happy ..whats our priorities in our lifes ..then we have to focus on them ..

think ships …if you load them too much ,they can sink :)



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

thanks so much :)

08:38 AM Jun 16 2015 |

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