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Knock It Off
Knock It Off English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of 'knock it off'

Date: Jul 14 2015

Themes: How To, Romance, Soap Opera, Tech

Grammar: Possessive Pronouns


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If you have a little brother or sister, you know how difficult they can be. When you were younger, your little brother probably wanted to play with all your best toys. Or maybe your little sister wanted to wear your clothes, or hang out with you and your friends. And because your brother or sister was smaller than you, your parents expected you to be understanding.

Now that you’re older, of course, you can say exactly what you want to say. You don’t have to use kind words or speak softly. You don’t have to pay attention to where your parents are and if they can hear you. If your little brother or sister is bothering you now, you can make them stop with a few words. You can tell them to knock it off!

Gary just learned something about Brian and thinks that Brian should knock it off. Learn more in today’s English lesson.

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Brian:  No, you hang up first! No. OK, no. No, no… OK. Love you! Bye.

Gary:  Who was that?

Brian:  No one. Just my mom.

Gary:  Your mom?

Brian:  Yes. My mom and I Skype every Tuesday.

Gary:  You and your mom Skype every Tuesday?

Brian:  Yes, without fail.

Gary:  Come on. Knock it off, Brian. Who is the mystery girl?

Brian:  Fine, fine… It was Lily.

Gary:  What? Dude. How long has this been going on?

Brian:  Since she moved away.

Gary:  You’re never going to get over her if you keep talking to her. And what’s going on with the laptop? Are you trying to fool me?

Brian:  You need a laptop to Skype or Facetime, or any software for video chatting.

Gary:  Yeah, but you don’t have a webcam.

Brian:  Knock it off. You’re obviously just messing with me!

Gary:  Messing with you about what?

Brian:  You’ve never talked to someone on the internet, have you?

Gary:  Not unless you include email.

Brian:  Would you like a Skype tutorial? We can use mine.

Gary:  Yeah! That’d be great.

Brian:  First you go to the start menu.

Gary:  There’s a start menu?


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Gary discovered that Brian is still talking to Lily in France. He tells Brian to knock it off because Brian will never get over his relationship with Lily if they continue this way.

While the friends chat, Brian begins to understand that Gary doesn’t know how to talk with someone using a computer. Brian offers to teach Gary how to use Skype, and they get started right away.

Do you agree with Gary? Should Brian stop talking to Lily? When was the last time you told someone to knock it off?



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I always hear my mom talking about me, and I wanna say:”Knock it off!”

07:56 AM Aug 27 2016 |


scheyllaSuper Member!


I don’t know how was Brian’s relationship with Lily. If Gary thinks Brian should get over with Lily just because the distance between them, there’s no reason to break up a relantinship to someone just because of this. It may be hard but true love is stronger than any distance. And what can’t technology do today? 

And the last time I told someone to knock it off was when I was talking to a friend and she was pretending not understand my advice she’s asked me making me tired of that long talking. Lol!!! 

07:53 PM Jul 20 2015 |

ali touliSuper Member!


No I don’t think Brian should stop talking to Lily because if he really likes her, than he should not stop talikng to her.

12:08 AM Jul 17 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


Well, as long as they could keep in contact together, then what could be wrong with that?! Maybe they’ll meet again someday.

I’m telling my youngest brother to knock it off all the day round. And the closest was a few minutes ago when he was drinking a glass of lemonade and left the glass on the dining table with lemon traces on it. I told him to knock his messy habits off, it was like the hundredth time to tell him that, but I will not knock it off till he gets it.

01:27 AM Jul 15 2015 |




I know Gary want to protect Brain from getting hurt.But it was Brain’s own business wether to keep in touch with Lily or not.It will be difficult for two people far away with each other still keep their relationship.

12:07 AM Jul 15 2015 |




Ach, I put it in a mild way. At work, we usually say, ‘don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk’

12:00 AM Jul 15 2015 |




I’ve never told that to someone, basically because I don’t speak english every day…Well then, add me guys, I’ll be glad to tell you knock it off whenever you want…But I do beleive that there’s always few words more expressive than this one, like “get the F* out”, or “it’s not your fu* business”, so what about that ? 

10:55 PM Jul 14 2015 |



ı didnt have a little sister or brother for telling me “knock it off ” 


always ı heard it “knock it off ..dont touch ..dont play with it ” from my big brothers and sister 


08:43 PM Jul 14 2015 |




No, I don’t talk on Skype. There was a try, but as soon as was found out about my political views , right away there was a turn off. Now, I’m grieving, it’s a process! I’m kidding.:))

07:58 PM Jul 14 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don’t know exactly what was going on between these two guys and what they have gone through so far, because I just came back to be a follower of English Baby after a while again. So I just need somebody fill me in about them and their story.

Anyway I hope to hear more about Brain and Lily’s relationship in upcoming episodes. I find it more interesting that way. And I think Gary should shut it up and stop telling Brain “Hey, knock it off dude”.

And I got something in common with Brain and the thing is who I am not into chatting on the net, and I never got the opportunity to Skype with someone and I simply got no clue how I can do it. 

I just fall from a turnip truck.

06:08 PM Jul 14 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Not seeing each other for a long time is an enemy for every relationship. The only thing could keep a relationship without seeing each other is hope that could keep relationship on the phone or internet contact. We don’t know what is between Brian and Lily so, They know better than us what is best for them.

Everyone in life is doing something wrong or futile, we know most of them but we keep doing what we do and we always tell us knock it off. But who cares? Who listens? Maybe what Brain and Lilly doing is an example of it.

01:02 PM Jul 14 2015 |

Ya Nina


Honestly, I don’t read English Baby’s stories almost a few months, so may be I missed something important after Lily’s departure. I’m sure that if two beloved persons would like to save their relationship from a distance, their efforts can be successful. On the other side, there are many examples when love from afar destroy and forget very fast. And it isn’t a secret that to save love from afar is a very hard work, so I sincerely wish all the people which try to keep their love from a distance a lot of patience, strenth and belief in love.

09:00 AM Jul 14 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I love my little sister becouse she’s lovely and cute,she occasionally bother me.

We are good sisters.

We love each other.

And if she stars to bothering me i behave kindly and i try to notice her it’s not good.

08:07 AM Jul 14 2015 |

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