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brains behind

brains behind

Date: Jul 09 2015

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“With the acting, it’s somebody else’s project, and I’m just helping make it real. But there’s a special satisfaction to being the brains behind the whole operation.”

Actor Jack Black, speaking about writing and directing his own movie (BrainyQuote)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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creator or inventor of (something)

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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In 1753, Benjamin Franklin had an idea. He took a key, tied it to a kite, and went to the top of a tall building in Philadelphia during a storm. The story goes that his kite was hit by lightning from the sky. This experiment is the reason that Benjamin Franklin is known as the brains behind usable electricity.

To be the brains behind something means to be the inventor or creator of it. Steve Jobs is known as the brains behind Apple, and therefore all the iPhones and iPads in the world. Similarly, inventor Fusajiro Yamauchi is the brains behind Nintendo. People like them have helped move the world of technology forward.

Actor Jack Black said that he likes to act, but it is more fun to be the brains behind a whole movie. He likes playing an important role in all parts of making a movie.

Are you the brains behind something interesting? What have you created?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“Thom Yorke is the brains behind Radiohead.”

“I don’t know what I will make, but someday I want to be the brains behind something big.”

“Jim is our boss and the brains behind the whole operation.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

jeeno Be the person who plans and organizes something, especially something successful.
by jeeno
aijaciba To be one who plans and organizes something successful.
by aijaciba
the one who plans and runs everything behind the stage..
by La Princesse de la vie

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one day I will be the brains behind something relevant in lives of many people

08:36 PM Oct 18 2015 |




brains behind damaged our life but can we new after proper life active solution. so anytime proper creative performance activities power.

03:31 PM Jul 12 2015 |




 Unfortunately I think i’m not the brains behind anything :/ But i’d like to.

12:56 PM Jul 10 2015 |




This weekend we are going to the paddle trip down the river. My friend is the brains bihind it. I am the brains behind the pirate theme decoration of our boats. But, as ususal, the crucial role belongs to our children. They are our main inspirers.

02:58 PM Jul 09 2015 |




In ukrainian language this phrase would be as ‘bright head’. Handy man would be ‘golden hands’. :)

12:48 PM Jul 09 2015 |




I am brainless so i shouldn`t be here today, jejejeje. Now i am serious , some people are born with an innate capacity to create new things ,to innovate  , from their brilliant minds the mankind  makes big stepforward , i respect Steve Job  for that . As S&W and others here , i am the one that sits at a table and hear what others  have to say , i don`t regret it , i know my limitations .  

12:31 PM Jul 09 2015 |




I’m not the brains behind of anything and i don’t envy people who are brains behind inventors.If there was no Jobs created Apple ,somebody would do this maybe even better than Steven Jobs.




I am not brains behind anything either. But no doubt there is a great satisfaction at being brains behind a project like Jack Black said. 

Actually if you think about it, we all are brains behind our life project. Yes, I think our life is our most important project, we have a certain time and all equipments. Either we live a meaningful life or just waste our precious time, we’ll always be the one responsible.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Think about what are we? All things around us, nature, trees, sky, every creature, universe, galaxies and … Who is brains behind them?
Who is brains behind my today story and all days?

I actually want to be brains behind something, it’s satisfactory to use your ability to be something more comfortable and easier. I have made some applications that somebody use those. But that’s not enough, I try to be brains behind something that useful for most people.

I think everyone can change life with thinking about to do everything better. No need to be brains behind great and universal. We just think about things around us, are in our field and try to improve them. That could be fun.

Naveen Singh Shahi


Alexander Graham Bell is known first as the brains behind practical telephone

Marie Curie is known first as the brains behind the elements polonium and radium.

Thomas Edison is known first as the brains behind the light bulb.

04:58 AM Jul 09 2015 |



Sri Lanka

No, I am not the brains behind any greatest or interesting invention. I just don’t have that much gray matter. 

But in our ordinary day-to-day life, I supply the brains for the ideas and plans in relation to our business and family matters, and my husband supplies the brawn. This type of teamwork works well for us. 




I’m definitely also not brain behind, just probably because I don’t have that booming voice and the first impression presentation is not that effective, no matter how reasonable you sound. There was once a situation, we were all sitting at the table exchanging ideas, but my turn has never come. I was waiting when everyone is finished, but ever hardly finished a monolgue was overlapped with another speech:) But I don’t blame anybody- somebody has got to be a grateful listener and that was me, maybe I was brain behind of creating a smart talk:)

La Princesse de la vie


I feel bad to say it, but I’m really not a person for responsiblity, or it’s just what I feel. I’m always afraid to take charge of something especially if it involves the interest of other people in the crew, or it deals with an important issue, that gets me out of my comfort zone to take the lead of something. So I don’t think I’d been the brains behind something before, but I hope I can in the future.

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