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Get One's Act Together
Get One's Act Together English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of 'get one's act together'

Date: Aug 04 2015

Themes: Food, Friend, How To, Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: The Unreal Past


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No one is confident all day, every day. Not your boss at work, nor Brad Pitt, nor even President Obama. It doesn’t matter how much power or good looks a person has. Everyone feels awkward and unsure now and again. It’s just a fact of life!

When you’re feeling less than brave in a situation, you might try to get your act together. Breathing slowly can help, or calling a good friend for a chat. Going for a walk to think carefully about your choices is also helpful. But remember that what you’re feeling is normal and natural. You’re only human!

Gary needs help getting his act together around Sara. Can Marni help? Learn more in today’s English lesson.

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Gary:  They have the best empanadas in town.

Sara_R:  No, they don’t. Luis’ Taqueria makes the best empanadas!

Gary:  You’re crazy. Actually, you know who makes the absolute best empanadas in town?

Sara_R:  Who?

Gary:  I do. Brian and I learned how to in a cooking class.

Sara_R:  Hmm. Well, we can argue about that later.

Gary:  If you’re lucky!

Sara_R:  See you, Marni.

Marni:  Bye, Sara. “If you’re lucky?”

Gary:  I know.

Marni:  Gary, you need to get your act together and ask her out!

Gary:  I want to. I wish that I was more brave around women.

Marni:  Look, it seems like you two have a good rapport.

Gary:  I think so.

Marni:  And you have similar interests.

Gary:  Do you think?

Marni:  Well, you both like food.

Gary:  That’s true.

Marni:  You need to woo her. Here’s what you should do. Bake her some empanadas and you bring them to Sara at work.

Gary:  Woo her with empanadas.

Marni:  Exactly!

Gary:  Actually, that’s not a bad idea.

Marni:  I know.

Gary:  Wait.

Marni:  What?

Gary:  First, I put them in a nice box. Then, I call the bicycle messenger service to come pick them up…

Marni:  …and they send Sara!

Gary:  Exactly!

Marni:  Gary, I think you’re finally getting your act together.

Gary:  Thanks.


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It’s clear to Marni that Gary likes Sara. He says awkward things when she’s around, and he acts a little nervous. Marni tells Gary to ask Sara out, but he doesn’t feel very confident around women.

Marni wants Gary to be successful in asking Sara out. She tells him to make empanadas for Sara. Gary likes the idea, and he decides to use the bicycle messenger service that Sara works for to get his gift into her hands.

Will Gary’s gift woo Sara? Do you ever feel like you need to get your act together?



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United States

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07:59 AM Dec 05 2017 |


United States

That’s Insane I Never Knew About It..!! Really Thankful For Your Work And To You Guys.

11:41 AM Aug 22 2017 |


United States

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I think thats kind of a lil girlish idea,he needs to get his act together and not to bake her empanadas :p why to hustle as we can see she’s already fall for him so just wait for the rite moment, she’ll come herself and ask him out . :p                                           meanwhile,maybe he’ll find another charming lady,so let her take some time . ; )                                            

07:28 PM Aug 04 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


I think Sara also has a crash on him, and I think she will like the gift.

To me, every now and then, when I screw up things and fall down in the dumps I figure out that I need to get my act together to get back on my both feet again.

06:57 PM Aug 04 2015 |



a lot of times! I usually revise my plans and get my act together, so that I will do better.

anyway, laafri3, I think your approach is wrong. people should make mistakes so that we can do the right thing, whatever it is.

05:47 PM Aug 04 2015 |




Hey Gary, empanadas are not chocolates , they are best right out of the oven , invite Sara over and show her your culinary expertise.Why sending a bicycle messenger ? bad idea, what if both of them have a good ” rapport”, as Marni pointed out. jejejeje!!. 

I constantly remind myself that i shouldn`t be dispersed and that i need to get my act together.   

03:25 PM Aug 04 2015 |



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08:21 AM Aug 04 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thinking that you have your entire life to get your act together is the lazy man’s way out and a poor excuse of not working on one’s faults. I live my life with the theory of…Why put off tomorrow what you can do today?                                              
I realized that each and every day was one to be thankful for and to do the best I could.

It’s never “tomorrow”. It’s always “today” when it gets here.

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