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Learn English meaning of ghosting

Date: Sep 09 2015

Themes: Pop Culture, Romance

Grammar: Articles, Quantifiers, and Determiners


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You’re dating the perfect girl. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and funny. You like the same music, foods, and hobbies. Your friends think she’s great, and your parents do, too. It feels like a dream because everything is going so well. You even start thinking about having a home and a family with her.

Then one day, she doesn’t reply to your texts. Or your emails. It seems strange, so you call her phone. She doesn’t answer. You go to her apartment, but she doesn’t answer the door, either. After two days, you realize she’s being a coward. She wants to break it off. She could be up front and direct, but that’s not her M.O. She’s ghosting you.

Jessica doesn’t believe in ghosting, but Romeo thinks it’s OK sometimes. Who do you agree with? Read on in today’s English lesson about ending relationships.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jessica:  I just heard that Charlize Theron was ghosting Sean Penn. Have you ever been ghosted?

Romeo:  I’ve never been ghosted, but I’ve ghosted someone.

Jessica:  You have?

Romeo:  Yeah. I had to ghost her! She was too possessive.

Jessica:  I didn’t even know what ghosting meant. I didn’t know that people ghosted each other.

Romeo:  It is kind of a coward move, but sometimes it’s better just to leave things unsaid.

Jessica:  I disagree. That is so not my M.O. If I wanted to break it off with someone, I would just be direct and tell it like it is.

Romeo:  What if they were a stalker?

Jessica:  That would get kind of scary. I guess you have a point. I still feel more comfortable trying, at least, to be up front with somebody if I wanted to break up with them. But you’re right… if they started stalking me, then it would get a little scary.

Romeo:  Yes, I agree.


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Jessica just learned about ghosting. She knew that people do it, but she didn’t know that there was a word for it. To Jessica, ghosting is a bad idea. She prefers to tell someone that she’s dating if the relationship isn’t working for her. She doesn’t like the idea of not answering someone’s texts, emails, or calls.

Romeo actually has experience with ghosting someone. He was dating someone who was very possessive, and he thought it was better to ghost her than to be direct. Romeo thinks that ghosting can be safer than being up front, especially if you’re dating a person who could be a stalker.

How do you feel about ghosting? Would you ghost someone, or has someone ghosted you?



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09:11 AM Oct 10 2016 |




Julito, I think we won’t be ghosted by our spouses for our friendly banter:)

12:01 AM Sep 10 2015 |




Ola ,hello, i stand corrected. thanks !!

08:57 PM Sep 09 2015 |




But Julito, Charliz Theron couldn’t be saner to ghost a man who can hardly control himself ;)

07:18 PM Sep 09 2015 |

1 person likes this




I prefer to be up front but not in a rude way . Some people are so self-centered that  can not accept rejection and eventually begin to stalker  the other person, that in case of a woman, to avoid confrontation might prefer turning to ghosting  him   with the hope that he will forget about her. I haven`t been ghosted and while  i am in my  sane senses i wouldn`t ghost anyone.

07:14 PM Sep 09 2015 |




Ghosting is a good idea when the other person does not understand that you are not interested anymore and she tries to keep with you, I mean, when you are dating with a possesive person. however, It is better be direct and express your feeling and ideas.

I have been ghosted sometimes, maybe because they were not interested.

06:01 PM Sep 09 2015 |




No wonder Charlize Theron is ghosting Sean Penn. In the first place, it was so wierd to see them together.  I think Charlize has a point, finding out Sean’s explosive temper and his head over ear’s in love with her, she just tries to avoid confrontations by saying up front – It’s over! Plus, I heard Sean Penn was sort of possessive in his former relationships. If he found out his girlfriend is alone with someone, he threw a tantrum. Who needs it. So, in this case, I’d probably will be ghosting too.

In my case I ghosted once a guy, when realized it’s not a perfect match. I just didn’t want to hurt him being up front, but he was hurt, anyways.

01:07 PM Sep 09 2015 |




Oh, I have just learnt a new vocabulary.

11:41 AM Sep 09 2015 |

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