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Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

Learn English meaning of 'Game of Thrones'

Date: Sep 18 2015

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Every so often, a TV show will come along that gets everyone’s attention. In 2011, “Game of Thrones” began playing on American television, and four years later, it’s still all that anyone talks about. What’s so great about this medieval fantasy? Why would such a gory show become so popular?

To some, it’s not about the story so much as it is about the characters. “Game of Thrones” has a large cast of excellent actors playing families fighting for the throne in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Especially popular is actor Peter Dinklage who plays the intelligent and funny Tyrion Lannister. The show is based on the book “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin.

Sara is thinking about watching “Game of Thrones” with Brian. Learn more in today’s English lesson about a popular TV show.


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Sara_R:  I was thinking about starting “Game of Thrones.” Do you watch that show?

Brian:  I love that show. Are you thinking of watching the show or reading the books?

Sara_R:  Watching the show. I probably don’t have the patience to read the books.

Brian:  There are a couple of books and they’re really long, so that is the case, but the show is amazing.

Sara_R:  I’ve heard it’s amazing, but I’m worried that it may be too gory for me.

Brian:  It’s… I wouldn’t necessarily say gory. It is a very violent show. But if you like the fantasy feeling and that medieval spirit, it’s definitely in that realm.

Sara_R:  I do. And I like the idea of power-hungry people fighting each other for the throne.

Brian:  They are just so many characters to follow. It can be a little intimidating at first, remembering who everyone is and where they’re from… all the different names and places… but it really gets worth it if you can get past the first three episodes. I think you’ll really start to enjoy it.

Sara_R:  OK, OK. I’ll try it. Do you want to watch it with me?

Brian:  Yes. This will be my third time watching all of them, but I am down to do that.

Sara_R:  You must love it.

Brian:  I do!


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Sara wants Brian’s opinion about the TV show “Game of Thrones.” She’s heard a lot about it, but she’s worried it might be too gory. Still, Sara’s interested in this popular show about people fighting each other for a medieval throne.

Brian believes that Sara should watch it, and he’s willing to watch it with her. It will be Brian’s third time seeing “Game of Thrones,” which he thinks is incredible. Brian explains that the show has a lot of characters to remember, and that might feel intimidating to Sara, but she should give “Game of Thrones” a chance.

Do you watch “Game of Thrones?” What do you like about it?



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United States

This is really very interesting information. I really like it because it can add insight for me more broadly, thank you very much for this extraordinary information, Nice to visit again.


07:24 AM May 24 2018 |



United States

I read some articles on this site and I think your blog is really interesting and has great information. Thank you for your sharing.

animal jam

09:17 AM Mar 29 2018 |




I love this tv show.. I have heard a lot of good comments about it. I decided to start watching the program when it would start the fifth season. I do not regret. It´s amazing, because the plot still surprises me. I am a fan of fantasy and epic´s stories. Great cast, good plot, beautiful girls, I am pretty sure you will enjoy this serie.

06:37 PM Sep 23 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i heard about it a lot,but i dont see this serial yet  becuase i prefer watch movie

04:47 AM Sep 20 2015 |

1 person likes this




It is a very interesting show, but unfortunately it isn’t  a regular happy ending story. George R. R. Martin killed a lot of my favourite caracters.

05:25 AM Sep 19 2015 |



El Salvador

I just love it though I think it’ll never beat the depth of the story written by Tolkien, but it’s definitely a good way to entertain yourself and practice English at the same time!

03:06 AM Sep 19 2015 |

1 person likes this


United States

It is a reflection how humans being was in the battle each other . 

03:40 PM Sep 18 2015 |



United States

I love the Game of Thrones. It a cool show.

11:47 AM Sep 18 2015 |




I wached all of part ” Game Of Thrones” to short time. İt is an amazing Tv show. You always wonder to continuation. You can love caracters or you can hate.. You always are suprised.. you are excited. Also Tv show has nasty scenes. ex; Sblings love eachother. But nonethless I love Game Of Thrones and I am excited for after seozon. :)

08:59 AM Sep 18 2015 |

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