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Mani Pedis
Mani Pedis

Learn English meaning of 'mani pedis'

Date: Sep 27 2019

Themes: Fashion, Hobbies

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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When you’re having a difficult day, what makes you happy? Maybe all you need is a hug or a piece of chocolate. Some people prefer a cup of tea, or even a glass of wine. Another way to feel better is to pamper yourself. Go on… be a little self-indulgent. Take yourself to the spa!

Getting a manicure or pedicure can make your hands and feet look like new. Or get both! A mani pedi is the perfect beauty treatment. When you let a professional exfoliate your skin, or cut and paint your nails, you can leave the spa glowing. Some people enjoy the experience so much that it becomes a ritual.

Jessica and Romeo are talking about going to the spa. Learn more in today’s English lesson about looking and feeling good.


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Jessica:  I just got a manicure and a pedicure, and it looks awesome.

Romeo:  Nice.

Jessica:  I thought that I would pamper myself a little bit.

Romeo:  You did the spa, too.

Jessica:  Yes, I did. Can you tell? Am I glowing?

Romeo:  Don’t hate, exfoliate.

Jessica:  Honestly, I used to think that mani pedis were a little self-indulgent, but it’s kind of relaxing. I could get into this.

Romeo:  The most I’ve ever done for a pedi was cut my own toenails.

Jessica:  Oh, really?

Romeo:  And wash them, if that is considered a pedicure.

Jessica:  Well, I’ve heard a lot of guys actually really enjoy the spa experience of going and getting their toes done.

Romeo:  Yeah, they call that “metrosexual.”

Jessica:  Exactly.

Romeo:  And it’s a waste of money.

Jessica:  Oh, you should try it. You might like it.

Romeo:  I may, but I’m not going to make a ritual out of it.

Jessica:  I probably shouldn’t, either. It does get a little expensive.


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Jessica is very happy with her mani pedi. She wanted to do something nice for herself, and she clearly chose the right treat. Jessica usually cuts and paints her own nails, but since the experience was so relaxing, she might go to the spa again.

If Romeo was metrosexual, he might join Jessica at the spa. But Romeo thinks that getting one’s nails done is too self-indulgent. He’s not saying that he will never get a manicure or pedicure, but it doesn’t sound likely that Romeo will be getting one anytime soon.

Have you ever gotten a mani pedi? Would you get one again?



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It’s a piece of cake to do it by yourself before you catch sth from the tools that are applied for everyone. Not hygienic to me.

10:19 AM Sep 24 2015 |



I have a mani pedi regularly - in my country these procedures are very common and not very expensive. I think there is a cultural difference here – no one takes it as an act of self indulgent behaviour. BTW, I didn’t get that Don’t hate it, exfoliate! Is it an ad or something?

10:01 AM Sep 24 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


I’d never been to a spa, but I like to take care of my nails. And I’m good at treating myself.

The thought of paying a large chunk of money will take away any good feeling after the treat :D :D

09:42 PM Sep 21 2015 |



United States

I love to do nails. 

08:02 PM Sep 21 2015 |




I haven´t gotten a mani pedi. I would pamper myself in another way, maybe eating a good pizza in a good restaurant. I´m not metrosexual.

06:25 PM Sep 21 2015 |




No I have never done that. It sounds so girly. I guess I am not a metrosexual.

11:44 AM Sep 21 2015 |




No, I never did any, I always cut my own nail and wash it by my own, I think it will spend a lot money if we do pedicure, but it sounds interesting, should we try to make all the nails glowing, ehmmm I probably want to try the spa, once I heard it, I imagine how relaxing my body will be.

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