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Water Under the Bridge
Water Under the Bridge English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of 'water under the bridge'

Date: Oct 27 2015

Themes: Friend, Party, Soap Opera

Grammar: Conjunctions


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It is very likely that you have been in a big fight with someone you love. Maybe you were mad at your mom because she wouldn’t let you do something. Or maybe your brother took something of yours without asking. At the time, this probably seemed like a big problem. But now, hopefully, it’s all water under the bridge.

It’s important to forgive people even if they did something you do not like. At some point, you will probably hurt someone’s feelings, and you will want to be forgiven, too. We all make mistakes, so it’s good to let old problems become water under the bridge.

Marni and Brian are talking about throwing Jessica a surprise party, but they want to make sure Gary and Jessica’s problems are water under the bridge. Find out what they decide to do in today’s English lesson about getting past issues.

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Marni:  What’s the story with Jessica?

Brian:  She’s so busy. She’s in “Romeo and Juliet” and she’s working on StarScoop.com from home. She’s been telecommuting for a month.

Marni:  I think I’ve forgotten what she looks like.

Brian:  I know. Hey, we should do something special for her.

Marni:  Like what?

Brian:  A surprise party! We need to congratulate her for getting the part of “Juliet.”

Marni:  Maybe Gary can host at his house.

Brian:  Are you sure their problems are water under the bridge?

Marni:  I think so. I hope so. OK, I can coordinate the food and drinks. What do you want to do?

Brian:  I can make a playlist and send out evites.

Marni:  Great! Of course, the critical piece to any surprise party is creating the diversion.

Brian:  Diversion?

Marni:  We need a diversion so that Jessica doesn’t know we’re about to surprise her.

Brian:  I know! Gary can tell her that he needs “to talk,” and she’ll think it’s about something serious, and then she’ll be totally surprised.

Marni:  That’s great. And once she realizes that Gary is actually hosting the surprise party for her, their problems will be water under the bridge for good.

Brian:  Exactly. What could go wrong?


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Both Brian and Marni miss Jessica a lot. Marni even says she forgets what Jessica looks like! So they decide to take action. They are going to throw a surprise party for Jessica. But where should they begin?

Marni says she will coordinate the food and drinks, while Brian will make a playlist and send out evites. But they both agree they need a good diversion. They decide that Gary should call Jessica and say they need “to talk.” Jessica will be so surprised when she finds out it’s actually a party for her!

Do you like surprise parties? What’s your best story about water under the bridge?



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I hit my friend two weeks ago, but when I saw him again it was just water under the bridge.

10:22 AM Aug 22 2016 |




Seiyf, some people just prefer working on their own rather than in teams. They prefer to stand in the background rather to being a front runner. They’re powerful introverts who create, have a wonderful personality and just amazing. Quiet by Suzan Cain aquaints us with this wonderful people who I’m sure are here among us letting us to be extroverts:)

03:48 AM Oct 29 2015 |



thanks Ola and La princes :))

its nice to hear same thoughts from you..

I know  ” everything has a reason ” hence, ı cannot blame them for that, 

everyone who goes to silent and unknown places has their own reason ,

but ,

ı would wish ,they have a reason for staying here , 

ı would wish, another silent ebabians become  active again, 

and ı wish happiness to all Ebaby friends,old or new ..



02:01 AM Oct 29 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


I agree with you Seiyf, e,babers are gone. I used to read the comments to each lesson by every one, but now I hardly find comments written :( I’m still following e,baby of course and it’s still my best English learning platform, but I always believed it’s better because of the people in it.

07:34 PM Oct 28 2015 |




maybe when i was a child, i get the math quiz, and i bring to my best friend for that he estudied but the teacher  find the quiz on my bestfriend desk´s and she was really furious with us, and oviucoly i was so angry with my friend. fortunately, our problems was water under the bridge, on the next day.

11:08 PM Oct 27 2015 |

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 Seiyf, congratulation!! You’re the most truebabian! False friends leave, true stay;)

03:18 PM Oct 27 2015 |




evits: this the first time I, heard about such Phrase, which I go alot of Parties but never Use it .

So, it’s time to use it.😆😅

03:16 PM Oct 27 2015 |




Good expression

03:11 PM Oct 27 2015 |



United States

wather under the bridge mean that you do not bring up evrything that happen befor.

12:42 PM Oct 27 2015 |



Once upon time, Ebaby was very popular , with nice friends,


Water under the bridge, 


it became very silent bridge,without many of friends..

maybe they went to other bridges .

now, ım here, still and

with wonderful friend,over the bridge, 

08:54 AM Oct 27 2015 |




like let it go , page turn

01:54 AM Oct 27 2015 |

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