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Life Without a Car
Life Without a Car

Learn English meaning of 'life without a car'

Date: Nov 04 2015

Themes: Hobbies, Travel

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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People love the freedom and control they feel when driving their own cars. All over the world, even in small towns, you can see people driving. But in the past years there has been a trend to clean up the air in the cities we live in. People want to make the world a better place for their kids.

In many cities, people walk, use their bicycles, or use public transit. They feel healthier because they are moving their bodies, and happier because they don’t have to wait in traffic. Would you rather drive your own car or ride your bicycle to work?

Brian asks Gary if he wants a ride downtown. Find out how Gary and Brian use public transit around the city.


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Brian:   Hey, Gary. I’m going downtown. Do you want a ride?

Gary:   Wow, I haven’t been in a car in a long time. That sounds great.

Brian:  Yeah, I know. I always see you walking everywhere.

Gary:  I’ve made the decision to live a car-free life.

Brian:  You don’t have a car?

Gary:  No, I have a bicycle, I use public transit. It is such a freeing experience, Brian. I’m really just trying to do everything I can to make the world a better place.

Brian:  Do you feel like you’re dependent on other people for rides or public transportation only?

Gary:  Every now and then, yeah. It’s inconvenient to get some places. But I think it’s worth it.

Brian:  I grew up in the suburbs, so I had to have a car. It was also my chance at freedom. Once I was able to drive, I could go wherever I wanted to. I grew up with one, but I definitely now coming to the city, I do enjoy walking more and not driving when possible.

Gary:  Well, on the other side of that, let’s hop in your car if you don’t mind and head downtown. It will be a lot faster.

Brian:  It will save you twenty minutes.


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Gary doesn’t own a car because he wants to help keep the environment clean. He rides a bicycle, uses public transit, and feels that he is making the world a better place. Sometimes for Gary, it is inconvenient to move around the city without a car.

Brian owns a car because he grew up in the suburbs. Driving a car was the only way he could get around town. Now that he lives in the city, he enjoys walking around more.

Do you enjoy driving a car or biking? What kinds of public transit do you use everyday?



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I get around by motorbike which is one of the major transportations here in Taiwan. Almost every household has a motorbike. It is very convenient to move around by motorbike although cars are considered to be more convenient and faster. I usually take the MRT when going to a further place.

08:08 AM Nov 05 2015 |




i wrote a really big and good answer but my computer fails and rigtn now i dont want to write again the complete answer, so im sorry :/

10:02 PM Nov 04 2015 |




I can’t imagine life without cars. This is the best invention ever. It will save you time, energy, privacy… It’s nice to get from point to another in no time. So the cars still rocks for me. I don’t like the public transportation when somebody is staring at you or makes faces. You sit in your car, your little house and get the whole privacy. That’s it.

06:28 PM Nov 04 2015 |


United States

Nowadays , humans can make E-cars which have no emissions harmful environment , Therefore , humans can enjoy driving a car without worring hurting environment . Gary needs to uptodate his transit ….. lol …. J/K . 

04:03 PM Nov 04 2015 |



United States

Life with out a car is bad you going to hate it.

02:44 PM Nov 04 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


I definitely enjoy biking, although it’s not very common here to find someone biking for work or so. I can’t yet make my mind around driving a car because I’ve not tried yet, but I think it’s a complete disaster to drive in such traffic crowding, so I think I know the answer beforehand, but public transportation is also crowded, so maybe no difference is there.

I have to say that having your own car has an extra especially if you like hitting other cities in your country frequently. You don’t need to go from a bus to another and stare here and there for a ride.

01:47 PM Nov 04 2015 |

andreia silva


Malbe i should walk litle more,  to fell heathier and take care of the enviroment.

10:15 AM Nov 04 2015 |




I like morning coffee

07:36 AM Nov 04 2015 |

Naveen Singh Shahi


I love driving but I like riding bicycle.

I use metro to go my office. It is good for country growth we have to use public transit. Because Government spent lot of money for us and we look our comfort that things makes many problem like traffic issues, raise accidental issues.   

05:10 AM Nov 04 2015 |

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