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Have a Thing For
Have a Thing For English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘Have a Thing For’

Date: Dec 08 2015

Themes: Celebrity, Romance, Soap Opera, Sports

Grammar: Used to Do vs Be Used to


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Do you always fall in love with the same type of person? For example, some women love bad boys. They like to live dangerously when they date men. In other words, they have a thing for bad boys. Some people might have a thing for California girls or famous people. To have a thing for someone is to like that person a lot. Boyfriends and girlfriends have a thing for each other.

It’s also possible to have a thing for an activity or an object. Many people have a thing for chocolate. They love it and think that it tastes wonderful. Some people even have a thing for going to the gym. They might become a member and begin to work out every day. They might even sign up for classes and learn that they have a thing for yoga or Zumba.

Marni has a thing for Romeo Trivino. While she and Sara are waiting to get his autograph, she asks Sara about becoming a member of a gym. Find out more in today’s English lesson about being off topic.

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Marni:  I can’t believe we’re doing this!

Sara_R:  You said you have a thing for Romeo Trivino.

Marni:  I do. Well, I have a thing for “bad boys.”

Sara_R:  Ah, yes. Romeo is often the “bad boy” in his movies.

Marni:  Hey, this is off topic, but have you ever been a member of a gym?

Sara_R:  I get a lot of exercise at my job, but I used to be. Why?

Marni:  I’m thinking about joining a gym, but I actually have no idea how it works.

Sara_R:  Well, I would start by finding out if there’s one in your neighborhood.

Marni:  There’s one really close to my house.

Sara_R:  Good. You aren’t going to want to go if it’s far away.

Marni:  That’s true. So, are they expensive?

Sara_R:  Some are, but not all of them. Most gyms will give you a trial membership so you can see if you like it.

Marni:  I can work out for free?

Sara_R:  For a few days, or maybe a week. But be ready to hear a pitch.

Marni:  What if I don’t want to sign up?

Sara_R:  You don’t have to. But if you do, you’ll probably have to sign a contract. That’s standard. And you’ll pay once a month.

Marni:  It’s him!


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Marni and Sara are waiting for Romeo Trivino. They want to get his autograph because they both have a thing for him. While they’re waiting, Marni asks Sara an off topic question. She wants to know about becoming a member of a gym. Sara has a lot of good ideas.

Sara thinks that it’s important for Marni to find a gym near her house. She also tells Marni that she can get a trial membership. She will be able to work out for free for a short time. If she likes it, then she can sign up and become a member. Suddenly, Sara and Marni hear a noise. It’s Romeo Trivino, and they are very excited.

Do you have a thing for working out at the gym? Who or what do you have a thing for?



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United States

I have a thing for country music!

03:12 AM Dec 15 2015 |



Saudi Arabia

I have a thing for learning English every day 

12:56 AM Dec 11 2015 |




I have a thing for jogging. I was not heath before two years ago, so I had to work out everyday. At first I had jog 2 km per once for two weeks, but i can jog 21km per once right now. So jogging change my body, my body’s indicate very well.

11:21 PM Dec 08 2015 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have a thing for  my boy friend, I wanna bite his cheeks…

10:49 PM Dec 08 2015 |



I have a thing for many things.. I have a thing for astronomy, photography, travelling, reading, walking, running, language learning and so on…

06:24 PM Dec 08 2015 |


United States

Money is a roll play for having a thing for manythings …. lol 

05:06 PM Dec 08 2015 |

1 person likes this



United States

yes they can.

03:19 PM Dec 08 2015 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

these days i have a thing for traveling and meeting new people.

03:09 PM Dec 08 2015 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Come on NIJ!!!😱

They cant make you happy!😈

02:56 PM Dec 08 2015 |

1 person likes this



United States

i have a thuing for Boy.

01:33 PM Dec 08 2015 |




ı like to do what makes me happy, 

12:06 PM Dec 08 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Now I only have a thing for traveling! 😁👍

11:38 AM Dec 08 2015 |




In generally,  I have a thing for cycling, cross stitching and talkative men :-) 

11:21 AM Dec 08 2015 |



It’s exciting lesson for me .
Have a thing for is important for human being that makes us very exciting .
We could have a thing for a lot of objects that have important effect or bad effect , Desponds on what personality you have ?
For instance , if someone falls in love to a beauty and intelligent girl it’s going to be wonderful choice .
Realisticly , the people are thinking to have a thing for an object or a person that make them comfortable and satisfy .
Sometimes, it’s not necessarily to have a thing for very specific , in others word must be unique.

03:39 AM Dec 08 2015 |

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