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Apps vs. Classes
Apps vs. Classes

Learn English meaning of ‘apps vs. classes'

Date: Dec 21 2015

Themes: Hobbies, School, Tech

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

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Learning a new language is amazing. You can meet new friends, learn new skills, and travel the world! But who has time to sit in a classroom for hours and hours? Many people now are using apps on their phone to study foreign languages.

Apps like Duolinguo or Babel can give you interactive lessons in many different languages. You can study on your own time and make progress at your own pace. For busy people, apps are a great alternative to taking a class.

Brian wants to learn Spanish. Listen to Brian and Romeo talk about a language-learning app in this English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Brian:  Hey Romeo, you speak Spanish, right?

Romeo:  Si. Claro. Claro que si.

Brian:  Oh. Well, I’m trying to learn. I know that you’re fluent. I don’t really have time to take classes. Do you have any ideas for me?

Romeo:  Yeah, I’m self-taught. My parents helped out, but you know, I didn’t take any classes. You should try Duolingo, though.

Brian:  That’s the app, right? You play interactive games, and it helps you learn the language slowly?

Romeo:  Yes, yes.

Brian:  Oh, that’s great. I really need a process to learn. Reading a book doesn’t help me.

Romeo:  Uh-huh.

Brian:  I need to actually use the language. That’s a great idea.

Romeo:  Yeah, the book hasn’t really helped for a lot of people. Now, they’ve sort of turned toward a more modern way of learning. And the apps are really, really beneficial.

Brian:  Yeah, I’ve heard nothing but great things about Duolinguo, and having someone who’s fluent in the language also recommend it just helps me think that it’s a great option for me.

Romeo:  I can help you out, too, but I can also get you set up on the website if you want to do that.

Brian:  Oh, that would be great! You know, I think I’m going to go start now, and then maybe we can just try to chat casually in Spanish, and you can tell me if my pronunciation is correct.

Romeo:  Excelente.

Brian:  Excelente.

Romeo:  No doubt.

Brian:  No doubt.

Romeo:  That’s not Spanish.


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Brian wants to learn Spanish. He asks Romeo for advice on how to learn because Romeo is fluent in Spanish. Romeo tells him he should try Duolinguo, a language learning app that he can use on his phone.

Brian is excited about trying the new app. He doesn’t have time to take a class, but he still needs a process to learn a new language. Reading a book doesn’t work for him. He and Romeo agree that Brian will start taking Spanish lessons on the app. After he learns some Spanish, he will chat with Romeo to practice his pronunciation.

What foreign language do you want to learn? Do you learn better by yourself or in a class?



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i have studied english about for 2 years. i went to a course. courses are about grammar. we have to practice and improve our pronountions. apps help to about practice. we can talk and chat with somebody.

i used duelingo and i don’t like it. we should learn grammer then practice. i think apps don’t teach a language. they just can help about practice.

i learn arabic now. i hope i can do it :)

08:27 PM Dec 24 2015 |



Viet Nam

I’d like to learn French, beside English. I actually have had French lessons a few times but they were all about grammar. I tried duolingo already, but it’s too boring and unnatural. So now I’m thinking about reading an easy book.

04:08 AM Dec 22 2015 |


United States

What if humans could implant Apps to their brain , I bet with special hat or like google glasses that humans could learn anything even when we are on bed . 

04:57 PM Dec 21 2015 |

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Techonogy  is really good thing to learn something if you use it properly.There was not any apps before.which means we are so lucky.People  who wanted to learn languages were carrying dictionary or wrote down vocabularies to memorise them. But now we have lots of apps to make learning something easly.
but I believe that if you learn something easly ,you can forget it easly and I thinh techonology is making us lazy. 

03:06 PM Dec 21 2015 |



Russian Federation

I’m fond of learning new languages. Arabic, Turkish, French… But the language I want to know as a native speaker is English. So, I use some apps for improving my knowledge, such as LinguaLeo, sometimes DuoLinguo and others. I’ve learnt this Language in school and University and now, not to forget it, I’m self-educating.

I think, chatting on Facebook with foreigners, listening to audiobooks and songs and watching TV shows are also very helpful for learning language.

11:03 AM Dec 21 2015 |




Well, this is one of the fabulous changes in our fast high-tech society. Apps are definitely very effiticent, time saving, entertaining ways of learning. I downloaded 3 so far and the result is evident. Interactive games hooks you on learning. You will see the progress more rapidly rather then get educated by books.

09:42 AM Dec 21 2015 |



I have been learning English for 3 years by myself, yes, I am self-taught. I used to take class online but didnt help me lot because I am poor self-control. I need teacher to supervise me in reality. Now I am still learning by myself and prepare an examination next early year. I will work harder to pass it.

08:33 AM Dec 21 2015 |




Using apps to study foreign languages are genuinely useful if you have no time for taking any class.

04:46 AM Dec 21 2015 |



Definitely , I recommand to everyone that apps staffs are very helping out .
One of the main reason is that apps has a lot options which give learnes to self tought without taking any obligation class .
The apps gives alternative way to people who want to study forigen language no matter what kind of language .
To me , I have sort of apps staff it’s called Poadcast .
It needs to downlaod by Apple store and then should write down in search bar ESLPOD .
Believe me it works .

03:33 AM Dec 21 2015 |

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