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Cat Memes
Cat Memes

Learn English meaning of 'cat memes'

Date: Jan 10 2020

Themes: Hobbies, Pets, Pop Culture, Tech

Grammar: Adverbs


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Meow! Are you fanatically obsessed with cats? If you are, you probably know about many famous cats on the Internet, like Grumpy Cat and Business Cat. Cat fans can spend hours looking at funny pictures on Reddit. They can watch short videos of cats doing just about anything: climbing, playing, and even sleeping. There are so many cat fans in the world that cat memes have gone viral.

But what if you don’t like cats? Maybe, you prefer dogs. Maybe, you use the Internet to look up recipes or learn about food. Maybe, you like sports videos or reading about celebrities. One thing is for sure. If you are fanatical about something, you can find it on the Internet.

Romeo and Jessica are talking about cat memes. Find out what they think in this English lesson.


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Romeo:  I don’t know what you like to do for fun, but I love, I mean, I am fanatically obsessed... I have to follow... every cat meme. There’s this one I saw the other day, and the cat was climbing on the curtain. It went all the way up, and I swear, it was literally climbing on the ceiling.

Jessica:  I think it’s so silly that people are using their cats to make videos, and then these videos go viral.

Romeo:  That’s what’s supposed to happen!

Jessica:  I guess I’m not with it in this digital age. I prefer puppy pictures…

Romeo:  Aww.

Jessica:  And puppy memes… Although, there is one cat meme I really like, Business Cat.

Romeo:  Business Cat?

Jessica:  That’s pretty funny.

Romeo:  I’m not familiar with Business Cat.

Jessica:  A cat with a tie. It’s pretty funny. I don’t know if you’re following Reddit and following all of the threads about Business Cat?

Romeo:  No, I don’t do that. You’ve got to do all those other websites, the ones that have all the fourteen-second videos.

Jessica:  Oh, like Vine.

Romeo:  Yeah, because then you get bored. Like Vine, yeah, definitely.

Jessica:  All right, well, maybe you will peak my interest with cat videos and Grumpy Cat.

Romeo:  Yeah, I would love to. Let’s do it.


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Romeo loves cat memes. His favorite thing to do for fun is go online and watch cat videos. He spends so much time on Vine that he says he is obsessed! He tells Jessica about a funny cat video that he saw the other day.

Jessica is not interested in watching cat videos. She thinks it is weird that pictures and videos of people’s cats have gone viral. She prefers looking at pictures of puppies. However, she does like Business Cat because he wears a tie and is pretty funny. Jessica agrees that Romeo has peaked her interest. Maybe, she will look at more cat memes in the future.

Do you prefer cats or dogs? Do you ever spend time on Vine or Reddit?



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United Kingdom

Nyan Cat. The most acclaimed web feline is Nyan Cat, a 8-bit energized cat, who won Meme of the Year at the Webby Awards in May and Keyboard Cat.

best essay writers

06:04 AM Dec 28 2017 |




I don’t spend time on Vine or Reddit and I don’t specially like to watch cats and dogs on internet. I feell a pleasure when I’m watching my dogs or friends animals but that’s all. I really rare have fun of animals on internet. Sometimes they even make me sad.

02:03 PM Jan 24 2016 |



i love doges and i have one called copper and i really fall in love with it

02:09 PM Jan 13 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i have not cat because i think is dirty 

but i like fish aquarium

12:54 PM Jan 09 2016 |



No . I have not spent anytime on Vine or Reddit. I like cats and dogs only when they are seen by me.


   I think it is weird that anyone who could spend much time on Vine or Reddit of cats. Especially there are somebodies who could be obssessed by that cat’s Vine.l cant understand it.

06:02 AM Jan 09 2016 |

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WordsmithSuper Member!

United States

I have a dog and two cats. They are all wonderful and unique.

I love Grumpy Cat! :) Did you know that her real name is Tardar Sauce? Isn’t that funny?!

06:37 PM Jan 08 2016 |




i like both, despite not having any! Pets are so funny and cat videos are hilarious.

i haven´t been on Reddit…thanks for the tip!! let’s check it out!!

05:38 PM Jan 08 2016 |


United States

I don’t like cat at all , but I have to admit that cats keep around my house clean from mouse , cockroaches , many others insests  which that I really load them . I love dogs but it costs me arm and leg to raise a dog in my country . lol 

04:13 PM Jan 08 2016 |




I’ve been a dog person all my life and had a Rottweiler for 13 years. But then one day I found a kitten in the street and took it home. Since that day I literally fell in love with my new pet. Cats are really amazing and strange creatures. 

09:54 AM Jan 08 2016 |



I like cats & dogs both . We had 1 dog & 3 cats in our home.

05:07 AM Jan 08 2016 |



I used to have both pets . I mean cat and dog , they were stunning pets .
I was fanatically obsessed about all kind of animals no matter domestic or wild .
I rescued a few wild animals as snacks ,reptiles and spiders .
Now , I am making up my mind with it all species which what should I learn from them
Instead of to steer clear of animals .

04:08 AM Jan 08 2016 |


Costa Rica

I prefer dogs! And honestly, I hadn’t heard about Vine and Reddist before, so I have never got there….

01:20 AM Jan 08 2016 |

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