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Public Bathrooms
Public Bathrooms

Learn English meaning of ‘public bathrooms’

Date: Mar 16 2016

Themes: Health, Travel

Grammar: Tag Questions


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When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go! But finding a public restroom isn’t always easy, and there aren’t many good alternatives. At most stores in the US, restrooms are for customers only, so you need to buy something in order to use the bathroom. It’s the same at most restaurants. You must buy some food or a drink if you want to use the bathroom.

The good news is that many public places in the US, like city parks and downtown areas, have public restrooms on the street. However, the flip side of this is that they aren’t usually very clean. Sometimes, the soap dispensers are empty, or there are no paper towels or toilet paper. But when it’s an emergency situation, these public bathrooms are very helpful.

Marni and Jessica are talking about their experiences with public bathrooms. Find out their opinions in today’s English lesson.


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Marni:  You know what’s the worst?

Jessica:  What?

Marni:  When you have to go to the bathroom so badly, and you just cannot find a public restroom.

Jessica:  It’s so true, and there aren’t very many alternatives.

Marni:  No. And I feel like we’re so lucky in the US because we have a lot of public restrooms. If you’ve traveled extensively, you don’t always get to places that have them.

Jessica:  Exactly.

Marni:  And then you realize… pretty lucky. Now, the flip side of that is that they are not always the cleanest places, are they?

Jessica:  I know! I always worry about my hygiene when I go in. I was in a public restroom the other day, and there were no soap dispensers and no paper towels.

Marni:  I understand. And sometimes, there’s a lack of privacy, like there’s not really doors, and the door doesn’t lock. But you know, when it’s an emergency, they’re your best resource.

Jessica:  I am glad we have options.


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Marni and Jessica agree that public bathrooms have advantages and disadvantages. They are not usually clean places, and Jessica worries about her hygiene whenever she uses a public restroom. Also, because they are public, these bathrooms are often missing necessary supplies, like soap and paper towels. And they don’t always give people enough privacy.

However, Marni and Jessica also think that, in an emergency situation, a public bathroom is a wonderful resource. Not every country has restrooms for people to use when they are traveling around town. Marni thinks people in the US should feel lucky because they have the option to use public restrooms, and Jessica agrees with her.

Do you have many public bathrooms in your country? Are these bathrooms clean or dirty?



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Saudi Arabia

I need learn skills writeing

10:18 PM Apr 29 2016 |


Saudi Arabia

Hi I’m first time

10:14 PM Apr 29 2016 |



I had never used a resstroom on the street near city parks or downtown.But those of bus staions ,train depots and restaurants are well-maintained in Morocco.I think restrooms in universities and public schools are neither clean nor private here;because they belong to public sector

09:16 PM Apr 13 2016 |




We have many bathroom in iraq but they are not very clean cos the careless of peoples when they use it

02:47 PM Mar 21 2016 |




   The cleaness of public restrooms depends on their locations. For example, the public restrooms in an MRT station are usually well-maintained while those in parks are not. One of my resources when is an emergency is McDonald’s. 

08:46 AM Mar 18 2016 |




We have many public bathrooms in China. The public bathrooms’s hygiene are more badly than America. I think when you have emergency situtation clean bathroom or dirty bathroom are all perfect.

10:56 PM Mar 16 2016 |



Here in Brazil you can find some public restrooms, depending on the city you are.

In some crowded places, like subway stations or bus stations you can find available restrooms, but they charge you a small amount of money (something like US$0.25 or even less).

On the other hand, some public restrooms are used by homeless and they sink wash themselves. That’s why I think in few places the use of restroom are charged.

BUT, this is not what usually you’ll find in Brazil! Average restrooms are public and clean!

03:54 PM Mar 16 2016 |



Theres no many public bathrooms in my country. In some cityes maybe a couple of, but there are not in a good condition.

03:20 PM Mar 16 2016 |




We don´t have so many public rest rooms , and if during an emergency you find one, God help you, I know what Jessica went through when she coudn´t found toilet paper and soup. So disgusting…. But when you got to go, you got to go. Restaurants allow the public to use the toilet, but this is not free. At least, as you are running to the loo, loudly make sure to order a coffee for you ( the cheapest beverage)hahahaha

01:10 PM Mar 16 2016 |




there are a lot of public bathroom in the city i live. i cannot say that all is clean i am afraid. and they missing necessary supplies like soap and paper towels. additionally, they are not free of charge here.  an authorized serve you a few cologne and paper towels after you ended it and take a payment from you.

12:06 PM Mar 16 2016 |

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Yes , but not much are there.

Public restrooms are just okay.

09:08 AM Mar 16 2016 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yeah i am agrre with joao corre ja because my country is Islamic and we don’t have public bathrooms.

07:49 AM Mar 16 2016 |

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Yes . I think I am very lucky that there are many public bathrooms where I live and work.

I go to work by foot every day. I need pass through a residential area and a large park. I can see three public bathrooms on my road. I seldom go into them. But it is very clean and private when I go in.  only that there is no soap and towel paper. In spite of this, it is very useful when one need it. So in general, I can carry some paper and wipes with me and prepare for the emergency situation.

In some large entertainment venues and restaurants, the bathrooms equip with relatively complete. Because it is the part of their service.

03:52 AM Mar 16 2016 |

joao correia


There are not public bathroom in my city where I live. But I know that in somewhere that there are so dirty restroom without privacy and no soap dispenser, no paper tower too. it’s so bad because the people that are in street needs to use restrooms.

01:40 AM Mar 16 2016 |

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