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My First Job
My First Job

Learn English Meaning of 'My First Job'

Date: Apr 06 2020

Themes: Work

Grammar: Adjectives


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Do you remember your first job? Most people start their first job when they are teenagers. It is usually something they do to make some extra money in order to go shopping or to hang out with friends. There are different kinds of first jobs. Some people work with kids as a nanny while other people choose to work in a restaurant or kitchen. It all depends on what you are better suited for.

Your first job is an important experience. You can learn how to work with different people and learn how to follow orders. Some people remember that there first job was intimidating. Others think their first job was tedious and boring. People love reminiscing about their teenage memories.

Jessica and Brian are talking about their first jobs. Find out what they remember in today’s English lesson.


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Jessica:  Brian, I was reminiscing the other day about my very first job.

Brian:  Did you love it?

Jessica:  Oh man, I actually found it to be really tedious. I think I would have been better suited in something like a customer service position. But I was a nanny.

Brian:  Oh! Well, that takes a different type of people skill.

Jessica:  Yeah, that’s true. But I don’t know. It was a lot of stress. And I was young. So, starting off on my first job, it was a little intimidating to start off on that path.

Brian:  I can imagine. My first job was at a comic book shop. And that was actually really great. I loved it.

Jessica:  Wow! That sounds like so much fun. I don’t know if I can top that.

Brian:  Well, there were tedious aspects like stocking, but getting to talk to the customers and then just looking at comic books and reading them when I’m at work was amazing.

Jessica:  That sound’s like so much fun. Well, this has been a really fun walk down memory lane, Brian.

Brian:  Well, at least for me.

Jessica:  Yeah, no kidding.


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Jessica is telling Brian about her first job. She found her first job to be tedious. She thinks she would have liked customer service better. Her first job was being a nanny, which she found very stressful. She thinks Brian’s first job sounds like so much fun!

Brian’s first job was at a comic book shop. He really loved it. He explains that there were aspects of the job that were tedious, but he could look at comic books and read them at work!

What was your first job? Did you like it?



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so my first job was in the SUDANESE PETROLIUM CORPORATIO at the IT branch as a trainning , I have got so much benefit from it , and I loved it so much , now I worked as a counter in a corp .

11:29 AM Apr 17 2016 |

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joao correia


Yeah my first job was in big supermarket but before I already worked as a seller, deliver boy, any others.

01:38 AM Mar 22 2016 |

La Princesse de la vie


My first experience was in a pharmacy. It wasn’t actually a job, I was rather an intern. It was just for a short while, about three weeks, then I had to leave for the beginning of the new semester.

At the moment I’m experiencing a new one, but this time as an intern in a medical analysis lab although it’s my final semester now, but I’m trying to make some time through my week for that and I hope I can finish my internship by exams, so I can start working in a lab right after graduation.

Being in a pharmacy as an intern for the first time was a little awkward, but now I’m rather excited for my second chance, which will be my aspect of work for a while after graduating.

09:20 PM Mar 21 2016 |




so my first job was at Chantier (building)

08:18 PM Mar 21 2016 |

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My first job was at the local university as a computer programmer trainee. I loved it so much! I learned many things and I started making my network there.

12:45 PM Mar 21 2016 |




Just like Jessica, I earned my very first money with being a nanny. It was simple, because for the job I just had to cross the street. I’ve babysat 3 kids. I wouldn’t say it was a stressful time. I really liked it because once the kiddies were fast asleep I was able to stick my head between my school books. 

My first job out of school was at a gas station. It paid well enough to have some spending money while attenting university. It always felt great to cash the cheque at the end of the month.



i start my first job may be i was 10 years old , i worked in acarpenter workshop , i was a boy but it was a very good experience to me , i learned many things , 

11:12 AM Mar 21 2016 |



  How old was I those time? Let me think about it.

  It should be about 17 years old when I was graduated from high school. The I had a very long summer vacation when I waited for the result of the college entrance examination. I decided to find a job. I wanted to make some money for my university.

   It is a small textile factory and posted a notice writing that need some worker out of the gate. Then it was seen by me.

   I got that job successfully.

   The job need day and night work which need about twelve hours including meals and shifted by one week. There was no weekend. But I could accept it completely.

   It was very tired especially at night because of drowsing  at the middle night. I need to watch the working of the machine. When there was no thread, I need to make up it at any time. Some time I would sleep by standing.

    Fortunately, there was no accident.

   But now I don’t remember how much money I had made at last . there had been no a little memory.


United States

My very first job was a paper route delivering newspapers to my customers. I had to place flyers and comic sections in the main paper before leaving the paper station. Then I loaded up my red wagon and pulled it to each house and hand delivered the paper.

I collected the money at the end of the week. So much was owed for the newspaper bill and the rest was my income on top of any tips. 

I like my job and the customers who always paid on time. I was about 14 years old.

My first regular type job was in the dish washing room in a restaurant. My duty was to remove food from the plate and prepare to load them into the dishwasher. After going through the dishwasher I removed and placed them on the cart.

Also I was a busboy that removed the plates and glasses from the tables and brought them to the dish room. At the end of the shift, the waitresses gave a tip to the busboy that cleaned their tables.

I liked this job but the dish room was hot. The main good point was free food at lunch time. It was a weekend job and I was about 15 years old and it was a very good experience for me.




reminising about my tennege life after finish high school i searched for a job and my first job was a sales girl. i remember its was a very tedious job at there like stocking but at least that time im completely satisfied because it was my source of income so that i can use it to go out and chilling with friends. :o

david yun

South Korea

My first job was at a bakery. It was a little tedious because I had to do any chores in the bakery.

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