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Easter Egg Hunts
Easter Egg Hunts

Learn English meaning of ‘Easter egg hunts’

Date: Apr 10 2020

Themes: Holidays, How To, Party

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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Next Sunday is Easter. This spring holiday symbolizes rebirth and new life. Many Christians celebrate Easter as the end of Lent. During Lent, people sometimes give up a favorite food or activity. They think about others who have less than them. On Easter, they celebrate the new possibilities of spring. Usually, one family member has volunteered to host a big Easter meal.

There are many typical symbols of new life during Easter. Easter eggs are one of the most popular symbols. Families use colored dye to make beautiful Easter eggs. These eggs are usually decorated with wonderful pastel colors. Parents hide the eggs in the yard so their children can have an Easter egg hunt. The children try to find the eggs and put them into their Easter baskets.

Jessica is going to host her first Easter celebration. She needs some help, so she asks Kelsey. Listen to their conversation in today’s English lesson.


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Jessica:  Kelsey, I happen to be Jewish, but I actually volunteered myself to host Easter this year, and I need some help. I don’t know exactly what I’m supposed to do. I do remember having Easter egg hunts when I was little, so I know there will be kids there, so I’ll do that.

Kelsey:  OK, I can definitely help you. I grew up celebrating Easter. It’s right after the season of Lent, and it symbolizes the rebirth of Jesus in the Christian religion. But definitely, the Easter eggs are a good thing to start with. Do you have any dye to dye the Easter eggs with?

Jessica:  Oh, I actually do. That was one thing I remembered to purchase. And then, I actually got some candy and fun things to put together Easter baskets. I also have lots of pastel colors to decorate the house.

Kelsey:  You sound like you’ve got it covered.

Jessica:  Oh, thank you! Well, maybe you can come over and help me.

Kelsey:  I will, for sure. And, if you have lots of kids there, you have to keep an eye on them… they tend to hoard all the Easter eggs.

Jessica:  Good idea. I’ll make sure to watch all of the kids throughout the party and definitely during the Easter egg hunt.


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Jessica volunteered to host Easter dinner. However, she is Jewish, and she doesn’t know very much about Easter. She asks Kelsey for help because Kelsey celebrated Easter when she was a child. Kelsey explains that Easter happens after Lent in the Christian tradition. It is a holiday that represents rebirth.

Kelsey asks Jessica if she has dye in order to make Easter eggs. Jessica has got it covered. She is ready to dye eggs and have an Easter egg hunt. She even bought extra candy and toys so she can make Easter baskets for the children. Kelsey thinks that Jessica is ready, but she promises to help her during the party.

Do you celebrate Easter? What is your favorite symbol of spring?



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In Egypt we celebrate the 29th of April as the beginning of the spring season, which we name (Sham Alnasim). We go to the parks , play and color the eggs, but we have what is more important than the eggs, salted fish, this food is essential that day

02:01 PM Apr 14 2019 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

irani new year is start with spring and named NUWROZE. iranian celebrate spring as a rebirth of nature and they beleive rebirth in nature.they spread “Haft Sin” what use for health,wealth,brightness for new year and one of thing iranian definitely put in Haft Sin is egg.they dye eggs with pastel color or paiting sun or moon and stars and different things and give guests as a gift what named Eidi .i love my culture and respect it always

10:54 AM Apr 13 2019 |

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06:48 AM Apr 13 2019 |

haixi001Super Member!


In my country, we don’t celebrate Easter, we have the similiar celebration called “Spring Festival”. All of us enjoy it.

08:02 AM Apr 12 2019 |

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ml2000Super Member!


Kids always like easter scavenger hunt which excites and surprises them. They enjoy the adventure of hunting eggs in the yard. 

05:54 PM Apr 11 2019 |




As a Christian country we celebrate Easter in a grand manner. Families get together  for a feast. Many attend church also. Easter eggs are “mandatory”, mostly if there are kids around. What we don´t have in our tradition is Easter egg hunts. In my country right now we are at the beginning of autumn. 

03:55 PM Mar 23 2016 |




I do celebrate Easter, twice, the Catholic and Orthodox. Thraditions are different, the idea is the same. This is the holiday to remind us to be nicer, kinder, forgiving in this tough world. The symbol of spring for me is anticipation. Being a born optimist, that kind of anticipation is always positive.

01:13 PM Mar 23 2016 |



No. we have no Easter. But we have the “arbor day” which is in the day of 12th of March every year.

I think it is our symbol of spring. During that day, all many people can plant many trees.

03:07 AM Mar 23 2016 |

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