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thick skin

thick skin

Date: May 12 2016

Themes: Celebrity


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“A big lesson I’ve learned is not to care what others think…. In this business, you get a thicker skin.”

Actress Eva Longoria, talking about staying strong in Hollywood (US Weekly)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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ability to take criticism, ability to not be sensitive

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Sometimes, it’s hard not to care what other people think. We might face a lot of pressure from our family and friends to act a certain way or pursue a certain career. Even people on the street might judge us… for what we wear, how we talk, or what part of the world we’re from!

It can be difficult to escape other people’s judgment. That is why it’s important to have a thick skin. Someone with a thick skin doesn’t care what other people think. They believe in themselves and do what they think is right. Negative comments bounce right off them!

Actress Eva Longoria had to develop a thick skin to work in Hollywood. She has faced a lot of criticism, but now she is a confident businesswoman and is following her dreams.

Do you face criticism in your life? Do you have a thick skin?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“She’ll be okay in Mr. Mac’s math class, even though he’s mean. She’s got a thick skin.”

“A lot of people made fun of him for wearing those yellow shorts, but he didn’t care. He’s got a thick skin.”

“It’s important to have a thick skin when you travel. A lot of people might judge you for being from a different country.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

a2020 Be strong and others not affect you.
by a2020
maryam1990 not easily offended by other people’s criticism or insults
by maryam1990

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although i treat people in a nice way, they judge me in a wrong way! i use to get upset and try my best just to explain to them what i mean, but now i learnt to be have thick skin, and just go with flow.. when i am right no need to explain your exceuses! and continue your life :)

10:20 AM May 23 2016 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

we also say this expression in persian 

04:08 AM May 13 2016 |




Cool,that’s a nice expression,i like it thank you!

09:31 PM May 12 2016 |

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Ola, at least, ı didnt critize you ,but you did it severely :)))) 

07:14 PM May 12 2016 |


ola3Super Member!


Well, it’s a free world and anyone is free to say what he’s got to say. Critisizing can be also different. You can’t close your eyes on what you don’t like or shocks you completely. You can’t bottled the feelings up as well. It’s not good for health:) You say what you feel like to say trying not to burst the bubble of the sensitive mind. And if to look at it from a different angle with an open mind without skin rupture, it might enhance your horizon or you just stand your ground, decide what’s better for you and that could be done no better than out with the nature with the beatiful sun, fresh air, puffy clouds – you kinda think what a beautiful world and keep on running! 

02:30 PM May 12 2016 |




Rule of thumb: Don’t put it all out there if you don’t want to be criticised :)

I certainly learned to toughen up in order to protect myself from unwanted criticism. I armor and shield my heart from anyone who wants to step on my toes. 

Taken as a whole, I don’t mind receiving some tactful constructive criticism from closest friends and colleagues…

12:19 PM May 12 2016 |


ola3Super Member!


Not knowing Seiyf you just criticized criticizing people. :)

10:51 AM May 12 2016 |



ohhh, there is no any person in the world escape from criticisms of other people..always there are different kind of circles around us,family,relatives,neighboors,friends that force us what we will talk,wear,act,...

its hard to live with other people’s strict ,rude criticisms.and it not easy to face them always.

everyone  can have thick skin but there will be thin skin too ,easily will be hurting ..

09:19 AM May 12 2016 |




There is a bit another meaning of this expression in our country. We say ” he gets a thicker skin” when somebody is intemperate, lie without any without any conscience. 

07:04 AM May 12 2016 |



Yes. I have faced much criticism in my life since childhood as anyone.

I was easily to produce an inferiority complex for other’s opinions,views, criticism to me when I was a child, such as poverty, unbeautiful…

I was restless when I was a child and my aunt always criticized me for that with dislike. She always said to me: “why can’t you sit still?”

So I didn’t like my aunt all the time.

I always cared about what others thought of me, what others said of me when I was young especially when I was a student during the period of my whole youth.

So I didn’t have a thick skin when I was young. And I couldn’t be confidence the same time I was unhappy.


Gradually, I grew up. With  increase of the experience of life, I finally understand that it is other’s business no matter what they say and what they think. The most important thing is what and how I myself do  and what and how I myself say.

One couldn’t control other’s thought and mouth and eyes, but could do one own.

    Suddenly I remember some sentences: if I respect you, it is nothing with you, but I am excellent. If I don’t respect you, it is nothing with you too, only that I am lack of culture. Or , if I respect you it is my excellence not you, it is nothing with you. If I don’t respect you, it is not your non-good, but mine. Likewise, it is nothing with you and only it was my lack of culture.

02:05 AM May 12 2016 |

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