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Learn English meaning of 'podcasts'

Date: Jun 03 2020

Themes: Hobbies, Music, News, Tech

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

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2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

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Are you a busy person who likes to learn new things? If you are, you might enjoy listening to podcasts. You can find these audio programs on the internet and listen to them on your phone or on your computer. Instead of listening to a radio DJ blabbering about silly things, try a science or history podcast. Be inspired by an interview with a famous person. Learn about the day-to-day of life in another country in a travel podcast.

Serial is a very popular documentary podcast that started in 2014. Serial makes content about the lives of different people. Over 5 million people have downloaded this podcast! You can listen to it online for free to improve your English. A great place to look for other engaging podcasts is NPR, or National Public Radio. NPR has many podcasts about money, politics, books, and music. One of NPR’s most popular podcasts is Car Talk, a funny program about car problems. And, of course, you can always do a Google search to find a podcast about other topics you like.

Jessica is a new listener. Listen as she and Andy talk about their favorite kinds of podcasts.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jessica:  Gary, I just started listening to podcasts…

Gary:  Hold on- just want to take out my earbuds. Sorry, I was listening to some podcasts. What were you talking about?

Jessica:  Podcasts!

Gary:  Oh, no way!

Jessica:  Yes! I just started listening to podcasts.

Gary:  That’s awesome! I was just listening to a radio drama.

Jessica:  Really?

Gary:  Yeah.

Jessica:  Oh, you’ll have to tell me about it. I’ve been really into the documentary-style podcasts. I just finished Serial. It was incredible. I just want to listen to it again actually.

Gary:  NPR does some amazing podcasts.

Jessica:  They really do. It’s amazing to me that they’re newsworthy content but so engaging. I feel like I’m learning something new while I’m listening.

Gary:  Every single morning I’m listening to a podcast, because there’s so much great educational content that I can just learn about people, culture, new ideas, and be inspired.

Jessica:  Yeah.

Gary:  I love it!

Jessica:  I’ve been listening to them at the gym, which is really random, but it allows me to focus not only on my exercise and what I’m doing but also the storytelling.

Gary:  Yeah, and it’s not just radio blabbering where someone’s talking about the day-to-day with no real clear idea of where they’re going.

Jessica:  Exactly. I love it!

Gary:  Podcasts. So good!


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Jessica just started listening to podcasts, and she loves them! She’s been really into Serial, which is a documentary about the lives of different people. She likes to listen to podcasts at the gym. That way she can exercise and learn at the same time. She’s amazed at how podcasts are newsworthy and engaging.

Gary listens to podcasts every single morning. He’s inspired by all the educational content. He can learn about people, culture, and new ideas from podcasts. When Gary listens to the radio, all he hears is blabbering. That’s why he turns off the radio and listens to podcasts from NPR and radio dramas instead.

Do you think podcasts are a good way to learn about new things? Do you listen to English podcasts?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Actually, I am not a fan of podcasts as i cannot focus on 2 things at the same time. I saw some people who are driving while listening to the podcasts. but for me, I guess it would cause an accident! but after this lesson, I have been persuaded to listen every day to improve my english! thanks for encouraging me English Baby!

12:02 PM Jun 04 2020 |

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I like listening different podcasts) it’s really helpful

05:45 AM Jan 29 2019 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Listening to podcast is good way when you have  times for spending . whenever  you  must  spend 15 minutes or more  for waiting to get  something like stay in queue or arriving somewhere and that time you dont know what to do .

It’s better you can use an  App in your cellphone and download podcast and listen as many times as you need.

04:14 PM Jan 17 2019 |




I also listen to some podcasts. But i prefer to listen in english pod casts . If any have daily podcasts in english please letbme know.

03:55 PM Jan 16 2019 |

1 person likes this


GWTASuper Member!


yes, i think so and i do it daily

03:41 PM Jan 16 2019 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

The first time I learned about podcasts was through English, baby! about two years ago.

09:24 AM Jan 16 2019 |

1 person likes this

fxarrufatSuper Member!


I enjoy listening podcasts in English. Some of them are podcasts to learn English and other explain a variety or topics I am interested in, but in English. It’s a way to improve my English and learn about interesting topics at the same time.

07:32 PM Jan 15 2019 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Listening to podcast could be better than listening to the radio! In radio, you listen programs by random and maybe you don’t like them, and also radio programs are not on demand, but podcasts are classified and you can listen what you like and whenever you can or you want. Podcasts could be one of the ways to improve our English.

Let’s go listen to some podcast and thank englishbaby to introduce NPR.

03:40 PM Jun 20 2016 |

La Princesse de la vie


Oh! I haven’t tried it before, but I just found out that it’s a great way to take your language to another level and also your knowledge. I’m going to try it for sure.

01:11 PM Jun 20 2016 |



Yes. It is a very good way to learn about new things by podcasts.

I have never listen to English podcasts. But I decide to listen to it from now on. I have downloaded the serial on my computer. I think it will be my new way to learn english and I will get much from it.

02:47 AM Jun 20 2016 |

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