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Global Language Contest: The Interview
Global Language Contest: The Interview English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘MLOW’


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Every year, ELS Language Centers has a special contest. This contest is about multilingualism and multiculturalism. It is called Many Languages, One World (MLOW). This year, students studied the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Then, they wrote essays about multilingualism and the UN agenda. These essays were in a language that they learned. Winners of the MLOW contest will receive a free trip to New York City. There, they will go to the Global Youth Forum and share their ideas with the United Nations General Assembly.

The students in this contest have an online interview. They talk to someone about the ideas in their essays. They explain why these ideas are important. Many of these students think that language is a gateway. Knowing many languages helps them talk to people from other countries. They like learning about different world views and global governance. These students want to win the MLOW contest. Then, they can work together to make action plans for the future.

Watch today’s English video to see some of these amazing students during their online interviews.

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Rind I received an email from my university about this contest, and I was always interested in the work of the United Nations.

Federico “Many Languages” first was something that caught my attention. And then when I started reading what the topic of the essay was supposed to be about, it was global citizenship.

Shazana I was motivated to participate because I have this personal attachment to multiculturalism and multilingualism.

Jorge A lot of the ideas that I had had to do with how artificial the distinctions between nationalities really are.

Tom I always read about the U.N. and about global organizations and institutions and how global governance is made. And to actually be a part of that would be so cool.

Bahti I speak French… I speak Kinyarwanda.

Amani Swahili. I’ve been into English. And now this is a country which speaks French.

Rind Arabic is more the language I use with my friends and family. English is the fun language.

Jorge I speak Spanish, of course, English, and a little bit of French.

Federico I think that learning languages and mastering languages is a gateway.

Amani I feel like, I’m not so much of my own country. I feel like I belong to a larger community.

Tom It’s obvious that we are living in a global society, that we are all in this thing together. So, why to build walls? Why to build so many fences? Why to separate people?

Shazana In order to change something, you have to dare to stand up by becoming active in politics and hearing as many opinions and world views as possible.

Federico To be on a multicultural team with many different people working on action plans, that would be very significant.

Tom This would be so cool! This would be so awesome!


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There are many amazing students in the 2016 MLOW contest, and they all speak more than one language! Being multicultural and multilingual is very important to them. They think that the people on Earth are more similar than they are different. They want to make a strong world culture by working together.

Some of these students wrote essays because they want to work in global politics. Other students want to go to the Global Youth Forum so they can share ideas and learn new things. They all want to make good changes for their countries and for the whole world. They want to win so they can make action plans together. These plans can make a beautiful future for all people in the world.

Why is being multilingual important to you? Do you want to share your ideas with the United Nations?



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Wow, very interesting contest. I speak French and English, and I think multilingual is very important to me. It opens the world and allows me to see things in different perspectives.

07:54 AM Jun 28 2016 |

La Princesse de la vie


Multilingualism is important for me because it can be the gateway to see the world, know other people with different views and different perspectives to learn from each other and transfer good ideas from one place to another and also to get together to make an action plan to help save the planet and make the world a better place to live in.

This is my first time hearing of MLOW, but it caught my interest, especially that multilingualism is something I’m interested in. To take part in the contest and send them my ideas is going to be a big step for me. I’m considering it already.

09:53 PM Jun 24 2016 |




Yes, it’s very important to me. I’ve lived in different countries, and I believe we need to be open to multiculturalism and multilingualism for a better world.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Human being are the same in most aspects. Except in their languages and what they believe. In other words our cultures are not similar in all over the world.

I am inclined to believe that differences between us shouldn’t to cause distance and enmity to each other. We must accept our diferences with respect to each other and try to communicate and recognize different cultures, this is not going to happen unless we try to speak to each other, to this purpose we need to learn other languages.

Being multilingual help us to believe our nation, our culture are not the best. Being multilingual for me is windows in my small room to the other extensive worlds. 

03:23 PM Jun 24 2016 |


GWTASuper Member!


It would be nice if everyon could live together peacefully and everyone could move where ever he wants. But unfortunately it is not possible because of financial and religious intersts. Some peaple even wants to kill other peaple  because they believe somthing else.

11:02 AM Jun 24 2016 |

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