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Learn English meaning of 'FOMO'

Date: Oct 19 2016

Themes: Health, News, Tech

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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What do you see when you go on Facebook? Do you see a boatload of cool photos from your friends? Is everyone having fun adventures all the time? How does it make you feel? Sometimes, Facebook can make us feel envy or give us a bad case of FOMO. FOMO means Fear Of Missing Out. But what exactly is FOMO?

If you have FOMO, you check Facebook all the time to see what other people are doing. You want to know about everything that’s happening. Instead of thinking about your own aspirations, you feel regret. It seems like your life is boring, and everyone else has a better life. You feel indecisive about what to do next.

Dominique thinks Andy needs to focus on more meaningful things. Why? Listen to this English lesson to find out about Andy’s bad case of FOMO.


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Andy_H:  Oh my gosh, Dominique! I am just having the worst case of FOMO this week. One of my friends climbed a mountain, the other one is in Aruba, and here I am with just a boatload of regret. I feel like I’m missing out on everything. I got FOMO, hardcore.

Dominique:  You know what would work for your FOMO?

Andy_H:  What’s that?

Dominique:  Perhaps, getting offline. Living your life. Focus on your goals, and your dreams, and aspirations.

Andy_H:  But that’s the thing, I’m really indecisive. I feel like I have a choice overload because every time I want to do something, another thing shows up.

Dominique:  Sounds like you have a bad case of envy. Why don’t you go do something meaningful?

Andy_H:  I guess I could focus on my stamp collection.

Dominique:  I guess you could do that.

Andy_H:  All right, you know what? I’m logging off Facebook. Thanks, Dominique.

Dominique:  No problem.


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Andy feels like his friends have a better life than he does. How does he know this? He sees all their photos and stories on the internet. His friends travel and climb mountains. This gives Andy a terrible case of FOMO. He isn’t sure what to do. It feels like he has an overload of choices in life, so he does nothing. He has a boatload of regret.

Dominique thinks Andy has too much envy. She believes logging off the internet is the best way to stop FOMO. If Andy starts thinking about his own aspirations in life, he won’t feel so indecisive. Dominique tells Andy to focus on things that are meaningful to him. Andy remembers that his stamp collection is meaningful to him. He decides to go offline and start living his own life.

Do you have FOMO? What do you do when you feel indecisive?



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From my opinion, FOMO is quite common. Some of my friends share their photos on the Internet just for showing off. I think it ok to feel FOMO and envy sometimes. Just don’t think it to much

06:55 AM Dec 07 2016 |



How can you use FB to learn English?!

Please! Give me some tips!

05:29 AM Nov 03 2016 |



Hello I’a studenyLaughing

09:58 PM Oct 21 2016 |


ola3Super Member!


Even if you don’t have a case of Fomo, some people will help to have it. They start asking you questions about your vacation and are shocked that you haven’t been anywhere last summer. You try to calm them down saying it’s ok, that you’re happy with what you have, But they try to convince you it’s not ok and you kinda drag the long – “realyyyyyy?!” :)))) and listen to their adventures and all that stuff. 

Jokes apart – never had a case of Fomo. And don’t have such a thing of posting every step in detail on Facebook. The achievements – is another story but it might be on other social websites and apps that are more specific to the topics of interest. 

12:24 PM Oct 21 2016 |

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joao correia


I’m knowing it now FOMO But I already felt it in the past like my life was passed trough my fingers and I haven’t  had been enjoyed so much.

The best thing to do when I felt it was woke up and stand up for a live my own life and to find my own dreams it’s a meaningful life.

06:16 PM Oct 19 2016 |

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I have experienced FOMO. Always surfing on the internet will result in boatload of regretion. The best solution is turning off the the computer and calling to the friends and arranging a meeting. Going to the caffee at the night or climbing mountaing at at the end of week can help to reconstruct our feel for another week. Also every month we should have a long distance journey to visit environment. If we see  others experience joyful, we can follow that and do it.

02:57 PM Oct 19 2016 |



Viet Nam

I think fb is where we can communicate with our friends, but it doesn’t mean that when we learn what some friend can do but we can not , and we feel regret for not having a chance to do like them. Each person has their own life and it will depend on the goal we set for life and try to reach that..If we can do that I think we will not  have the feeling of FOMO.

07:44 AM Oct 19 2016 |



I think it depends of the meaning of ur life and how u see it. Also what’s important for u in life. 

I use fb to learn languages, to improve myself and to share important info with brothers and sister from all over the world :)

03:53 AM Oct 19 2016 |

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