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Sleeping at the Museum
Sleeping at the Museum

Learn English meaning of ‘sleeping at the museum’

Date: Nov 23 2016

Themes: Alternative, Hobbies, School


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Do you want to learn about dinosaurs and the history of Earth? Do you want a special experience? Then, you could sleep overnight at a natural history museum.

Each year, young boys and girls enjoy this event. But each group needs a chaperone. You can become a chaperone and enjoy the museum at night, too. However, it will probably be a sleepless night.


dinosaur n.


Example My favorite kind of dinosaur is the velociraptor.

natural history museum n.


Example Let’s go to the natural history museum to learn about the Paleolithic Era.

overnight adv.


Example Let’s sleep overnight at my mom’s house and then keep driving.

sleepless adj.


Example I’ve had many sleepless nights, and I am so tired now.

chaperone n.


Example My mom is always the chaperone when my class goes on a field trip.

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Would you like to sleep in a museum? Which museum is your favorite?


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Syrian Arab Republic

No I don’t think so I can’t imagine that and be a chaperone no never .

07:03 PM Nov 23 2016 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I love to improve my knowledge about dinosaur but at museum?!

No thank you, It isn’t my type. Staring at fossils?! :)

Just give me books or movies about them. I like to see them.

Books are very good because I can imagine dinosaur when I’m reading about them.

Movies are farther better than books.

I think museums should use digital tools to help visitors feel like they are in dinosaur era.

12:11 PM Nov 23 2016 |

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