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Date: Jul 12 2018

Themes: Celebrity, Music, Pop Culture


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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Adele is nothing but class. She reached out to me privately and publicly…. What a beautiful soul.

—Singer Kesha, speaking about how Adele supported her during a difficult time (popsugar.com)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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being graceful, stylish, and mature

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Has anyone ever helped you out when you were in a difficult situation? Maybe, your friend gave you a shoulder to cry on when you were upset, or perhaps, your brother loaned you money when you needed it. Helping other people is one of many ways that someone can show that they have class.

If a person has a lot of class, they have many qualities that other people admire. For example, someone with class might dress very well. They might be polite and intelligent. They might do a lot of cool things in their life, like travel the world or run their own business. We usually look up to people who have class. We often want to be just like them.

When singer Kesha was having a difficult time in her life, singer Adele reached out to her and spoke publicly in support of her. Because of this, Kesha thinks that Adele showed a lot of class.

Who do you think has a lot of class?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“She doesn’t have very much class. She wore sweatpants to a job interview.”

“When we lost the game, our team showed a lot of class. We didn’t get mad, and we shook the other team’s hands.”

“My grandmother worked 10 hours a day, but she still took the time to dress fashionably and make dinner for her family every night. She had a lot of class.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

My best friend has class.I admire him.

08:06 PM Jul 12 2018 |

The Last Joke


Sorry ..I forgot Mrs Marni ..I think ..Marni has a lot of class ..

Marni  is someone WHO helped us put our feelings into words without being too wordy in Englishbaby ..

 it’s my turn, I promise you ( my sweetest teacher)  that I will always help your site Englishbaby .

Dear teacher ..thanks a lot for everything you have done for us in englisbaby ..

01:33 PM Dec 29 2016 |

The Last Joke


There are a lot of people who have a lot of class in Englishbaby ..

In Englishbaby ..I mean in my staying in englishbaby ..I think ..Joy Lee has a lot of class .. 
I still remembering  those days when I was alone at englishbaby ,, in that point of my life where I couldn’t see any hope in this site. JOY LEE  came to Englishbaby and she has stood by my side always, in both my good and bad times. Without her by my side, I would not have achieved all this joy at this site ..she also brought me the light of hope and paved me through the right way. She has always supported me and stood beside me in every ups and downs of my life..

Joy Lee ..I always carry You in my heart !

12:44 PM Dec 29 2016 |

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