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Capsule Hotels
Capsule Hotels

Learn English meaning of 'Capsule Hotels'

Date: Mar 08 2017

Themes: News, Travel

Grammar: Relative Pronouns


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What kind of traveler are you? Do you like big, swanky hotel rooms? Do you need lots of fancy amenities? Or are you the type of person who likes to see the city and save money on the hotel room? If all you need is a bed, try sleeping at a capsule hotel.

Capsule hotels first started in Japan and are now all over the world. These hotels are extremely convenient for exhausted travelers. The traveler can crawl into a hibernation pod, get a good night’s sleep and then go see the city. Some people even think capsule hotels are fun enough to put on their bucket list.

Marni is claustrophobic. To her, staying in a capsule hotel sounds like a terrible idea. Can Andy change her mind? Listen to today’s English lesson to find out!


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Andy_H:  Marni?

Marni:  Yes?

Andy_H:  I just came back from vacation in Japan. Mark my words. If I go back to Japan, I will stay in a capsule hotel.

Marni:  Oh, really? Oh, gosh!

Andy_H:  Oh, yes! Those things look so cool. It’s like you have your own little hibernation pod. And it’s got all the amenities. They have a clean bed that you sleep on. You got a pull-down TV. You have internet access. It’s got everything you want just without the need to have 3 rooms in a hotel.

Marni:  As a claustrophobic person, I think I would find it far too cramped. It would be so challenging for me. I don’t care about fancy, I don’t need a lot of swanky amenities, but I just…

Andy_H:  But it’s so convenient. Think about all the money you’re wasting on space you’re not going to use in your hotel. Let’s say, you land somewhere, and you just want to explore the city, and sleep for a couple of hours. Do you really need 3 rooms and a bathroom to do that?

Marni:  Well, for that reason, I think it could be kind-of amazing. If you’re just so exhausted, you’ve been travelling, and you just need to sleep, and that’s all you’re going to do, you can just literally crawl into a pod and not really think about how small the space is. I think I could do it.

Andy_H:  All I’m saying is, next time I go somewhere that has one, I’m checking it off the bucket list.

Marni:  You do that.

Andy_H:  I will.


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Andy thinks that normal hotel rooms are too big. Perhaps, this is because he recently returned from Japan, the home of capsule hotels. Andy likes the idea of these cramped little spaces. In fact, staying in a capsule hotel is on his bucket list. He hopes he can go back to Japan in the future.

Marni doesn’t need a swanky hotel room, but she’s not sure she could stay in a hibernation pod. It’s hard for a claustrophobic person to be in such a small place. If Marni were exhausted from travel, she might be able to crawl into a tiny room. Otherwise, Marni will probably choose a hotel with normal rooms.

What amenities do you need when traveling? Do you think it’s convenient to stay in a capsule hotel?



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Russian Federation

I’m not claustrophobic. may’be

huh, you can imagine yourself as an astronaut

11:05 PM Mar 08 2017 |

1 person likes this




I´d rather prefer to live in a tent than to stay in a capsule. I have traveled and stayed in a five-star hotel, also in budget motels . When you are young to stay in a hibernation pod it could also be part of the fun, but at my age I need  not only amenities, space is a must..

11:55 AM Mar 08 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

See capsule hotel here 👇



11:33 AM Mar 08 2017 |

1 person likes this

haixi001Super Member!


I have never seen the capsule hotel, but I can bear living in the hibernation pod. It’s very interesting.

09:21 AM Mar 08 2017 |



Though I’m not really into cramp places, I think I could deal with a capsul hotel. It looks like a small tent which you sleep in when you’re travelling the mountains and the forests. Besides it has all the facilities you may need. And you economy with it, too. So it’s great!

09:17 AM Mar 08 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Oh I think I am claustrophobic person too!

I cant imagine to crawl into a capsule😗

I prefer a swanky hotels with least amenities but dont use a hibernation pod!

If I dont have enough money I prefer not travel

Furthurmore there are other ways to save money when you travel ,like using hostels or cheaper hotels or using public transportations!

Even if I am too exhausted I cant sleep in a luxury coffin😰

05:09 AM Mar 08 2017 |

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