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Learn English meaning of ‘the BROTUS’

Date: Feb 24 2017

Themes: Friend, News, Pop Culture

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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People love to talk about their country’s leaders. In the US, the POTUS is always a popular topic. People love talking about the President’s hobbies, friends, and life, but they do not always talk about the Vice President as much as the President. However, when President Obama left the White House, people began talking a lot about the bromance between Barack Obama and his VP, Joe Biden.

In fact, the internet became full of memes about the BROTUS. These pictures showed Obama and Biden having friendly conversations and telling jokes to each other. Then, people began writing funny things under the pictures. Because there was such a big change in US politics, many of these BROTUS memes were poking fun at President Trump.

Andy doesn’t know about BROTUS. Listen to today’s English lesson to hear Gary fill him in on the details.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Andy_H:  Gary, I saw on the TV someone talking about BROTUS….

Gary:  Oh, man! BROTUS!

Andy_H:  What’s BROTUS? Can you fill me in?

Gary:  Well, it has to do with the POTUS and his VP.

Andy_H:  POTUS? Oh, you mean President of the United States.

Gary:  Bingo!

Andy_H:  OK.

Gary:  Barack Obama, Joe Biden…

Andy_H:  Their bromance

Gary:  Their bromance…

Andy_H:  …equals BROTUS… OK…

Gary:  Boom!

Andy_H:  There we go.

Gary:  I just dropped the mic right there.

Andy_H:  You sure did! It’s still hot.

Gary:  They have such an incredible friendship that they’ve developed over these past eight years.

Andy_H:  You know, it’s really awesome to see them as a dynamic duo. It’s just something that you can’t… you can’t see this every presidency. I feel like they’ve been poking fun at Trump a little bit.

Gary:  Well, and in some of the memes of the photos of them, it sure looks like it, doesn’t it?

Andy_H:  You bet you.

Gary:  Just laughing and having themselves a good time…

Andy_H:  A real fun parting gesture on their end.

Gary:  Well, I’m glad you’re now up to speed on our BROTUS who have just made their way back into civilian lives.

Andy_H:  You know, I hope that, even though the presidency is different now, we don’t get a shortage of BROTUS memes.


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Andy doesn’t know why so many people are talking about the BROTUS. He asks Gary to fill him in. Gary explains that the BROTUS represents the bromance between the former POTUS, Barack Obama, and his VP, Joe Biden. These two men have a great friendship, and this friendship lasted throughout Obama’s eight-year presidency.

Gary explains that people are now putting BROTUS memes on the internet. These memes are fun pictures of Obama and Biden talking and laughing. People have written funny things under the pictures, and a lot of them are jokes about President Trump. Andy thinks that this is a fun parting gesture for the BROTUS.

Do any politicians in your country have a bromance? What is your favorite internet meme?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

BROTUS is a mix word of : POTUS + bromance;

In iran we have a bromance, President Rohani and Zarif, we have same memes for this two bromance in this country.

The Gangnam style was my favorite meme on the internet.

03:38 PM Feb 26 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

In fact I even don’t know the meaning of “BROTUS” 

Would you please explain me more about this word?

10:52 AM Feb 26 2017 |




VP Biden´s elder son got seriously ill- brain cancer, he was attorney general of Delaware. VP, Joe Biden was willing to sell his house to cover treatment cost and help the family. President Obama stopped him from doing this offering financial help.This is bromance,isn´t it ?  His son died at the age of 46 …. 

11:05 AM Feb 24 2017 |

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