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Learn English meaning of ‘steampunk’

Date: Feb 09 2018

Themes: Alternative, Fashion, Hobbies, Pop Culture

Grammar: Third Conditional


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You’re on an adventure! You must stop a crazy person from blowing up the world. You put on your best adventure suit and grab your blunderbuss. As you walk down the street, you say, “Good morrow,” to everyone, but you trust no one. You hurry to catch a flight on a dirigible. This great flying machine will take you to save the world.

This is just one example of a steampunk adventure story. Steampunk is a style and a social trend. It mixes the essence of the Victorian era with futuristic ideas. There are many ways to enjoy steampunk. There are books, movies, and TV shows with these themes. Or if you are really interested, there are many steampunk events where people dress up and imagine fantastic futures.

Andy just bought a steampunk suit that accentuates his best features. Listen to today’s English lesson to learn if Dominique also likes steampunk.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Andy_H:  Good morrow, Madame Dominique! How goest? Check out this awesome suit.

Dominique:  What are you wearing, Andy?

Andy_H:  Oh, it’s just something I picked up at the store… Victoriana. It’s pretty cool. I have this event I’m going to, and it’s totally steampunk.

Dominique:  It’s kind of throwback.

Andy_H:  Throwback?! It’s pretty much like, the essence of Victorian England. I mean… you like steampunk, right?

Dominique:  No clue.

Andy_H:  O! M! G! OK. Steampunk is essentially the greatest thing because it takes the style of 1800s Britain and puts it into the futuristic sci-fi world. I mean, if I lived during the Victorian era, I definitely would have dressed like this. I mean, look at how it accentuates my body!

Dominique:  Um… If I lived back then, I think I’d just stay in the house… all the time.

Andy_H:  Well, maybe, if you lived back then, your house could have been a dirigible. But then you would have had to use your blunderbuss to shoot away the… you know… invaders. It would have been a mess. Anyways…


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Andy greets Dominique using Old English expressions. He is dressed in a crazy suit. Dominique thinks it looks very throwback and old fashioned. Andy tells her that it is steampunk style. He has an event to go to, so he bought these clothes to wear there. He is excited to celebrate the essence of Victorian England.

Dominique has no idea what Andy is talking about. She has never heard of steampunk before. So, Andy begins to tell her all about it. It is a mix of style from the late 19th century and ideas from futuristic sci-fi. Plus, Andy really likes how he looks in steampunk fashions.

Do you enjoy steampunk style? If you lived in Victorian England, what would you wear?


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