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Rainbow Bagels
Rainbow Bagels

Learn English meaning of ‘rainbow bagels'

Date: Mar 19 2018

Themes: Food, Friend, Pop Culture

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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Rainbow, rainbow! Have you ever wished that food was more colorful? Think of all the colorless food out there: bland cereal, white bread, wheat pasta… the list goes on. Food dye, a chemical used to make food colorful, solves this problem. It puts a bright pink in that cake icing and that mint green color in your mint chip ice cream.

Thanks to food dye, bagels now have every color of the rainbow! If you want a more colorful breakfast, munch on a rainbow bagel. It may be cheap thrills, but it is the new craze. It’s very similar to the unicorn frappucino: bright, colorful, and magical. But some find these rainbow bagels disgusting. Isn’t all that food dye poisonous?

Dominique hates rainbow bagels. Listen as her and Romeo talk it out in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Romeo:  I love your rainbow bagel.

Dominique:  Shut up.

Romeo:  You know you like that!

Dominique:  No, I would never! But, I know you would.

Romeo:  Oh, well it goes great with unicorn frappucinos.

Dominique:  You are disappointing me. I mean, I thought I was disappointed in our culture before, but now, I’m on a whole ‘nother level of disgust. Like, what else are we going to think of that’s ridiculous and, like, just cheap and disgusting?

Romeo:  It’s not cheap and disgusting. I mean, it’s magical!

Dominique:  Really?

Romeo:  It’s a fad! It’s like a social media craze!

Dominique:  It’s cheap tricks and cheap thrills. And it’s poisonous GMOs and chemicals.

Romeo:  OK.

Dominique:  It’s harmful for your body.

Romeo:  I thought we were going to have an actual cool conversation—

Dominique:  Hello, poison! Get in my body!

Romeo:  I was just joking about the rainbow bagels. Didn’t know that you felt some type of way about unicorn frappucinos. You don’t need to beat a dead horse.

Dominique:  Why would you want a colorful bagel, for what? And it probably tastes the same! You think it really tastes like magical rainbows and unicorns? Like really? How old are you?

Romeo:  It’s not childish…

Dominique:  No, no, no…

Romeo:  It just makes me feel good!


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Romeo jokes that he loves Dominique’s rainbow bagel. Dominique doesn’t really have a rainbow bagel. She hates colorful food. She tells Romeo to shut up. Romeo says that a rainbow bagel would go really well with a unicorn frappuccino (which Dominique also hates). Dominique is very disappointed with Romeo and American culture. I mean, what’s next? All of these things, frappuccinos and rainbow bagels, are cheap and disgusting.

Romeo says that it’s not that way at all. Rainbow bagels? Unicorn frappuccinos? All of these things are fun and magical. It’s a fun, new fad and social media craze. Dominique says that it’s all just cheap thrills. These things are probably full of GMOs and poisonous chemicals that are harmful to the body. Romeo didn’t really want to have an intense conversation. He thought they were just going to relax.

Do you want to try a rainbow bagel? Are they magical or gross?



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wael alattarSuper Member!

Saudi Arabia

Having a colorful meal in ONE dish that’s bad from the look n its benefits.. That’s how  they got our kids fooling them with colors using the worst things to make the candies… 

05:24 AM Mar 20 2018 |

La Princesse de la vie


First, I’m On the same page with Dominique too. These things are ridiculous and unhealthy.

Second, it’s children who mostly are into colorful and sweet food, which is a disaster, because these stuff are harmful to the body.

07:11 PM Mar 19 2018 |


ml2000Super Member!


No, I wouldn’t even want to try the rainbow bagel which looks like a large plastic eraser. I only eat natural foods and drinks and try to avoid artificial flavors and food with chemicals.    

06:00 PM Mar 19 2018 |




I’m in a one line with Dominique.Those things can look attractive but I’m not into it. For me they are tasteless and disgusting,plus unhealthy. I’m definitely against trying it.

12:01 PM Mar 19 2018 |

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