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One Man Show
One Man Show

Learn English meaning of ‘one man shows’

Date: Jun 08 2018

Themes: Hobbies, Travel

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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One man shows are a distinct style of theatrical performance. A regular play usually has many characters and actors on stage. A one man show has one actor for the entire thing. Usually, the actor interacts with the audience. They use many different tools – funny jokes, songs, poems, physical actions – to tell a story.

The scripts may be written by someone else, but they are also often written by the performer. Maybe an actor has a very interesting story to tell. Maybe they want to finesse their writing skils. Maybe they are a good stand up. In the past, one man shows could make an actor famous if it went well.

Romeo just got back from an audition for a one man show. Listen as he tells Andy about it in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Romeo:  Just got out of an audition, man.

Andy_H:  Oh, yeah?

Romeo:  Yeah.

Andy_H:  Go well?

Romeo:  Uh, I’m not sure. Don’t know how I feel about it… it’s a one man show.

Andy_H:  A one man show! Go on!

Romeo:  I’m not sure if I can pull that off.

Andy_H:  Oh, come on. You’re funny!

Romeo:  It’s like stand up! I… I’m just saying, it’s a little too intimate for me.

Andy_H:  Well, OK, I’m sure, you know… your nerves are going to be wracked by it, but you’re funny. I would watch you for like an hour. Maybe not two.

Romeo:  Well, I forgot to mention that it’s for a fringe festival.

Andy_H:  Oooo! Wait, so, like, I’ll be able to see you?! Hey, when I visit the fringe festival, I will see a few one man shows and you might be one of them.

Romeo:  Let’s not.

Andy_H:  Oh, come on! I mean, you gotta challenge yourself a little bit. Challenge the form! Finesse your tool as an actor!

Romeo:  I could do that! As long as I knew you weren’t in the audience.

Andy_H:  Oh, well then, maybe I’ll wear a disguise! Like a mustache! And then when I laugh, it will be even more enthralling.


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Romeo just got out of an audition for a one man show. He’s not sure how he feels about performing all by himself. He isn’t sure he could pull that off. Andy says Romeo would be funny to watch! Romeo just feels nervous about how intimate it is. Andy knows it will be nerve-wracking. But, he would watch Romeo perform on his own for like… an hour.

Romeo says the one man show will be at a fringe festival. Fringe festivals are very popular for people who perform on their own. Andy definitely wants to go and see Romeo. Romeo says it would be better if Andy didn’t come. Andy says Romeo just needs to challenge himself and finesse his tools as an actor. Maybe Andy will just wear a mustache to lighten the mood.

Would you go to a one man show? Do they sound entertaining or boring?



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It depends on who the performer is and whether the show is worth watching or not.

04:09 AM Jun 08 2018 |

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