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Breakup Albums
Breakup Albums

Learn English meaning of ‘chatter’

Date: Feb 16 2018

Themes: Celebrity, Friend, Pop Culture, Romance

Grammar: Future in the Past


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Everyone wants to listen to music that resonates with them. We want to listen to songs about life… the joys, pain, and everything in between. Especially when we go through a breakup, we want to listen to songs about love and heartache. In fact, singers can make beaucoup bucks with these songs. One famous example is Adele.

Adele wrote many famous songs about her ex. But now her ex isn’t very happy. She made a lot of money singing about him, and he wants a slice of the pie. Singers can sing about their lives, but there are laws that protect the identities of people, even the person’s ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. And if the person inspired the song, should they get some of the money?

Marni loves Adele. Listen as she and Romeo talk about her and her ex in today’s English lesson.


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Marni:  So, I was just listening to Adele, and I love her voice.

Romeo:  I love her voice.

Marni:  She’s so talented.

Romeo:  She’s awesome.

Marni:  And it occurred to me that there’s all this chatter.

Romeo:  Uh-huh.

Marni:  You know because she’s become very famous…

Romeo:  Right.

Marni:  ... because of her breakup songs and her broken heart.

Romeo:  Yeah, it’s like 80 percent of her songs.

Marni:  Sure. Right? And so many people can relate to those, and it resonates with so many people.

Romeo:  OK. So, what were you gonna say?

Marni:  So, I’m hearing that there’s talk of uh… people thinking that Adele should then compensate her ex monetarily because she has profited off of the heartbreak that he caused.

Romeo:  Ohh, right, right, so it’s like he inspired that so he should get a slice of the pie.

Marni:  Right.

Romeo:  I mean, if they were still together, then maybe, she’d be making all these happy, non-breakup songs, and then, he would still think he’s entitled to a slice of the pie.

Marni:  Sure. I mean, I guess that could happen.

Romeo:  Right.

Marni:  But, you know, the reality is she became famous, a lot of her songs are about this past relationship. I think it’s just ludicrous myself!

Romeo:  Right.

Marni:  Right?

Romeo:  Uh-huh.

Marni:  ‘Cause she overcame the heartbreak. She had the talent and the voice to overcome all that. Right?

Romeo:  Mm-hmm.

Marni:  So uh… I say, you know, her ex… screw him! He’s not entitled to anything.

Romeo:  So, he doesn’t get beaucoup bucks?

Marni:  No!

Romeo:  No?

Marni:  He doesn’t get anything!


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Marni was just listening to Adele and loves her voice. She has heard lots of rumors and chatter about Adele and her success. She became famous for her breakup songs. So, people think that she should compensate her ex-boyfriend monetarily because he inspired her. He wants a slice of the pie.

Romeo thinks that’s a little ridiculous. Even if they did not break up, Adele could have written songs about him anyway. As a singer, you write about your life! Either way, he would probably still feel entitled. Marni thinks Adele worked hard to overcome her sadness. She is the talented one, so she deserves the beaucoup bucks!

Do you think Adele’s ex-boyfriend deserves a slice of the pie? What do you think of Adele’s music?



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United States

I am new here, and I love Adele 

07:32 PM Feb 20 2018 |




I like Adele .
Singing is very talented .super one !
But some songs are boring .
Ex of all over the world in all over the world’s songs deserved a slice of the pie ?
Or about only Adele ?

07:53 PM Feb 17 2018 |

La Princesse de la vie


Adele’s music is wonderful, I like her very much. And this story about her ex-boyfriend is absolutely ludicrous, he’s not entitled to any cent and he has nothing to do with her success.

08:58 PM Feb 16 2018 |

1 person likes this



Ofcourse, her ex has to get some bucks out of it. she inspired from her ex, so he is the source what she earned and he also get his share from it.

05:21 AM Feb 16 2018 |

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