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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

March 21, 2013

in the name of god

hi guys, i m so happy to speak with some of u these day and so thanks for mail that some of u send to me.....but i want more and from all of you...

yesterday in iran(March 21 2013), was first day of spring, and each year we celebrate it as new year...this celebration remains from king cyrus time till now between iranian ... we have holiday for 13 days... so we are being on vacation from 1 to 13th of each year ....


on 13th day of year, all iranian go out of their house and have some picknic (they called it )13 be dar) it means removing 13..coz iranian think 13 is omen....please don t ask why...i don t know eather...i ve only heard some reason that i think it has no right logical base....


i hope u could find more imformation if u love in this 2 internet adress...

i wish all of u best days in this year ....

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View all entries from saeed >

06:31 AM Mar 21 2013

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hay guys, here my family have 8 (s) in our new year or noroooz  instead of 7 thing start by (s) on the table ...

(norooz means new day by persian word meaning but we called the new year norooz )...

{ iranian on norooz have seven thing start by  (s) like ( sib in persian === apple in english) on the table }sib == apple, sekkeh ==coin , and etcra

my family have { saeed } on the table more than others....... :P