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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

July 27, 2013

in the name of god

honestly being under a hot sun is really hard.especially when u must only writte. believe me. i m just saying this in trustworthy.

someone ask me" hay saeed . how do u writte notes and stories easily ? i don t know why , but as i always  want to make some story, it being really rude"

and i think i d better answer him here, coz someone ask me too in this subject.

listen guys, if u want to writte, u must spend a lot of time for rewritte it.sometimes i revision more than 10 times only on a little short filmscript.u must practice and practice.beside u need some guid books to read about some role.

about role, for example in iran , we have a role, that we call "sight of veiw" it maybe from protagunist or from 3th person.it is diffrence.u must buy some book for studying this kind of role.

writters has a really hard job, beside the money they earn is so ignominious.in another word, u work all of ur day, and at all you see ur pocket have only space.so if u think this job as a income source, u d better forget it. it is good for someone who want s to be famouse or want s to have influence on society.

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View all entries from saeed >